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Donatella’s 5 star Chianti Superiore 2012

 An incredible harvest where Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s emotions went  from despair to enthusiasm and the vines proved their intelligence

Chianti Superiore Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Chianti Superiore Donatella Cinelli Colombini

2012, three torrid months without any rain and a great thinning out of the grapes to help the thirsty vines……….. and then a miracle: the showers arrive the first few days of September and that’s how we got a 5 star vintage.

Not many clusters, but exceptional grapes, and sound. The clusters were loose and small, absolutely ripe and with the seeds perfectly lignified. These small grapes coloured your fingers as soon as you touched them, so the must consequently was very intense red, typical in great wines.

The vines for producing the Chianti Superiore are at Fattoria del Colle in the southern part of the Chianti region, on hills at about 400 metres above sea level, with soil very rich in sea sands. An old territory which is uncontaminated and is cultivated with great attention of the environment. 

Type: dry red

Production area: Toscana, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle.

Vintage characteristics: the grape harvest was preceded by 12 dry months and a torrid summer with very high temperatures even at night. The leaves and the green shoots were used to shade the grapes. The grapes were thinned out twice.

Grape types: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo.

Grape harvest:  From September 10th to 15th.  The grapes were handpicked and brought to the winery in20 Kg crates in less than 30 minutes. The cool temperatures and sometimes even quite cold ones allowed us to bring in grapes at 20°C. After being de-stemmed the best grapes were selected on a sorting table, mechanically and manually. Read more…

The fiasco modified becomes a Dame-Janine

Dame Janine is a female fiasco, designed by a French artist called Clet Abraham, the Street art artist, and Ruffino will make 6000 of them

Dame-Janine Ruffino wine fiasco

Dame-Janine Ruffino wine fiasco

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini
The Tuscan fiasco, the first protagonist of the success and most of all, o f the exporting of Chianti, has a second youth.  Other than the Museum created by the Bartolozzi family, now there is an artistic restyling commissioned by Ruffino for its Chianti Superiore 2012. A great 5 star vintage for the most prestigious denomination of the Chianti appellations and a striking packaging . The fiasco gets its female version, it turns up-side-down and resembles a human face. The name Dame Janine recalls the French for Lady Jane but is a clear reference to the  damigiana, demijohn, the straw covered container similar and larger than a fiasco. It was greatly used inTuscany to transport and preserve wine up until 50 years ago.

So a game in a game where the protagonist is Clet Abraham the  famous Street art artist, the most transgressive and suprising of them all. Born in  Rennes  he now lives in Florence and he got into the newspapers by hacking street signs all over Europe, injecting a little humour into the mundane commute, being provocative such as the Christ on a Cross on a “Dead end “ sign, that created a revolt among Catholics (me included) . His most

Gianluca Monaci with Dame Janine

Gianluca Monaci with Dame Janine

extraordinary action was carried out on the night of January 19th2011 where on the  Ponte alle Grazie inFlorence, he positioned a sculpture of a “Piccolo uomo nero” small black man, committing suicide in theArno river. This action wanted to be a polemic warning to the ex position in Palazzo Vecchio, in the  Studiolo di Francesco I,heart of the Florentine government, of a skull covered in diamonds –value of  100 million – rcreated by Damien Hirst. As if to say … in fro of such contempt for death and poverty, an orinary man con do nothign else but jump off a brige. In the end I suppose Clet is right.

The renewal of the fiasco by such an artist it is an act of bravery,  but also an important contribution. The glass container with straw all around was used in Tuscany since the Middle Age. You can find references in Boccaccio’s Decameron and in paintings by Botticelli and Ghirlandaio. In the second half of the 18th century it eased Chianti wine exportation thanks to its distinctive character and the straw  that protected the glass from breaking. Its image has long remained tied to that of low price Italian wine which was the first to be exported from our country. Read more…

Wine and beauty at Fattoria del Colle

From October at Fattoria del Colle the bathtub for couple vinotherapy increases our wellness offer. Massages wine tastings and lots more so as to regenerate body and mind with Brunello and Chianti.

