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Which is best Brunello 2006 or 2007?

 Brunello di Montalcino and other wines

Sangiovese cluster

Sangiovese cluster



At Casato Prime Donne surely 2007, thanks to the new vineyards that have now reached maturity in the amount produced and the quality They are, however, two extraordinary harvests, one after the other, which is really very rare in Brunello‘s history. Both with a 5 star rating, yet two harvest very different one from the other.

It’s worthwhile examining them so as to understand what they have in common and how the best Sangiovese grapes in Montalcino can come from very different situations, so that there cannot be a precise recipe as there is in the kitchen, but how then can be, on the other hand, some natural circumstances which when they coincided must be understood and made the most of by the grape pickers and wine makers.

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Fattoria del Colle – the cat pound

Life on a farm

Everybody knows of kennels, but at Fattoria del Colle we have a cat pound.

Fattoria - the black cat

Fattoria - the black cat

It’s in front of the historic cellar, inside going towards the courtyard. There are some very old large oil pitchers in terracotta and above them are three cat homes, and dishes with their special cat food..


At Fattoria  del Colle there are three black cats and one white, she is very ferocious, a real panther who scratches even the dogs who pass by. Read more…

The Grand Duke’s Bedroom

This story is about the most beautiful and romantic rooms at Fattoria del Colle, the “Camera del Granduca”. Pietro Leopoldo d’Asburgo Lorena was the greatest Tuscan sovereign.




Fattoria del Colle "Camera del Granduca"

Fattoria del Colle "Camera del Granduca"





By Donatella

With the end of the Medici family, he became Grand Duke when very young and he moved to Florence. During the next 25 years he transformed Tuscany into an efficient state, that was rich, with no illiteracy, with a health system, where women had the right to vote and where the death penalty was abolished (1786), this was the first state in the world to do so.
Regardless though of his many good points Pietro Leopoldo had one defect. He was a great womanizer. It seems, that his wife Maria Ludovica di Borbone, daughter of the King of Spain, while travelling across Florence in their horse and cart would say to her 16 children  <<wave , wave to those children……..they might be your brothers and sisters >>.

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The 7 doves become 8

Do you remember the wine “Il Drago e le 7 colombe”? With the arrival of Valèrie Lavigne, the all female staff of Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wineries grows. The doves taking flight, symbol of the “Prime Donne” Project, are now 8.

The 8 doves

The 8 doves

But who is the dragon?It’s Carlo Gardini. He arrived three years ago and is Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s husband. At the beginning his sectors were finance and the estate restaurant, but since last year Carlo is protagonist of wine projects with the creation of a passito and more recently of a Vin Santo “occhio di pernice” which however will be available for tasting in a few years time. Read more…

The bottles commemorating the Unification of Italy reach Siena

Here is “UNA” the wine dedicated to the unification of Italy. The two






UNA bottiglie dell'Unità d'Italia






bottles, one of red wine and one of white, contain small amounts of wine obtained from 40 autochthonous grape varieties 40 from our country, two per region. For Tuscany the variety chosen was Sangiovese and the wine used was Brunello di Montalcino

The wines celebrating the Unification of Italy are consequently a summary, or a blend as the winemakers may say, which symbolically unites the Italian vine growing world. Read more…

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