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Il Barone 2.0: Francesco Ricasoli Italian instagramer

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Practically one thousand years of history for the Castello di Brolio family, always ahead of times. Francesco Ricasoli has been chosen as Instragramer of the week.

Read for you by Bonella Ciacci

Francesco Ricasoli Iger of the week

Francesco Ricasoli Iger of the week

Today, if we talk about noble titles such as “barons”, we think of something old, dusty, forced into costumes of long ago… Nothing could be more wrong, at least for what regards the 32nd Baron Ricasoli, direct descendant of the family owners of Castello di Brolio, in the middle of the Chianti area.
Francesco Ricasoli has been nominated by the Italian web site of Instagramers (the community of users of the photographic social networking service Instagram), as Instagramer of the week and has been interviewed by his fellow countryman Antonio Cinotti on July 25th. If you visit Francesco Ricasoli’s photo gallery you will remain speechless because of his great style, the fantastic images, and his great passions, which he is very capable of expressing in his photos. And there is not only his wine, Chianti Classico, of which his ancestor Bettino Ricasoli, the “ barone di ferro”, created the formula as it is known today. On his profile we find images of his trips around the world, the sea, one of his great passions, and delicious food… So it is not a company account, born only to publicise its products and the company name, but a persona profile which allows us to discover the great man who is behind the rebirth of a winery that had ended up in Australian hands (the Australian winery Hardy), and has returned to be the flagship for Tuscan wine making. Read more…

What is virtual is not always true

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A short film on YouTube to show how social media help you to be more popular, even through lies. Is this true also for hotels and country inns?

Seen for you by Bonella Ciacci

"What's on your mind" video

"What's on your mind" video

A few days ago I came across an article online by Internazionale  which talks about a short film which is greatly clicked on YouTube (7 million visualizations up to today). The director Shaun Higton tells the story of a man that lives a sad life, who gets even sadder looking at the photos of his friends on Facebook, who seem to live idyllic lives. So he begins to pretend, taking misleading photos and posting comments which tell the opposite of what is really happening. For example when with his car he gets to the top of a hill near the city, and then in his jogging gear he takes a photo of himself pretending to have just done a long but satisfying run.

From here the consideration: how much is the online reputation important for companies? And more importantly for hotels, and restaurants, who must respect, among the main requirements of the guests, their appearance and what the promise to give to the guests? For example at the end of May An article that appeared in many newspapers among which also La Stampa, regarding an inquiry by the Antitrust on the ratings in the famous website TripAdvisor. Read more…

Recipe for Chicken Mars style: the red planet on your plate

Midsummernight dream. The dish created by Antonio Corsano, chef at Fattoria del Colle, for Calici di Stelle 2012. Foto and text by Bonella Ciacci

Chicken Mars Style - the dish from our chef in Fattoria del Colle

Chicken mars Style from the chef Antonio Corsano at Fattoria del Colle

The dinner organized for the wine event that takes place on the 10th of august was completely dedicated to the stars and included dishes which reproposed old traditions or simbolic ingredients of mid summer rites. The chicken Mars style was inspird by the red planet in its colours and tastes, a balance between sweet and spicy. It is however an unpublished recipe which exalts the Tuscan products such as saffron, Vin Santo and extra virgin olive oil. Once again tradition originates a new dish which is apt for gluttons who are are attentive towards the news food trends. Read more…

Sunday traditional lunch with country folk songs and dancing at Fattoria del Colle

After two months of preparations for our Celebration at Fattoria del Colle , finally the day arrived – Sunday, July 31st July.   Starlings swooping across the skies,  delicious soup and macaroni pasta, grilled meats, Chianti, Leone Rosso Doc Orcia and then afterwards,  learning local Trescone dancing and having fun together.

Advise for gluttons

Bow at Bonella before starting the dancing

Bow at Bonella before starting the dancing

Sunday, July 31 was Bonella’s birthday,  Bonella Ciacci is an experienced dancer and dance teacher who has been working in a dance school for the last 14  years,  who instructed and motivated everyone in her lively dance moves. Bonella made sure she included everyone in her enthusiastic dance instruction, she showed us everything from the most basic dance steps to the more complex dance routines, personally demonstrating them by leaping around as nimbly as a squirrel! By the end of the celebration we were all very sweaty but also all very happy, having participated in the “Travolgente” country dance experience.   Great fun and totally unforgettable.

Every last detail for the Celebration had been prepared perfectly in advance, from  the tents festooned with wonderful decorations, which had been erected in the grounds of the Colle, to the wonderful long communal tables where our diners could sit down together, re-knew old friendships and make new ones.  On  Friday,  Paola Rossolini , our accountant with the ‘Golden Touch’ had organised the stunning flower arrangements and on Saturday our chef Antonio Corsano and  pastry chef Patrizia had prepared the food. Cecilia Sacchi had even managed to persuade the local baker to produce a giant hand-made traditional farmer’s loaf of bread..

Buffet with traditional Tuscan food at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, Tuscany

Buffet with traditional Tuscan food at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, Tuscany

Sunday morning arrived and by noon everything was ready.  The starlings in the sky started the celebrations with their elegant flying display above the tranquil atmosphere of the Fattoria. Firstly the salami and pecorino cheeses were served. Then the local housewives  appeared carrying their cooking pots filled with ciancifricola, the  traditional local Trequanda soup and stew made with home-grown  potatoes. Meanwhile, the sausages, pork cutlets and tasty devilled chicken were cooking on the grill. The delicious sweet tarts for dessert were being served when  Bonella  arrived and the music started. Time for Trescone dancing!!!  Jumps, Turns and Bow –excellent fun – everyone joined in young and old!!!

What a wonderful, fantastic, fun day, nobody expected such a success the first time that we organised such an event. We are confident that this simple and old-fashioned way to celebrate  on a Sunday will become a popular fixture at the Fattoria del Colle. We are committed to making this celebration  a regular event.  Come party with us, we look forward to seeing you at our next event on Sunday 21 August.

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