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Choose the most beautiful photo of Brunello wine and Doc Orcia wine districts

Become a member of the virtual jury and choose the most representative image of Tuscan coutryside where Brunello wine and Doc Orcia are produced

An ancient territory with a very modern agricultural system, a region in harmony with history, nature and human beings. This is the scenario of  the 5 finalist photos selected by the committee of Casato Prime Donne Award. You have to choose the winning one. Voting is easy: click here on the banner

Montalcino-Casato Prime Donne Award-Choose the winning photo

Montalcino-Casato Prime Donne Award-Choose the winning photo

or open this link

The banner is at the top on the right of the web site; information about Casato Prime Donne Award are on the menu at the top of this page.This is the 14th edition of the award that enhance who writes, studies or takes photo about Brunello wine and Doc Orcia territories. Every year the jury chooses the “Prima Donna” a simbolic female figure who has shown outstanding courage and ethical behaviour and with her commitment has enhanced the feminine role in society and work. Among the past winners there are: the fashion stylist Carla Fendi, the spacewoman Samantha  Cristoforetti, the Olympic athlete Josefa Idem, the étoile Carla Fracci…

Your vote in this photographic contest is important. We wish that the winner expresses the feeling of a new public who loves Tuscany and its great wines and who is familiar with the web. We would like that people who follow us on the blog, because are interested in our topics and in our winery, will be protagonists of the choice. For this reason I ask you to choose the photo you prefer.

Thank you

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

95/100 from Wine Spectator for the Brunello Riserva 2006

Donatella Cinelli Colombini is exited by this excellent rating obtained by her Brunello wine Riserva 2006 from Bruce Sanderson of the Wine Spectator

 Brunello-2006-riserva Wine-Spectator

Brunello-2006-riserva Wine-Spectator

The news arrived with the “Wine Spectator Advance” which anticipates via internet the best ratings which a few days later will arrive with the real magazine. The Brunello Riserva 2006 is the first among the “Highly Recommended” which is in fact the first and most important list, after which come the selections “to collect” “intelligent buy” “best rapport quality-price”.

<<Well, to see your wine top of the list after the words Wine Spectator is a wonderful experience>> says Donatella Cinelli Colombini with great enthusiasm. Whereas Valérie Lavigne, the consultant wine makers has a more controlled reaction when she gets the news while in the vineyards for her summer visit << J’ai toujours su que c’est un bon Brunello!>> she commented looking askance at Donatella, as if to say: I told you so! In fact the Brunello Riserva 2006 -5 stars- is obtaining plebiscite excellent ratings from all over the world. A while ago “Wine Advocate” rated it 93/100.

 V.Lavigne- F.Bencini-B.Magnani-E.Luche near the Foglia Tonda vines

V.Lavigne- F.Bencini-B.Magnani-E.Luche near the Foglia Tonda vines

This is how Bruce Sanderson director of Wine Spectator tastings and supervisor of the European and Napa Valley tastings which take place at New York commented the wine – A savoury style, with salty liquorice, cherry, plum, herb and underbrush aromas and flavours. Big, yet balanced in its oversized way, with a terrific aftertaste of saline and liquorice. Best from 2015 through 2030.

<<There’s no two ways about it, he really liked the Riserva from Casato Prime Donne>>commented Donatella Cinelli Colombini and then with a sigh << I would rally like to meet this Bruce Sanderson!!!>>



94, 94, 94, 94… Yet again we are awarded 94/100 for our Brunello wine

This is the fourth time that our Brunello wine has been awarded 94/100 from the prestigious American magazine the Wine Spectator. In its issue dated 31st August our 2006 Prime Donne wine is described as follows:- “there is richness and strength here, with an underlying hint of base minerals. I can detect black cherries and black currants. It is well balanced and demonstrates a good potential and refinement. It will be at it’s best between 2013 and 2027”. Bruce Sanderson has described this wine in a sensual way almost as if he is describing a desirable woman, which is particularly appropriate as this is exactly who the wine is dedicated to.

Brunello 2006 Prime Donne

Brunello 2006 Prime Donne

I am particularly pleased to see that all of my Brunello wines this year have achieved good ratings and that this is a continuing trend. Both the Wine Spectator and the Wine Advocate have awarded them similar marks. 92,92,92 from the the Wine Advocate, and 94, 94, 93 from the Wine Spectator (marks awarded for the 2006 Brunello, Brunello Prime Donne Brunello 2006 and Riserva 2005).

This is not true for all the producers. In general, the larger wine producers did not received consistant votes for their produce and have a large range of differing votes awarded to their wines. Instead, our production and results are growing in a harmonious and homogeneous way.

The 2006 vintage is the first true harvest of my new vineyards in Montalcino. The vines which I planted in 2006 were four or five years old. Due to their age the Vines have still not yet achieved their full potential or produced their best quality grapes. Our winemakers, led by the Agronomist Folco Bencini, tend the vineyards with the same care and attention that they would dedicate to nurturing their own children. Last Friday 20 mm of rain fell in half an hour and we also noticed with dismay that a few hail stones fell. The following day everyone rushed to the vineyard and we only calmed down and stopped panicking when we realized that nothing was damaged, not even the leaves.

