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Felix , a golden retriever looking for friends

Felix is his name but he really is happy, at Fattoria del Colle he welcomes guests. He loves other dogs and children; he is greedy and loves cuddles and playing



Donatella Cinelli Colombini, agriturismo, Fattoria del Colle restaurant

It is wonderful when the Japanese tourists arrive with their uncertain English asking  <<where is Felix?>>. Felix, the golden retriever at Fattoria del Colle is just so famous. All of the visitors photograph him, cuddle him, and send messages. He is a celebrity.

Visitors’ dogs are well accepted at Fattoria del Colle also because Felix adores them. He loves playing and he literally allows them to jump up on him. The only problem is with those on a lead, but as soon as they are set free they begin having fun together.



During the season he disappears for whole days with his new friends and returns so tired he practically is sleeping on his feet. There are then those dogs he likes so much that he cannot be without, Felix sits out of their apartment where the family is staying and bark up until they open the door.

Felix  is a golden retriever born on November 24th 2010 in the Antica Etruria di Asciano kennel where he was named Valerio, name also on his pedigree together with those of his parents, grandparents, and their titles won in Italian and foreign competitions. Famiglia-3-200x300He arrived at Fattoria del Colle when he was two months old straight after the death of my beloved collie Black. I used to cry while driving and couldn’t sleep at night and I was able to get over the nostalgia for my previous dog only thanks to the arrival of the yellow puppy. When he was small he was soft and fluffy but also smelly, as he had the habit of stinky flatulence, where everyone had to race away. Read more…

Massages and wine tastings: novelties for a weekend away

Tuscany, Brunello tastings, Chianti and Orcia. Massages and bathing in the Jacuzzi with panorama, candlelit dinners with historical dishes


A new proposal for a weekend dedicated to wellness and fine wines at Fattoria del ColleMassages and wine tastings: are you looking for a romantic weekend with pleasant regenerating things to do? Here is a proposal created for you: away from traffic, in contact with nature, fine wines and old traditions, with a wellness area for your exclusive use …. You can set off from home in jean and little else because you will always be in relaxing situations, either in designer clothes or with your track suit that is the magic of the Tuscan countryside.

You must bring only one thing: the person you love.



Fattoria del Colle is a small hamlet with villas, chapel, and old farmhouses that have been transformed into country apartments where the  furniture are antiques , but settees, kitchenettes central heating and Wi-Fi is all modern. All around vineyards and olive groves in an uncontaminated countryside.

The program is full of pleasant moments. Two candlelit dinners in the estate restaurant to taste Pappardelle con sugo di scottiglia, Tagliata di bue chianino, Peposo delle fornaci del cotto … flavours and stories of an old land.



And then of course winery tours to Casato Prime Donne and Fattoria del Colle with anecdotes and tastings of fine wines such as Brunello and Orcia Doc Cenerentola. A brief lesson regarding “pinci” the tasty big spaghetti from the Siena area that will also be served for dinner.

In the wellness area which can be reserved exclusively for you in an intimate and welcoming ambiance, and that recalls paintings from the 18th century.  The regenerating experience “Couple’s wellness and emotions” includes a scrub in the Turkish bath, couple’s massage with grape-seed oil , this purifies and firms the skin (50 minutes), followed by a bath in the Jacuzzi in front of the  Crete Senesi with a glass of wine in hand.


Drunken animals: they like alcohol too

In some case drunken animals have eaten fruit or bamboo that has fermented but often they thieve alcohol and drink it and become really dangerous

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Brunello, Casato Prime Donne



The Drinks Business tells us about 12 episodes of drunken animals, some are funny and some area really horrific for those involved.

There are some Canadian birds that get tipsy eating frozen and fermented berries. The authorities who act in the safeguard of animals have been forced to capture them and lock them up to get over the hangover and stopping them from flying dangerously

Francis Bacon is a Vietnamese pig who finds his way into the Conquering Hero pub in West Norwood to thieve pints of beer and other delicacies. Its owners Vicky and Ian Taylor-Ross noticed that he is sociable like a dog but he does have an extraordinary nose. What a shame to not use it for truffles! In Australia wild pigs thieve beer cans on a camping site. They break them with their teeth and drink the contents. The tourists’ comments are hilarious, with pigs running after cows, swimming in the river and then fortunately, falling soundly asleep. More than scared the campers seem to be angry because of the theft of the beer.

Then there is a squirrel that eats fermented apples and jumps o the snow without going straight. The video has gone viral and has been seen more than 5 million times. Read more…

Wine tours at Casato Prime Donne winery

Two wine tours to discover Brunello: Itinerant tastings among the barrels dedicated to wine and music or wine and history



By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino is a treasure chest full of passion for wine and the territory and it proposes, for wine lovers who come to visit, two wine tours than can charm even the most expert Brunello estimators. The itinerant wine and music tasting with 4 wines to taste in different locations through the winery for which the sommelier musician Igor Vazzaz has chosen matching pieces of music. So, in the near darkness of the large barrel cellar, the Brunello is tasted together with the Sonata for solo cello opus 8, Adagio con gran espressione (1915) by Zoltàn Kodàly.



<<His majesty Brunello sumptuous and austere, grave and regal. The articulated taste shim needs music and acoustic frequency are able to favour the rare profound characteristics that a wine like this presents those who taste it>> wrote Vazzaz.


The novelty, launched on September 18th 2016, is the wine and history tasting apt for the lovers of wine and the Montalcino territory. In this case too the tasting is itinerant along a tour through the winery and regards 4 wines:  IGT Rosato Rosa di Tetto, Chianti Superiore DOCG, Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino. Read more…

Birthday parties, and not only those, in an agriturismo in Tuscany

How and why your birthday parties in an historic estate, such as Fattoria del Colle, in Southern Chianti, become memorable



There are birthdays for children full of games and cakes; there are important ones such as those for 18 years, 21 years or even the “round figure one” to celebrate 30 or 50, which becomes parties with many guests. There are hen nights, degree parties and even parties for divorces. Casual parties with a DJ and many surprises or even elegant parties in dinner jacket with refined buffet, chandeliers and live music …. Each with its own character and small rituals. Each birthday boy or girl with a different dream for their special party but each looking for something new that can surprise friends and remain memorable.



Fattoria del Colle can create these memorable moments, at a convenient price or even in a fairytale way.


First of all the location: the places where it is possible stay have an advantage of excluding the drink and drive problem, and timing as well. After the dance those who like living the night can continue the party next to the open bar, with music slight less loud. The dimension of the location is important too …and not only so that all guests sleep close by (Fattoria del Colle has 100 beds in rooms, apartments and villas). The larger areas allow, through the magic bound to their history, for parties that can surprise and fascinate. Modern structures are in fact all very similar, and also unfortunately more predictable. Read more…

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