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2015 Donatella’s wonderful year

With my very best wishes for a Happy 2016, where everyone should have their dreams fulfilled. Here below a summary of the last exceptional 12 months.



2016 is the year of MERCIFULNESS, for all, even those who do not believe, should lie in a special way to become constructors of e better world.

2015 is to be framed. A year lived on the run, always-, 12 trips abroad for Donatella and even more for Violante. A book, 2 new wines, a new grappa, many successes, events and awards


Meeting with James Suckling king of the Brunello lovers. Toscana previews: 60 buyers for the Doc Orcia and an-out-of-this-world Benvenuto Brunello with the exceptional 2010 vintage


Lady Day at the Quirinal in Rome for Donatella and in Colle Val d’Elsa Violante Organizes Cantine aperte di cristallo. Fisar in rosa at Casato prime Donne and at Fattoria del Colle with the female sommeliers of the association. Vienna, imperial capital seen from up close. A grape grower goes RAITV and Donatella goes to visit Anna Scafuri. New web site for the estate and the blog is always among the top 15 in Italy.




Donatella is a candidate for the Board of directors of Monte dei Paschi but she knows more about wine than bonds!!!! Women’s Vinitaly. In Canada Donatella and Carlo become knights. Dona falls at the Niagara Falls and then Italia a Tavola awards her a prize in Florence, in front of the Ministro Martina. Then the convention in Chieti regarding wine communication: to win there must be less Montepulciano and more Abruzzo. 96/100 from Wine Spectator to our Brunello Prime Donne 2010. In Puglia out to discover the Nero di Troia. Orcia Wine Festival with a great success. Read more…

The 10 superwomen in the Italian wine world according to Drinks Business

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Chiara Lungarotti, Silvia Franco, Francesca Planeta, Daria Garofoli, Gaia Gaja, Josè Rallo, Elena Martusciello, Sabrina Tedeschi, Cristina Mariani, Marilisa Allegrini. 

chiara lungarotti

chiara lungarotti

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

The article is in “Drinks Business” which is a British web magazine on wine, beer and spirits, among the most up to date and authoritative. One of its strong points is the lists that it produces regarding all sorts of subjects and always with interesting and innovative ideas. The author of this report is Tom Bruce Gardyne a Scottish journalist and super Whisky expert but he is also extremely interested in wine. Recently he wrote a beautiful article about the Etna wines.




The  Top 10 women in Italian wine list begins with a comment typical to British humour <<The days of  Italian wine being a man’s world with women in the background doing the paperwork are now fading as many daughters take over the reins>>. Tom Bruce-Gardyne meets 10 women making a difference. 

Read more…

Vinitaly business also at the table

Vinitaly means wine tastings, sales contracts, journalists, conventions but not only….. in the evening there are dinners and even the opportunity to dance
In the day time everybody works in the stands where operators, especially those from the new markets have arrived in great numbers, but in the evening the restaurants and buildings in the historic centre of Verona are busy with new appointments, sometime more profitable than those in the morning. Dinners with importers, gala evenings, and dinners with a ball, like the one organized by the young members of AGIVI (giovani imprenditori vitivinicoli italiani).

Women in wine - Restaurant I dodici Apostoli in Verona

Women in wine - Restaurant I dodici Apostoli in Verona

Here are the photos of two different dinners, but both beautiful; the dinner organize by the Donne del vino in the restaurant I Dodici apostoli and the black tie dinner organized by the Comitato Grandi Cru in Palazzo della Ragione, a particularly suggestive location because of it frescoed wall just like a medieval villa. The fist is in one of the best and most exclusive venues in Verona. It was built above the temples of the roman city still today visible. The second dinner had as a frame the Palazzo della Ragione which is in the romantic part of the city of Romeo and Juliet, between Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori.

It has an indoor courtyard and a kingly atmosphere of a building that was the centre of the medieval political power in Verona. During the dinner

Verona Grandi Cru d'Italia Awards

Verona Grandi Cru d'Italia Awards

Prized were awarded to Italian and foreign journalists chosen by the producers members of Grandi Cru. Among them Monica Larner from Wine Enthusiast and WineNews a web daily publication created by Irene Chiari and Alessandro Regoli in Montalcino. This last prize filled with joy and pride the hearts of all of us from Montalcino.

Seen for you Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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