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May 1st at Fattoria del Colle

Spring for senses:

art, great wines and traditional tastes

wisteria flowers on the italian garden - Fattoria del Colle

wisteria flowers on the italian garden - Fattoria del Colle

We advise you to come to spend the May 1st Bank holiday weekend at Fattoria del Colle, in Tuscany where Crete Senesi and the Val d’Orcia. You will taste wines made here and at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, you will taste typical local dishes such as Pinci and the mixed grill with meat from the Valdichiana. The nearby small art cities will offer you pleasant surprises: Pienza ,renaissance city wanted by Pope Pio II, who for a bridge transforms the main square into an Italian style garden, and Montepulciano with its May 1st fair and the celebrations of the patron saint Sant’Agnese.

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Surprises in the Museo del tartufo (truffle museum), old friends and bright sculptures

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The heart of the Tartufo bianco territory in the Crete Senesi is in the Museo

San Giovanni d'Asso - truffle museum - Stefano Benassi candlesticks

San Giovanni d'Asso - truffle museum - Stefano Benassi candlesticks

di San Giovanni d’Asso. Now is the moment when the tartufo marzuolo is found
The museum is in an elegant castle dating back to the 12-14th century built in bricks and Roman and Gothic style windows, and with a beautiful entrance lined with oak trees.

Read and seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Upon entering one shivers a sit feels like living in a fairytale, the sensation of the “prince charming “ arriving any minute. We are 10 km distant from Fattoria del Colle, so close one could walk it

I went there yesterday, to celebrate the Tartufo marzuolo. In truth I adore the white truffle but to be able to enjoy it one must wait until November. Read more…

The Fattoria del Colle home – restylers at work

New job opportunities in the countryside: landscape designer, home restylers, entertainers ….English names for activities that Tuscan farmers have always done.

Fattoria del Colle - "Imbottigliamento apartment" - Paola and Paolo

Fattoria del Colle - "Imbottigliamento apartment" - Paola and Paolo

And here they are in action, Paolo and Paola the “home restylers” at Fattoria del Colle. He’s a carpenter and gardener and she’s an accountant, but together they are a formidable team. They have succeeded in renovating old furniture and giving warmth and comfort to two apartments in the country inn: Guardia and Imbottigliamento.

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Buonconvento seen through my eyes

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To get cultural and historic information about this medieval village in Val d’Arbia, on the borderline with the Crete Senesi, its sufficient to Google the word Buonconvento, and you get the info which you might need.
But the history of this village is not covered by the few pages available, at least not in the opinion of those, like myself, who were born here and have lived her until I was 20.

Seen for you by Bonella Ciacci

Some days ago I went to lunch at my parents, and after lunch I went for a walk along the main roads in the historic centre.

Cattivi Frati Café

During my walk I realized that every wall, every door, every narrow lane tell me some of my history, which is unique and personal, but at the same time in entwined with the history of all of us buonconventini (or “bocconventini”, as we say).
The first part of my walk brings me to the “Cattivi Frati” bar, in via Soccini (just as a second thought I realize that the Soccini’s, or Socini’s, were my boss, Donatella Cinelli Colombini‘s ancestors).The bar belongs to a friend of mine Andrea, who has taken it over from his brothers. He has given it this name because of the local saying “Buon convento, cattivi frati”, sad epitaph of the inhabitants of the village, something they earned seven hundred years ago. Read more…

Doc Orcia communicates via mobile phone

The Strada del vino Orcia is the first with a QRcode signposting. With the new generation mobile phone one will be able to aim at the image on the signposts and receive information regarding wines and locations

Doc Orcia insegne e depliants

Doc Orcia signs and brochures

A small step forward for the denomination born in the year 2000 in one of the most beautiful agricultural territories in the world: the Val d’Orcia and the Crete senesi.  A land of soft hills where the vines are alternated with woods, olive groves, and on lower grounds field of grains. Fattoria del Colle is in the Doc Orcia territory and produces two wines from this denomination: Leone rosso and Cenerentola, the second of which is made with only Tuscan grapes – Sangiovese and Foglia tonda -.From this year onwards Doc Orcia will also have the “riserva” type, which must have at least one years ageing in oak barrels, and a type called “Sangiovese” with a maximum of 10% of other local grape types like Colorino, Canaiolo, Malvasia Nera and Foglia Tonda. These decisions underline a production strategy regarding quality and identity; a strategy which honours this young, small but very competitive denomination.

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