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My dog Felix walks on water

Let me introduce you to, the Golden Retriever at Fattoria del Colle. His true name is Valerio, but after a query posted on the web he was re-named Felix

Fattoria del Colle –entrance to the swimming pool park

Fattoria del Colle –entrance to the swimming pool park

Someone says that it is a name for cats, for cartoon characters, but in truth the name comes from the Latin word felix, which means lucky, and he really is a lucky and happy dog. He was born on the 24th September 2010 at the Antica Etruria kennel in Asciano and now weighs more than 40 kg. He is practically a fair-haired giant. His is sociable and welcomes all guests upon their arrival at Fattoria del Colle.

If it is dark he accompanies them from the cark park to the reception in the

Fattoria del Colle - fireplace - Felix

Fattoria del Colle - fireplace - Felix

country inn, but mostly he welcomes them while they are registering winding through their legs and affectionately banging them with his nose. Felix lives quite freely, he sleeps indoors, but goes out whenever he wants, running around without a leash. A while ago we realized that he was always coming

home wet through but most of all he was extremely smelly. Investigating we realized that he walks on the swimming pool water. In the winter the pools are covered with plastic sheets. Felix has fun walking on them, and if there is some rain water in them he slides along as if snow boarding. It’s obviously that water that is stagnating that has the awful smell, and which he must adore.

Fattoria del Colle Felix looking for hugs

Fattoria del Colle Felix looking for hugs

Felix has another curious habit, he eats lying down, just like the antique Romans. Even though he his quite plump he is not very hungry, and doesn’t eat much of things he should eat. For this reason one has to practically feed him and he sits in that curious way, sending both hind legs in the same direction and then he lies down. A dog’s life! He really is Felix!


Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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