Vinotherapy at Fattoria del Colle

Fattoria del Colle Vinotherapy

It all begins with the internationally famous wines by Donatella Cinelli Colombini: Brunello from Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and the Chianti Superiore and DOC Orcia wines from Fattoria del Colle.
It is exactly from these wines that our beauty and wellness offer begins, to which we add tours of the wineries, wine tastings, lunches, and stays among the vines for singles but mostly for couples.
The regenerating experience includes massages, bathing and a wellness experience (sauna, sensorial shower, hammam, Jacuzzi and relaxation) in the refined and exclusive wellness area at Fattoria del Colle. It is here in the oldest and most romantic part, decorated with 19th century designs, from October we will have functional a round wooden tub for couple vinotherapy. Next door there is a room with two beds for massages.
What makes Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s proposal unique is the world of great red Tuscan wines which surrounds it all with interesting and fun experiences. So here we propose wine tastings, guided tours in the wineries, cookery lessons, lunches with dishes marched to great red wines, trekking through the vineyards … and then there area 18 small art cities in the surrounding area where artisan workshops and wonderful panoramas offer many emotions and surprises.
Fattoria del Colle belonging to Donatella Cinelli Colombini was built at the end of the



16th century and includes a villa with cellar and chapel, parks and a small hamlet still today completely intact. Al around are vineyards, olive groves and a breathtaking panorama. For guests staying there are rooms with private bathroom, apartments and villas (furnished with antique furnishings and modern comfort), 3 swimming pools, a restaurant, a tennis court, a tennis court, 3 parks, a cookery school, and obviously a refined wellness area.

To conclude here is what Jennifer Lopez said in an interview published in “Sette” magazine by “Corriere della Sera” on march 7th 2014 << More than the grapes, I feel that what makes you feel good is the wine, better if white. And naturally Italian. Better still Tuscan, A nice tub of Tuscan white wine does wonders for you, so as to stay young and beautiful>>

List of treatments:

Exfoliation with red wines from Montalcino and & body moisturizing

Duration 60’ (30’ exfoliation and 30’moisturizing)



This treatments wakes up the skin and makes it more elastic, the exfoliation removing the dead cells allows for a better oxygenation of the tissues.
It also betters the “grain” of the skin and combats the orange peel texture of the skin. After this delicate but efficient exfoliation, there will be a delicate moisturizing for the whole body with the Grape Body Cream.

Wellness experience and exfoliation with red wines from Montalcino

Duration 90’ (60’ humid area and 30’ exfoliation)

The use of our humid zone, which includes sauna, sensorial showers, Turkish baths, and Jacuzzi, will help you relax and prepare your skin for the Montalcino wines exfoliating treatment which will give you back splendour and vigour for the whole body.

Moisturizing and invigorating pack

Duration 60’ ( 30’ humid area and 30’ pack)
A vapour bath and the use of the sauna will prepare your skin to receive one of the best treatments to be “tasted” which will give your body energy.
Wine, carefully mixed with other substances such as olive oil, can have beneficial effects on our body and on the skin; it ha san antibacterial. Calming, moisturizing, anti-ageing effect other than rejuvenating the skin, also bettering the elasticity and moisture, it also guarantees a better tonicity of the arm muscles and in general a better consistency of the bosoms.

Face and body massage & Wellness experience

fattoria-del-Colle Chef roberta Archetti and pinci

Fattoria-del-Colle Chef Roberta Archetti and pinci

Duration 2 hours ( 60’ humid area, hydro bath included & 60’ massage)

Wellness experience with use of the sauna, Turkish baths and Jacuzzi for an hour’s complete relax, after which expert hands will give you a relaxing massage with Montalcino wine serum so as to complete your wellness ritual

Bacchus & Venus

Duration 2 hours ( 1 hour Bath in Montalcino wines & 60’ Massage with Montalcino wines serum )
Immerge in our wooden bathtub and relax in our romantic cave. Make the most of all the benefits from wine; the polyphenols and the minerals released from this magnificent wine will have on your skin a detoxing, smoothing and antioxidant effect.
The massage that follow, is slow and deep with Oil enriched with the Montalcino wines’ serum, and will complete your divine experience