These young vines are our wealth and our future. If, in the coming winter, we have a dry month without rain, we are

Casato Prime Donne Winery in Montalcino

Casato Prime Donne Winery in Montalcino

planning to plant 3 hectares acres of new vineyards on the hill overlooking the Casato Prime Donne house. When the new vineyard begins to produce grapes we will uproot the large vineyard the “Vignone” which was planted by my grandfather on the lowest part of our property. It is the only remaining original old vineyard left, all the others have been replanted. In a few years time we will be able to be truly competitive at all levels and then we will really start to have some fun!

Donatella Cinelli Colombini

How Happy Wine at Fattoria del Colle has changed

On Thursday craft beers from the Val d’ Orcia together with Cinta Senese sausages, on Friday Cenerentola Orcia Doc  accompanied by a selection of pecorino cheeses both fresh and matured, on Saturday Brunello wine accompanied by Tuscan cigars, on Sunday crostini with white truffles from the Crete Senesi served with IGT Toscana Sanchimento

Happy wine in the cellar with Brunello and cigars

Happy wine in the cellar with Brunello and cigars

This is the alluring programme for our Happy Wine event which is served in the cellars of the historic Fattoria del Colle. It always starts at 18.30, a perfect time in the summer when it is too cool to feel as though you want to jump in the pool and perfect too in the winter when it is already dark and the day is over, we open the doors of the tasting room in the Sixteenth Century villa of the Colle and enjoy a lovely evening listening to Tuscan music. What type of music is that, you may ask? It is the music of Gianna Nannini, Jovanotti, the Baustelle, Stefano BollaniIrene Grandi and Bocelli.

Surrounded by Medieval walls and nestled inside early twentieth century rooms, snuggled deep in the extremely comfortable pastel coloured chairs, everything in this historic winery creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Delicious titbits and outstanding wines arrive to be tasted and enjoyed, people start chatting, and soon everyone finds new friends. This is modern Tuscan country hospitality where even the most recent traditions of ‘fuori pasto’ casual dining has become an opportunity to join together with friends new and old and have an enjoyable evening.

Come and join us for great wines, tobacco and Venus – the god of beauty …. in the cantina of Donatella Cinelli Colombini (which is staffed only by women). We are sure that these evenings will also be attractive to our female customers, please don’t stay at home – come and join us. We are sure you will be very happy to come along and enjoy these fantastic evenings.

Brunello wine and it’s conquest of Brazil

A group of the top 32 wine producers from Montalcino, led by the Vice-President of the Consortium Donatella Cinelli Colombini, have been in Sao Paulo, the economic capital of South America , in order to introduce their Brunello wines personally to Brasil.

Brunello wine producers at  Terrazza Italia

Brunello wine producers at Terrazza Italia

The wine has been presented to the press and the local wine producers and experts: Banfi, Barbi, Camigliano Canneta, Capanna, Caparzo, Caprili,Castelli – Martinozzi, Castello di Romitorio, Col d’ Orcia, Collemattoni, Corte Pavone, Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Fanti, Gianni Brunelli, Il Poggione, La Gerla, La Magia, Le Chiuse, Mocali, Poggio di Sotto, Poggio il Castellare, Salvioni, Sassodisole, Siro Pacenti, Talenti, Tassi,  Tenuta di Collesorbo , Tenute Friggiali and Pietranera, Val di Cava, Verbena, Villa Le Prata, were all represented.

Brazil is country which is a member of the BRIC  – it is one of the major countries of the world which is currently experiencing an  economic boom –  out of the south American countries is one of the only ones which has  a strong and influential Italian presence. In the Sao Paulo area alone there are 16,000,000 inhabitants of Italian descent.

Our Brunello wineries were visiting San Paulo with the specific aim of expanding their exports and promoting their own image, which is already very well known and respected in the area. In Brazil,  Brunello wine is  synonymous with quality, it has great prestige value and is considered to be very exclusive . Many people know the wine well, but never before they had the opportunity to taste and compare so many of the Brunello wines  all together at their leisure. And it is precisely attaining the public’s awareness and their personal opinions that these important Tuscan wineries intend to devote their attention to: they will be concentrating on impressing their importers, the sommeliers, the press and the leading public opinions.

Market in San Paolo

Market in San Paolo

The program of this trade mission to Brazil was very intense: it  lasted 5 days and as well as promoting the wine it also helped to educate the producers from Montalcino in the details of the Brazilian market ecomony and included a visit to the huge upmarket supermarkets which are major centres of culinary excellence for Brazilain customers with greater spending capacity. The Consorzio del Brunello  had never  before undertaken a trade missions such as this to Brazil and for this reason, the schedule was very full and was designed to hit all the strategic market segments of Brazil. Two of the tastings have been reserved exclusively for the Sommeliers from Sao Paulo and Campinas, there was one  evening with the specialist wine press, one workshop for the importers and one for the retailers, a wine tasting for the Friends Association of Wine and 3 educational seminars with video and data information. The preparation of this trade mission to Brazil has required months of work in order to plan and prepare this detailed  program – in collaboration with ICE and Enoteca Italiana –  especially in the preparation of the Brochures, Wine tasting information leaflets  and the production of the two Videos, which have also  been made available in Portuguese.

San Paolo

San Paolo

In the South American countries import taxes multiple  the price of bottles of wine tenfold which is why they are perceived by  the public as being luxury goods. Because of this it is necessary to ensure that the public perception of the Montalcino wines is that they are of the highest quality as it is important  to capture the interest and admiration of the 200,000 super-rich and the middle class who have a large spending capacity and who reside almost entirely in the areas of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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