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Orange wines many sommelier’s salvation

Lisa Cardelli AIS sommelier born in Lucca and now in Melbourne explains Orange wines, a niche category, non academic and often looked upon with scepticism

Lisa Cerdelli

Lisa Cardelli AIS Sommelier

By Lisa Cardelli

My first experience with an orange wine was in 2010 when I was not yet an AIS sommelier and I was lucky to work in Sydney as Commis Sommelier in an Italian restaurant. From their very interesting wine list I chose, one day, the only bottle left, and for a long time unsold, of the  Denavolo Dinavolo from Romagna, I was mostly curious that there could be an orange coloured wine, rather than by its name. My first impression was that the wine was awfully oxidized and undrinkable!

Decanting Orange wines

Decanting Orange wines

At the same time its tannic structure and full taste left me perplexed and brought me to talk about this wine for days, without being able to come to conclusions about its quality

Since then I have been more and more curious about this category of wines. Here are some that I have tasted.

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Future consumtion, between exclusivity, nature and technology

Wine Intelligence presented the Global Consumer Trends & Category, the show a frenetic world that swings between localism ethics wellness and exclusivity

Selfie tour in Paris proposed by the Mandarin Hotel

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

9 trends on the up around the world do show a lifestyle in rapid evolution where technology plays an always more important part

Instant – examples go from wine served in plastic cups to the app in Starbucks to order coffee and pay with your mobile phone

Active – to be involved. Do you remember the bucket of frozen water- the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Customized Coca Cola

Customized Coca Cola

Among the good involving things an example the English winery Chapel Down offers visitors the possibility of taking home a vine or the opportunity to create a wine. Much more attractive the proposal by the French Mon Potager who allow the possibility to have a vegetable garden at a distance, the wine lovers chooses which vegetables to plant, how to cultivate them, and then receive them at home when they are ready to be eaten.

Sensory – “multisensoriality”, here we go from an electric shock which allows future dads to feel the pains of childbirth felt by their companion, to the apparatus that transmits noises and odours. A lot better is the “sonic wine bar” in New Zealand that matches music to wine tastings. Read more…

The US wine lovers, buy a lot but don’t share on social networks

The Wine Spectator online survey judges the importance of social media for those who buy and rink high quality wines

expensive wine

expensive wine

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

34% of consumers of luxury wines do not use a social media network to get information about wine,  33% use  Facebook, only 13% Twitter and still less (11%) prefer Instagram images. This is the result of the Wine Spectator online survey, the major wine magazine in the world.

The powerful American magazine, who conveys to top consumers from the world’s elite of wine lovers, uses internet without refrain and does not disdain using social media, quite the contrary. The Wine Spectator Twitter account has 168.000 followers and it very well organized.

The survey reveals a consumer who is very knowledgeable about wines: 53% happily buy a wine when they know the winery of province, so they do not base their choice on the appellation, the price or the grape variety, but they choose a brand. Read more…

La Cantina di Paul, in other words the wine suite

From the  Campo carpenters  and from Paolo Valdastri connoisseur of worldwide wines here is a bottle rack that every wine lover will want

La Cantina di Paul

La Cantina di Paul

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

It resembles a giant treasure chest so refined are the finishing touches and the technology necessary to protect the precious contents from light, heat and most of all from thieves. This wine suite is called La Cantina di Paul, a small room for excellent bottles completely different from those we are used to seeing in luxury restaurants or in magazines for the furnishings of billionaires homes. Those are in fact iron and crystal bunkers, functional but decidedly bleak, la cantina di Paul is a masterpiece of cabinetmaking handicraft, a wooden treasure chest carved and inlaid, about two metres by two which conveys cheerfulness and the love of wine. It is born form a meeting of people with different origins and cultures. Read more…

Divorce party and divorce wines with bubbles

With this new trend of having a divorce party, now the comedian Jeff Wysaski, suggests the best wine: Champagne to be matched with a different cake

Wine for divorce

Wine for divorce

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

This news come from the “Huffpost taste” the wine and food sections of  Huffington Post, the largest online daily in the world who has found out the suggestions given by Jeff Wysaski regarding wines. You know the plastic tabs along the shelves in the supermarket, where the price and some explanations of the variety of grape, the production area appear? Well Jeff Wysaski has decided to create a small devolution by writing fun things on them sometimes provocative and sometimes transgressive. So here is a wine that <<guarantees suburban mom drunk>> something to appease hate <<instead o fan old ritual with blood for your enemies use this Merlot, it is so intense that Satan will not know the difference>>. To celebrate the signing of the divorce papers he suggests Champagne to be consumed while eating all sorts of sweet things << Congratulations sheet cakes and starting over>>. Read more…

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