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Image and Imagination in Wine Tourism

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Here is why, how much, where and how wine tourism – virtual and real – influences the perception of the value of wine, its appreciation and its sales

Marsala Florio Cellar

Marsala Florio Cellar

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini for OICCE

Two thirds of the value of wine perceived is not wine. Price, sales position, packaging, history, places, personalities… Each of these elements signifies a perception of value. In this post we will talk about vineyards, winery, the area where a wine is born and the people who help to create it. We will see how the territory of origin can, if well used, increase the appeal and increase customer loyalty towards a wine region or towards a single producer. Wine tourism is the instrument for this process and it is powerful. The first element to be understood is the dimension of this instrument.
Since 2012 the world travellers have become more than 1 billion and they increase at a rhythm of 4% per year. In Italy, in 2013, the arrivals of travellers from abroad were 46 million, finally our tourism has begun once again to grow even though with a modest 1,9%. Wine tourism increases more rapidly (around 3% per year) but not in a uniform manner. The 5-6 million travellers who every year visit wine regions over here generated business esteemed at about 3 billion euro between direct turnover and generated; for every euro paid in a winery, the wine tourist spends another 4 in the same area. Read more…

Castello di Querceto a party in the middle of Chianti Classico

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Golden wedding anniversary for Antonietta and Alessandro Francois with an unexpected thunderstorm which forced the party to be moved from the park to the halls inside Castello di Querceto

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini



It is very difficult to find a couple who get on so well in life and in work. Antonietta and Alessandro Francois, married 50 years ago, have celebrated their love as if it were the first day. Castello di Querceto unfortunately is under a heavy rainfall which forces a change in the programming of the party. What a shame!!! Even under the rain though the park with its lakes, the centenary cedar woods and the lights appear like a fairytale location. Luckily the Castello di Querceto halls are an authentic museum and Antonietta’s special touch has made them comfortable and welcoming. Read more…

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