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What type of wine lover? Choose your profile

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A semiotic square so as to understand what rapport you have with wine. The choice is between radical, enosnob, Pane al pane (call spade a spade) and socialite

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Wine lover’s semiotic square

Wine lover’s semiotic square

With Vinitaly all sorts of surveys arrive but this one is really intriguing. The Istituto Squadrati di Milano has created for the Cantina Bosco Viticoltori, a “Quadrato semiotico” or rather a schematic diagram which permits us to give wine lovers a profile.

This scheme has 4 corners, the different wine lovers are:
RADICAL: those who put genuine products in front of everything else
– ENOSNOB: for those who consider only high quality wines
– PANE AL PANE (call a spade a spade): those who consume daily
– SOCIALITE (lovers of social occasions): wine is part of the movida and they like spending time with others.
Along the square sides there are 4 referring concepts in contrast with each other: sacred and profane, nature and culture, and on the inside of the scheme there are indicated 23 commonplaces which correspond to the deep rooted convictions in each group of consumers. Following their logics it is easy to understand to which quarter of the square one belongs. Read more…

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