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Chianti and Tuscan wines’ redemption where exportation flies high

Chianti wine: 3.600 grape-growers, 15.000 hectares of vineyards, more than 100 million bottles and after years of being forgotten, finally the rebirth

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

In 24 months the export figure have gone from 40 to 70%, while the requests have picked up so much that the Consorzio del Chianti has considered anticipating the release of the new vintage in January rather than in March a sit was previously. The rebirth of the main Tuscan denomination has certainly benefitted from the positive atmosphere created by the events abroad organized by the Consorzio with Giovanni Busi as president. A true novelty for the Chianti wine, which is now organizing a road show of enormous proportions: China Japan and then the USA, Russia, Switzerland … Important steps along a path that still seems lengthy; in supermarkets in China sales start at 1,70€ per bottle while the cost on tap goes from 70 to 90 € per hectolitre. In the end, even if the bottles produced are more than 100 million, the total business is of only around 300 million Euro.

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Brunello wins the China Award together with Juventus and Pasotti

Two awards in one week for the Montalcino producers; here they get recognition as an Italian excellence with the award given by the “Fondazione Italia Cina e Milano Finanza”

Donatella Cinelli Colombini_China Awards

Donatella Cinelli Colombini_China Awards

Palazzo Clerici, one of the most beautiful buildings in Milan, with its frescoed halls with lots of golden stucco decorations, is the frame for the China Awards organized by Milano Finanza and by the Fondazione Italia Cina with Cesare Romiti as President. The award giving took place during a charity dinner to collect funds for a hospital on tracks –Life Line Express – which travels through the remotest regions in Asia curing those who suffer from cataracts, about 400.000 people suffer from this condition every year.

So, a very important evening, with all of Milan’s high society present, the Mayor Giuliano Pisapia included. Among the awarded there were 26 Italians, and 3 Chinese societies, divided into seven categories. The Brunello wine was the first to be awarded in a section created this year and which regards those who represent Italian excellence in China.
<<For the last seven years the China Awards are the occasion to give recognition to the successes achieved by Italian companies>> said Cesare Romiti in his introductive speech. In fact the list of winners was really impressive, with societies who told stories of vast expansion with great business figures and fantastic production centres. There were even those who had the entire managing staff come over from China to take part in the ceremony. Consequently the event was a big one and Brunello was among the main protagonists also thanks to its brand fame.
In the same section as the Montalcino wine prizes went to Cucinelli, the Fratelli Rossetti and to Vincenzi Group.

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Brunello wins the Foreign Press award in Italy

Donatella Cinelli Colombini on the Gambero Rosso stage receives the award from Foreign Press and tells of Brunello magic

   Donatella Cinelli Colombini receives the prize awarded to Brunello

Donatella Cinelli Colombini receives the prize awarded to Brunello

The “Gruppo del gusto”, born in 2002 reunites 118 journalists from 30 foreign nations and interested in wine & food, chooses every year 4 excellencies and the award living takes place during a gala dinner that this year took place at the Città del Gusto in Rome. This is an exceptional year, because of the conjuncture of the Foreign Press centenary and the decennial celebration of the “Gruppo del Gusto” coordinated by Alfredo Tesio.

So this event was such a success, as never before, with the public of journalists also standing in every area of the theatre.
Even though it seems incredible this is the first award given to the Consorzio del Brunello in 45 years of activity so receiving it was enormously exciting, as was going on stage of the Teatro del Gusto del Gambero Rosso. A mythical place! These were the winners: for production Pastificio Luca from Corte Croera (BL) the highest in Italy at 1450 metres above sea level in Cadore.

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New Year’s Eve 2013 in Italy in the tuscan counrtyside

Fattoria del Colle – farmhouse in Tuscany-  suggest a special program for New Year’s Eve with games, wine tasting of Brunello, cookery school and more



New years festivities at Fattoria del Colle together with friends and relatives, having fun with games from the farming tradition, cookery lessons, wine tastings, treks and good luck rites from the Tuscan countryside. Every day an aperitif with a different theme, every dinner dedicated to a local dish. The New Year’s Eve dinner with the Trequanda winter flavours revisited in a more modern way, followed by a party in the historical cellar.

We will begin the New Year with a big bonfire to dispose of the old year because 2013 be a year of rebirth from the ashes. A jump into the past in our two wineries Fattoria del Colle and Casato Prime Donne, the only ones in Italy with an entirely female staff, to taste the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG and the Cenerentola Orcia DOC.

Our offers from Decembre 29th 2012 to January 2nd 2013:

Packet for three days and two nights – Euro 110.00 per person includes:
Two nights in double room with bathroom
Buffet breakfast
Aperitif with a theme
The bonfire to dispose of the old year on January 1st and all of the activities foreseen by the program

bonfire_Fattoria del Colle

Guided tour of the estate with a tasting of wine matched with local products.

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Montalcino puts out its flags for the Sagra del tordo event

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The last Sunday in October, so this year on the 28th, Montalcino always relives the era of when it was a rich medieval centre with dames, knights and archers

Montalcino-Festival of the Thush-historic-cortège

Montalcino-Festival of the Thush-historic-cortège

The Sagra del tordo (Festival of the Thrush) is for the inhabitants of Montalcino a festivity to be spent with the family. The 4 Quartieri (quarters) into which the village is divided – Borghetto, Pianello, Ruga and Travaglio- are active all year round with dinners, event for the elderly and children, exhibitions, trips and other activities for the members.

With two fixed dates, in October and in August, they recall the grandeur of the past: an historic procession through the village streets the Trescone folk dance with the dress ware of old-time farmers and the archery contest. There will also be food stalls where the housewives will be serving wonderful dishes such as Pinci (large spaghetti made with fresh pasta) which are handmade, Donzelline (fried bread dough) scottiglia di cinghiale (wild boar in a stew), roasted meet on a turnspit, Pan coi Santi and other delicacies. The quality of these dishes prepared at home is so high that it definitely is worth the trip, also because to accompany the food there are bottles of Brunello wine and Rosso di Montalcino.

So do come, you will have a wonderful time!

Events between Crete Senesi and Val d’ Orcia by Donatella Cinelli Colombini


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