Gozo the Island that bewitched Ulysses, Sarkozy and Donatella

Here Calypso kept Ulysses for seven years. She offered him immortality but he preferred to return to Penelope and set off on a raft

Malta - Gozo - Qala - panorama from our terrace

Malta - Gozo - Qala - panorama from our terrace

Sarkozy came here to regenerate after his first presidential campaign. My husband and I come here often, and we have a house here. In some place the Island is still the uncontaminated paradise seen by Omero’s hero, other places; unfortunately see new constructions and decadent older buildings ruin the landscape. However on the whole Gozo is a magic place.

Plus, it is unrivalled: where else can you find a place that is reachable in just over an hour’s flight, where already in march it is possible to sunbathe, there is no crime, and those who are sick can benefit from a health system among the best in the world …. Not too mention the 7000 years of history, of the monuments, the lifestyle halfway between European and African… the countryside is cultivated on terraces with fields divided by walls on a rocky and hilly land. The coasts fall perpendicularly into the sea and are indented, with gullies similar to the Norwegian fiords. The effect is breathtaking. After five years and many trips we are still surprised.

Malta- Gozo- Qala- Donatella and Carlo’s home -lounge

Malta- Gozo- Qala- Donatella and Carlo’s home -lounge

We are also fascinated by the bakers, who hand make the bread, mixing the dough in small majolica basins, the women sew with their bobbins

On the doorstep , their passion for horses –sometimes they live on the first floor of the houses and they lean out of the windows -, we like the fish that arrives directly on the fishing boats….. We also have an excellent importer – Attard – and when we go to eat out we even find our Brunello on the wine list. What more could we want? In other words we love Gozo

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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