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Homemade “Cult wine”

In the East Village in NY in an apartment of about 50 m2 the first domestic winery was born, created in the home of a young engineer of Italian origin

Willage winery club

Willage winery club

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini Brunello Casato Prime Donne

I read about this in “Gambero rosso”, the article regards an engineer of Sicilian origin who lives in the East Village in New York and is called Matthew Baldassano. At a first glance it resembles an urban winery like others in London and in Canada but, in this case it is a flat where the up and coming winemaker lives usually, plus the production aims high , it aims at becoming a  “cult wine” , term usually used to indicate wines with a high price and great image such as, to quote Wikipedia <<for example, Screaming Eagle from California and Penfolds Grange from Australia, among many others ….Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Latour, Château Margaux, Château Haut-Brion, and Château Mouton Rothschild>>.

Mattehew Baldassano Village Winery club

Mattehew Baldassano Village Winery club

And here on the contrary the concept of cult is turned over. The value given to the wine does not come from the Robert Parker rating or from the vineyards as for Romanée Conti and neither from the prestige of an historic name such as Frescobaldi, but from the fact that the consumers of these bottles personally take part in its production. This is how Baldassano created the “Village Winery Club” and twice a year he buys grapes from California and Chile (petite Syrah, Cabernet and Zinfandel) and invites people to participate via his  Facebook page <<Tempus Est Iam For those who want to get involved in the‪#‎urbanwinemovement>> is what he wrote on September 16th last. The Village Winery Club has more than 100 members and to participate costs 200$. Read more…

What is virtual is not always true

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A short film on YouTube to show how social media help you to be more popular, even through lies. Is this true also for hotels and country inns?

Seen for you by Bonella Ciacci

"What's on your mind" video

"What's on your mind" video

A few days ago I came across an article online by Internazionale  which talks about a short film which is greatly clicked on YouTube (7 million visualizations up to today). The director Shaun Higton tells the story of a man that lives a sad life, who gets even sadder looking at the photos of his friends on Facebook, who seem to live idyllic lives. So he begins to pretend, taking misleading photos and posting comments which tell the opposite of what is really happening. For example when with his car he gets to the top of a hill near the city, and then in his jogging gear he takes a photo of himself pretending to have just done a long but satisfying run.

From here the consideration: how much is the online reputation important for companies? And more importantly for hotels, and restaurants, who must respect, among the main requirements of the guests, their appearance and what the promise to give to the guests? For example at the end of May An article that appeared in many newspapers among which also La Stampa, regarding an inquiry by the Antitrust on the ratings in the famous website TripAdvisor. Read more…

The Italians are first on Facebook

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Italians and Brazilians are the major users of social media in the world. They beat the Americans (86% Italy 79% USA) because  probably they are more used to communicating, in other words they are looking, in the virtual world , for a village atmosphere with friends and meetings .

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini for Studies and opinions

This test is by Nielsen “State of the Media: The Social Media Report“ and underlines how the Italians spend on blogs and social networks nearly a third of the entire time spent online. Here we have 21 million Facebook users, who has a lion’s share, 70% of the total of surfers.

This could underline a use of internet connected to the need of social meetings, in a moment when the accelerated work rhythm levels less and less time for relationships. In fact the average age us the social media users is all but teenage, it is mostly people of working age  with   43% of users over  35years of age and more usually  male ( 46% are women and 53 % men).
The use of  Smartphones for converting to social media is rapidly increasing ,they are the third application after games  and maps. The influence of  social media on business is also increasing, regarding sales and in terms of consumer orientation.
In other words the real word is full of worries and bad news, the virtual word seems to resemble more and more a warm corner.

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