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Recent wine travels for Violante, a woman with a suitcase

She seems fragile but she has real stamina. In the past month she has visited New York, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, 4 days home and then Hong Kong  and Shanghai


Violante's Usa mission in october 2014

Violante's Usa mission in october 2014

Violante Gardini the Cinellicolombini Jr, always has trips that begin with an adventure: to go to the US  they cancelled her flight but she was able nevertheless to get to the wine tasting in Washington on time going via Brussels . To go to China her car’s clutch broke on the way to Rome.  A journey with mechanical noises and lots of frights. When she got to Fiumicino she was so upset that the check in staff was so sorry for her that they gave her a super comfy seat on the plane

Her texts from abroad are hilarious, here’s one of them <<how much do you have to walk to sell wine? My feet are exhausted!…. This first week on work, running after planes, taxis and

Violante's new shoes

Violante's new shoes

most of all time, has finally finished >> . Violante describes a different New York than what she has seen the last few years, more beautiful and with more positive energy. People have more faith in the future and want to spend more.
<<Lots of overweight people, but less than usual. Maybe  Michelle Obama’s campaign regarding exercise and eating vegetables has worked. There are less McDonald’s, where have they disappeared to?>> <<It is said that there are BIO stores everywhere, but I didn’t see any, however all that is organic is liked>>.
<<The Rosso di Montalcino was fantastically successful, everyone loves it and we placed it in 2/3restaurants to be served also by the glass. Someone is surprised by its freshness, how delicate it is and sweet and pleasant, others just fall in love with it straight away. >>
Violante finds time also for friends and shopping  <<Tomorrow Maria will come to the city, she is a young wine producer from Puglia who is doing work experience for a few month with an importer just out of the city. She will come to NY for the weekend so we can spend some time together, fantastic!>> The result of this shopping is a pair of really funny pink shoes. For someone always dressed in black, brown and blue this has been a really revolutionary choice!

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Our Brunello talks Chinese

Having ones company brochure in Chinese is something new and very different from the usual brochure in English or German to which we are more accustomed. It makes us feel less provincial. It is only a sensation but it gives courage, in a moment where the future seems to be without certainties, being able to looks toward China with good commercial possibilities is definitely a relief.


Violante Gardini with the chinese brochure

Violante Gardini with the chinese brochure



And now Violante (the Cinellicolombini Jr) export manager for Asia gets almond shaped eyes. She has accepted the request made by our importer and has created a brochure with text in Chinese and images which are apt for that market: the historic halls of the villa at Fattoria del Colle, the works of contemporary art in the Sangiovese Brunello vineyards …. Most of all, on the front page the team of all girls at the Casato Prime Donne winery in Montalcino. There is also the French consultant winemaker Valérie Lavigne. The contrast between the very Tuscan images of stone walls, cypress trees, and sweet hills of the Val d’Orcia with Chinese characters and the text is a strong one, but all considered it appears new and pleasant.

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