Inner Wheel is an association dedicated to friendship

After dinner chat regarding, consumers, women in wine, female staffed wineries and the members of the Inner Wheel di Siena become wine lovers

Inner Wheel Siena - conference by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Inner Wheel Siena - conference by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Inner Wheel is a great association that unites 100.000 women, it started in Manchester in 1934 and today is present in 103 nations all over the world but mostly in India. Its main goal is friendship and comprehension among people. I Siena the president is Cecilia Cateni Mittica, where there is a small lively and active group. I have been invited to a meeting to talk about women in wine and my experiences as a female entrepreneur. In the end I to was surprised by the attention received by the Inner wheel members and I accept happily their request to come and see my winery, with the vineyards, barrels m vats and of course to taste the Brunello with a guided tasting so as to increase their knowledge regarding the wine. Consequently I presume to have found some future wine lovers. My passion for great wines has rubbed off on them.

The conference is a good occasion to talk about women as new protagonists in the wine market. If 15 years ago female consumers were looked upon with suspect, today they seem sexy, in masses they take part in sommelier course and they have given importance to the wine aromas once again, to which they are mores sensitive than men. Thanks to them even the labelling of wines has changed, forcing graphic artists to design labels that are more feminine.

There are as many female occasional consumers are male, while there are more habitual consumers among the men (58%).

Women are more pragmatic and in continuous increase in importance in the

Cicilia Cateni - Paola Salvadori - Inner Wheel Siena

Cicilia Cateni - Paola Salvadori - Inner Wheel Siena

form of buyers, they have caused radical changes on the shelves in stores. The division per region has disappeared and the bottles are exhibited according to their use: wine for aperitif and fish, wine for roasted meats and cheeses, for dessert … women are more interested in how to use a wine. Leslie Sbrocco has actually compared the way women choose bottles of wine to how they choose their clothes: cashmere jumper to go to the office like a young Merlot for a brunch, or a little black dress to go to the theatre like a Pinot Noir for an haute cuisine dish. According to the nationality women are susceptible also to other elements: the French are careful about where a wine comes from, the Americans to the grape variety, and the English to the price. In nations that don’t produce wine like the Great Britain, the increase in female consumers has made the amounts of rosè and bubbly wines go up. However research says that women, especially the most competent, prefer red wines. In truth women consumers have only one negative aspect and that’s that they are unfaithful. Curiosity and the desire to experiment make them always choose something new.

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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