Total Body and Mind Relax Wine Experience


Wine-Spectator-and-Donatella Cinelli Colombini's Brunello

Duration 3 hours ( Bathe in the divine tub 60’+ Exfoliation 30’+Pack 30’ + Massage 60’)
This ritual takes us back to old traditions when the care of body and mind contemplated the use of only what came from nature.
Our bathtub is filled with war water and you will relax immersed in the Montalcino wines, elixir of life, thanks to the Anthocyanins e and Poliphenols which are extracted from these red grapes , and which stimulate and nourish the skin restoring the microcirculation.
The exfoliation, this light scrub which gets rid of all the dead cells from your skin, will prepare your body to fully benefit from the moisturizing pack with the Serum which will permit an osmotic Exchange of mineral salts and vitamins contained in the grape-skins of Sangiovese grapes used to make the great wines from Montalcino.
Our final massage will be the final touch which will have a positive effect on your mind and get rid of the daily stress thanks to the expert hands of our therapists .

Intense Emotions

Vinotherapy treatment in our wooden bathtub with a glass of wine.
A candle lit dinner in the Osteria di Donatella restaurant at Fattoria del Colle ( 4 courses ,matching wines included)
1 night in double room with bathroom and buffet breakfast included



Guided tour of Fattoria del Colle, of the historic halls, of the San Clemente Chapel and of the main villa; guided tour of the production and ageing cellars of Chianti Superiore and Doc Orcia wines .
Guided tasting of three wines among which a Brunello

Heart to heart midweek offer from Wednesday to Friday

1 Olive oil couple massage lasting 60’
2 Nights in double bedroom with private bathroom, buffet breakfast included
1 Dinner at Osteria di Donatella restaurant at Fattoria del Colle ( 4 courses, matching wines included)
Guided tour of Fattoria del Colle, of the historic halls, of the San Clemente Chapel and of the main villa; guided tour of the production and ageing cellars of the Chianti Superiore and Doc Orcia wines. Guided tasting of three wines among which the Brunello.

The DOCG dinners in the Osteria di Donatella

3 traditional recipes with a pinch of novelty studied especially for the Chianti Superiore 2011 and the Brunello 2009 and 2008 Riserva a stone’s through from the vineyard

cuisine DOCG at  fattoria del Colle

cuisine DOCG at fattoria del Colle

This is practically a full immersion in wine! Donatella Cinelli Colombini has asked her new chef at Fattoria del Colle, Roberta Archetti, to create dishes in perfect harmony with three DOCG wines so as to offer guests a new an interesting experience in her winery.

Harmonious tastes in a harmonious ambiance with new very Tuscan furnishings and a panorama which resembles a nativity scene with the vineyards at a stones through and the hamlet of Trequanda just in the background.

Chef Roberta Archetti comes from Brescia, and has chosen Tuscany and cooking as the pillars of her life, in her curriculum an excellent point comes from the period spent at the Dal Pescatore in Canneto sull’ Oglio  with the myth Nadia Santini.

Read more…

A wet bride is a lucky bride if there is a beautiful winery

Let me tell you about a wedding among the barrels, aperitif in the historic cellar and a candle lite wedding banquet in the veranda among the vines. Do you like it?

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Wedding in the winery Tuscany Fattoria del Colle

Wedding in the winery Tuscany Fattoria del Colle

A really special wedding, ideal for those who choose the Tuscan countryside because of its special touch in uniqueness and charm which comes from the wine’s magic.
The Fattoria del Colle winery has a large hall covered by brick vaulted ceiling, along the walls are situated the small barrels where the Orcia Doc Cenerentola wine ages. This is the location where to organize the ceremony with the altar and the chairs for the wedding couple covered in white satin. It is not a Church (by the way the estate has a delightful chapel that can welcome up to 40 guests) but the effect is all the same solemn , even though quite unusual.
Next to the barrel ageing area, where there are still visible traces of the original medieval walls, is where the aperitif is served. This is a suggestive area which gives the buffet a particular Tuscan imprint. In other words it is not an anonymous frame for the wedding of a couple who has chosen Tuscany to celebrate their love.

Read more…

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