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Ciancifricola – many names for this Tuscan recipe with tomato

A delicious tomato and egg soup, in the Siena‘s countryside it is also called picchio pacchio. Here you find it in the Fattoria del Colle, farmhouse in Tuscany



Rewritten from the housewives by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

This is a main course for those who get home half an hour before dinner and still are able to put something delicious on the table. In a more refined meal the ciancifricola becomes finger food to be served in small bowls.

It definitely originates from a long time ago even though not quite Medieval. Surely though in the 19th century the ciancifricola used to be served halfway through the morning, so as to give the farmers some energy, during the heavy summer jobs. In the villages in the Sienese countryside it changes name and becomes pomodorata or picchio pacchio although with some minute variations, the recipe remains the same. Read more…

Chianti and Tuscan wines’ redemption where exportation flies high

Chianti wine: 3.600 grape-growers, 15.000 hectares of vineyards, more than 100 million bottles and after years of being forgotten, finally the rebirth

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

In 24 months the export figure have gone from 40 to 70%, while the requests have picked up so much that the Consorzio del Chianti has considered anticipating the release of the new vintage in January rather than in March a sit was previously. The rebirth of the main Tuscan denomination has certainly benefitted from the positive atmosphere created by the events abroad organized by the Consorzio with Giovanni Busi as president. A true novelty for the Chianti wine, which is now organizing a road show of enormous proportions: China Japan and then the USA, Russia, Switzerland … Important steps along a path that still seems lengthy; in supermarkets in China sales start at 1,70€ per bottle while the cost on tap goes from 70 to 90 € per hectolitre. In the end, even if the bottles produced are more than 100 million, the total business is of only around 300 million Euro.

Read the article below!

Read more…

When a Chianti wine truly deserves the Superiore description


 The description ‘Superiore’, when used in relation to wine, indicates wine produced from the best Chianti vineyards which have a purposely controlled low production of grapes.  The wine has to remain in the cellar for a longer period of time than the normal Chianti wines so as to achieve a higher quality of taste. Our Chianti tells about Tuscany:- it has an austere and elegant character, and demonstrates the distinct and generous flavours of this region. Here we present to you the 2009 vintage, which is just having its marketing debut

Chianti Superiore 2009

Chianti Superiore 2009

Chianti Superiore 2009

Grapes: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo

The Winter and the Spring were very wet in 2009. The Summer was late in coming but when it did arrive it was very hot, and then in September we had some rain fall and the temperature dropped. The weather was favourable throughout the harvest.
In the Fattoria del Colle, in 2009 the best grapes came from the Sangiovese vineyards  which were over 10 years old, they were some of the last to be picked which meant that they benefitted from the sunny days during the harvesting period.
For the first time in 2009, our wine expert Barbara Magnani, used the Dyostem, a scanner that measures the aromatic maturity of the grapes and helps us to choose the perfect day on which to harvest each vineyard. The grapes were hand-picked and transported to the cellar in 20 kg boxes, the fermentation took place in thermo-regulated steel vats. In 2009, we produced 20,000 bottles of Chianti Superiore wine

Colour: dark ruby red.
Bouquet: delicate, complex, rich with the flavour of the ripe red berries.
Taste: harmonious, full-bodied, hint of  tannin, with a long lasting taste.

One of the strengths of Chianti is its ability to accompany and compliment many different dishes beautifully: it can be enjoyed throughout the meal with every course but it best compliments savoury meat dishes and cheese platters.
It is best served at room temperature (18-20 degrees C) in large bowled crystal wine glasses.
If you want to preserve the wine, the bottles must be laid  in a dark and cool storage area. The best time to drink it is within 4 years of its harvest

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