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Halloween with end of harvest party

During the long All Saints bank holiday, at Fattoria del Colle, end of harvest party with dancing among the barrels, Halloween and extra virgin olive oil dinners, tastings and tours.

Fattoria del Colle dinner with Russian importers

Fattoria del Colle dinner with Russian importers

A very long weekend full of activities, surprises and parties, are what Fattoria del Colle proposes at the end of October. Tastings of the Brunello just born and the new oil, 3 themed dinners with menus full of surprises and great wines, guided tour of two wineries and tastings of important wines.
In the Tuscan countryside still uncontaminated, coloured with the autumn colours, a weekend able to regenerate you in spirit and in the body, it will teach you much about wine and the typical cuisine, but you will also make plenty of new friends. Because other than tours of the wineries, tastings, cookery lessons there will be dinners, dances and games. In other words a countryside atmosphere like long ago which will really make you feel that you are in Tuscany.

€ 52,00 per night, per person, stays in double room with breakfast
All the activities in the program are free excluding the meals which are priced one by one Read more…

The restaurant Osteria di Donatella at Fattoria del Colle

From the Trequanda housewives recipes to the “Pinci” lessons a brief history of Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s restaurant at Fattoria del Colle

Osteria di Donatella's restaurant_fireplace

Osteria di Donatella's restaurant_fireplace

When Donatella’s father, Fausto Cinelli, gave her Fattoria del Colle, where today one finds the dining room adorned with floral decor inspired by the fin-de-siècle period long ago was a dark area, used for playing table tennis, the kitchen was empty and where the veranda is today was a grassy area which reached as far as the old vineyards. Creating the Osteria was for Donatella one of the first steps to transform the Fattoria del Colle into a refined place, which would be able to speak of an area in an unforgettable way. The brick archways were once again opened up in the hall and the walls were decorated with art nouveau designs copied form a villa in the Chianti Classico area that once belonged to Donatella’s grandparents.

The restaurant was equipped with a kitchen and most of all Donatella took note of the local recipes interviewing the housewives. In the summer evenings, in the villages nearby – Trequanda, Petroio, Castelmuzio, Chiusure – the villagers sit out of doors to chat with their neighbours. That was the time chosen by Donatella present herself with her laptop and asked for recipes. In the end she noted about 40 that were then published in a booklet called Ricettario di Monte Oliveto e Trequanda nelle Crete Senesi.

These recipes formed the first menu of the Osteria at Fattoria del Colle. Through the years other recipes arrived from Sinalunga and from the local hunters…. With some additions from the chef Antonio Corsano and the patisseur Patrizia Cenni so as to create a very typical selection of dishes from the area: zuppa di Trequanda, pappa col pomodoro, ciancifricola, acqua cotta dei logaioli, Pinci al sugo di nana, pappardelle con zafferano e pancetta di cinta senese ……. Many old recipes which are very suggestive.

Fattoria-del-Colle-restaurant veranda

Fattoria-del-Colle-restaurant veranda

A few years after the launching of the restaurant the veranda was built, here it is possible to eat while being immersed in the green, with the panorama of Trequanda in front of you. The lawn in front has been transformed into a terrace and in the summer it is possible to eat out of doors jus as if it were the courtyard where the farmers ate long ago!

The cookery school, born within the restaurant directed by Helle Poulsen Italo-Danish gastronomist – who has written with her husband Alfredo Tesio14 books regarding tourism and food in Italy, now has a base in one of the farmhouses at Fattoria del Colle. In the meantime the parks have increased in number: the “ boschetto dei Giochi antichi” where often the Osteria puts up buffets , then the “ parco del vecchio frantoio” where upon request, one can organize true folk

Fattoria-del-Colle-Osteria signboard

Fattoria-del-Colle-Osteria signboard

parties…..there are many other things to tell you about, but it is only fair for everybody to come here and discover for themselves the beauty of our tradition.

We are waiting for you!

