Fireworks for the Benvenuto Brunello 2013 edition

Glamorous, rural, traditional and new….. here’s Benvenuto Brunello 2013 in front of and behind the scenes

Benvenuto Brunello 2013 new generation producers

Young producers for Benvenuto Brunello 2013

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Certainly the 135 wineries present have brought some excellent Brunello 2008 which are immediately enjoyable. Some say that they are so good now that they will not age well, I am convinced that that is not true, and that these have been vinified better that in the past and so consequently will last decades, or event centuries.

I do not wish to talk about the wines, if not to say that mine – from Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino – have been liked by all (were you expecting me to say the contrary?)- instead I would like to tell you some curiosities. First of all the Gala party in the cloister in Sant’Agostino. 50 tables with a mirror surface and chandeliers one meter high in transparent Plexiglas. Tablecloths, serviettes, seat covers, water glasses and even the cutlery all black. In other words quite a Hollywood style that however gave a glamorous touch to our usual restrained Montalcino manner. Those present at Benvenuto Brunello for the first time actually goggled, like Federico Castellucci Direttore generale OIV who said << you have nothing to envy from the French, these evening is fantastic>> and then in a whisper –I was not expecting anything of this level, I wish to compliment you.!-

The award giving ceremony on the Saturday morning was wonderful with the

Benvenuto Brunello 2013 buffet

the buffet ready for lunch at Benvenuto Brunello 2013

video by Cruciani which tells of the case history of the most sensational trend of the last 10 years, telling of how a needle jewel can become a worldwide symbol for the love of life. The first example of a series of 1.000 with “Montalcino nel cuore” written on it was tied by Luca Caprai to the wrist of the President of the Consorzio Fabrizio Bindocci.

And then finally the tile with 5 beautiful stars for the 2012 harvest. Fantastic! Never has a vintage been so suffered and then given such spectacular results even with a 15% decrease in production compared to previous vintages.

But lest talk about some particular characters: Giulio Salvioni from Casanova with a limp, Riccardo Illy who usually is careful with compliments declared that he appreciated everything and in fact it seems that he comes to stay in Montalcino with a lot more pleasure.

if we must give a prize for willingness it must go to Piero Antinori with his mountain outfit to fight the cold. When the asked him for an interview while he was outside in the snow he said unflappable << why not , this place is as good as any other>>.

Fabrizio Bindocci president Brunello Consortium and guests

Ceremony for Benvenuto Brunello 2013 - the President Fabrizio Bindocci

The prize for male elegance goes to Bernardino Sani export Manager for Argiano for his slight eccentricity. For ladies the prize for elegance goes to Emilia Nardi, a lady of class. To be head of the family industry has given her an injection of energy that seems to have had a rejuvenating effect on her.

The Mayor Silvio Franceschelli with his appeal to unite intentions between Town hall and Consorzio was greatly appreciated.

In the end a great success, regardless the bad weather. This success is deserved thanks to a lot of work and the organization that Stefano Campatelli has directed like a director at a concert. A consecration for the Presidente Fabrizio Bindocci who has proven to be apt for the role, with the right amount of humanity and cordiality that make him liked by all


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