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Brunello is one of the 150 things that the world envies us of…

Istituto Costa Lecce

Istituto Costa Lecce

Together with Armani, Juventus, Capri, the Coliseum and Roberto Benigni, Brunello di Montalcino is among the Italian things that those abroad are envious of.

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

This piece of news comes from a survey carried out by the students of the Istituto Costa in Lecce.
The young inhabitants of the Salento peninsula sent 3.500 e-mails to people living abroad, chosen in a random way, in different nations around the world, asking them to list 20 Italian things – artists, food, works of art, places, etc. that they know and appreciate so much so as to desire having them in their own nation. Read more…

The Italians are first on Facebook

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Italians and Brazilians are the major users of social media in the world. They beat the Americans (86% Italy 79% USA) because  probably they are more used to communicating, in other words they are looking, in the virtual world , for a village atmosphere with friends and meetings .

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini for Studies and opinions

This test is by Nielsen “State of the Media: The Social Media Report“ and underlines how the Italians spend on blogs and social networks nearly a third of the entire time spent online. Here we have 21 million Facebook users, who has a lion’s share, 70% of the total of surfers.

This could underline a use of internet connected to the need of social meetings, in a moment when the accelerated work rhythm levels less and less time for relationships. In fact the average age us the social media users is all but teenage, it is mostly people of working age  with   43% of users over  35years of age and more usually  male ( 46% are women and 53 % men).
The use of  Smartphones for converting to social media is rapidly increasing ,they are the third application after games  and maps. The influence of  social media on business is also increasing, regarding sales and in terms of consumer orientation.
In other words the real word is full of worries and bad news, the virtual word seems to resemble more and more a warm corner.

The Cancello Nero vineyard is beautiful once again

Written By Donatella Cinelli Colombini for the vine and the cellar

Fattoria del Colle impianto Cancello Nero

Fattoria del Colle impianto Cancello Nero

The  “Cancello Nero” Vineyard, the best at Fattoria del Colle, is returning to its old glory. A few days ago the grape growers captained by Efisio Luche have planted the poles which will hold the steel wires were the vines will grow.

This is job seems easy but it is not so. In fact the aesthetics want the poles to be well aligned, from whichever angle one is looking at the vineyard. This is only way to give the vine covered hills a harmonious aspect, in that agrees with the surrounding countryside. Read more…

Women like more expensive wines

The price of wine influences men less than women. Its seems that women, on the other hand, find a more expensive wine nicer

By Bonella Ciacci and Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Vinitaly Donne del vino

Vinitaly Donne del vino

This is the result of a survey published by “Journal of Wine Economics” (2011,VI, n°1, pp 111-121) based on an experiment carried by Johan Almenberg and Anna Dreber respectively of the Ministry of Finance and of the Institute of Financial Research in Stockholm on 135 students and researchers of the universities of Boston, Cambridge and Massachusetts, a sample, which according to the experts, seemed representative of consumers with a low-medium wine culture.
The two researchers have served a wine costing 40 $ during 3 tastings: a blind tasting, a tasting where the price was known, and a tasting where the price of the wine was given afterwards. At the end of every tasting the “cavies” expressed their judgment regarding the quality.
At the end it resulted that the men maintained their opinion even after knowing the price of the wine, and in fact, reacted to the news in a critical way, as if to say < < at this price it ought to have been better>>.
Women on the contrary gave a different result. In the blind tasting their

bicchieri da degustazione

Wine tasting glasses

appreciation was modest, when they were told that is was an expensive wine they found it good, and this piece of information positively influenced their evaluation even when they were told after the tasting.
In other words when the consumer’s appreciation is not based on sure criteria the price plays a fundamental role: the higher the price the better the wine seems, especially for the non experts and especially to women.

The Brunello 2007 is just born

Brunello di Montalcino and other wines

Brunello becomes Brunello at midnight of new years eve. Let me explain

Old vineyard Casato Prime Donne

Old vineyard Casato Prime Donnebetter: the red wine produced with Sangiovese grapes in Montalcino , then vinified, aged in barrel and refined in bottle according to the rules, become Brunello at midnight of January 1st of the 5th year after the harvest.

So the new Brunello is just born. In this case it is an extraordinary harvest: vintage 2007 – five stars, where the grapes reached a level of perfection never seen before.

Let me tell you how the climate was in 2007, and why it brought to the production of such wonderful grapes. That year the winter never arrived. In Tuscany it seemed as though one was in Sicily and it was possible to eat out of doors even in January. The rainfalls arrived in Spring. During the summer regardless of a few days of heat wave , the temperatures were quite normal, with some storms that occasionally reduced the temperature and helped the vine’s vegetative cycle. Read more…

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