Advise for gluttons by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Farmholidays with emotions at Fattoria del Colle in Tuscany

Happy wine with Brunello and Tuscan cigars, “pinci” cookery lesson, trekking through the vines, … relaxation, panoramas and wonderful experiences at Fattoria del Colle

Bonella and Riccardo with Felix

Bonella and Riccardo with Felix

The Tuscan country inn belonging to Donatella Cinelli Colombini is definitely an unusual place. The rooms and apartments are furnished with antiques; many have a Wi-Fi internet connection, but no television. In the restaurant we serve the tradition dishes of Trequanda, a small and not famous village, but with 40 local recipes. The three swimming pools at Colle have views similar to advertisements; there is a wellness centre, a cookery school and a magic wood with themed trees. But that is not enough, the thing that makes this a unique and involving 16th century hamlet is the programme including, wine tastings, tours and experiences which permit guests to enjoy the Tuscan culture and meet new friends

So on Saturday evening there is a Happy wine in the cellar with IGT bianco

Cookery school-pinci-

Cookery school-pinci-

toscano “Sanchimento” (Traminer 100%) together with white truffle from Crete senesi on crostini. Then at the restaurant the “pappardelle al sugo bugiardo”. On Monday morning a visit to a local artisanal distillery for grappa in Torrita di Siena (15Km) and in the afternoon a brief cookery lesson regarding pinci, a local fresh pasta which is later tasted with 3 different dressings.

Every day a different activity: some are sportier, like the itinerary through the woods with bows and arrows or the trekking path through the Vineyard following the signs and explanatory manual. Other activities regard shopping, for example the visit to a terracotta workshop, a tradition in the small hamlet of Petroio (10Km). There are also guided wine and oil tastings in the Chianti winery at Fattoria del Colle and the Brunello winery Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino.



A relaxing period full of motivations, small surprises and involving experiences which all give visitors enthusiasm and send them home with lots of things to tell their friends because with difficulty will they find someone who has had such a Tuscan experience that is as real and as beautiful.

For her cookery school Helle Poulsen Tesio has create a new tasty and healthy cake

The challenge of creating something very tasty that was low in fat and easily digestible was a difficult one, but Helle succeeded. This cake belongs to the haute cuisine range and is able to compete with the more upto date and attractive creations of modern patisserie. It’s fragrance recalls immediately its ingredients, it is extremely pleasant in the mouth and very easily digestible. All in an extraordinary mouthful which is practically a sorbet

Helle nel camino della Scuola di cucina del Colle

Helle near the fireplace of the cooking school at Fattoria del Colle

Helle got the idea from the biological oranges of which one can also eat the rind. Generally Helle uses these oranges for marmalades or for candied fruit, but this time her creativeness went wild.
Cooking this orange cake is a wonderful way of getting an extraordinary aroma around the house,while the oranges cook in fact they create an unmistakable and incomparable perfume.This is an aroma which recalls the summer months, while the cold weather is already here.
Do you think you might not be able to pepare it? No fear, Helle is the tutor in the cookery school at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda and will be very pleased to teach you in her cooking courses .That way you  will be able to taste it together with the  Vinsanto or with the new passito from Fattoria del Colle and  Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino

Orange cake

2 biological oranges
225 g white almonds
225 g sugar
4 eggs at room temperature
100 g  potato starch
1 sachet of yeast for cakes

Boil the oranges for one hour in water. Let them cool,divide them into 4 and clean them, removing the pips.
Blend the oranges untl they are a smooth pulp.
Mix the almonds until they are powdered.  Mix the almond powder with the potato starch and the yeast.
Beat the 4 eggs together with the sugar until they are white and frothy .

With the aid of a spatula add the oranges and the almond powder to the eggs. The new mixture must become a smooth dough.

Grease a round shape mould with some oil, line the bottom and sides, fill with the mixture.
Pre-heat the oven at 170°C. Cook the cake for 5 -60 minutes avoiding to open the oven for the first 25 minutes so as to not interfere with the rising.
To see if the baking is complete prick with a tooth-pick and see if it comes out dry.
Serve the orange cake when cold after covering it with icing sugar.

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