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Why getting married at Fattoria del Colle is best

We have organized weddings for world champions, film producers, and people from high finance coming from 16 different nations … and they all said that <<getting married at Colle is the best>>

By Sara Mazzeschi, Fattoria del Colle

Wedding at fattoria del Colle

Wedding at fattoria del Colle

This is because at the table there is Brunello with other wines that receive International prizes, because the cutting of the cake takes place in the woods with lighting by the set designer of “4 weddings and a funeral”, because the honeymoon is spent in the bedroom that once belonged to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, because the panoramas are the most beautiful in the world and because Fattoria del Colle is an authentic place, with more than 400 years of noble history and a wedding needs a true frame , true like the love that united the bride and groom.

I have been to many ceremonies all over Italy but I must say that getting married in Tuscany is unbeatable. In fact, with figures in hand, it is the most sought after destination, villas, castles and farmhouses are all possible locations, and they are springing up like mushrooms. Fattoria del Colle, in South of Siena, where I organize weddings, has in the past seen dozens of couples ask for perfection for their Day and never has this magic place disappointed them. Buy why choose it? Why is getting married here best? Read more…

A mouth of truth in Tuscany like in Rome

At the Fattoria del Colle, a working farm and hotel situated in Tuscany overlooking the Val d’Orcia, there is an Enchanted Wood with specially named and themed trees, the one named the Truth tree also has a mouth

The mouth of the Tree of Truth – Fattoria del Colle

Right in front of the sixteenth century villa of the Fattoria del Colle, there is a path which leads to a magical forest where very special trees grow. The Ringing Tree which rings bells by pulling their strings, the Tree of Fear with fearsome chains, blood and pumpkins at Halloween, the Tree of lies with Pinocchio’s red nose

… Then there is the Tree of Truth with a bow to celebrate the birth of a baby and a funeral cross, the only two things which everyone can accept as being the truth: birth and death.

For some days next to this tree there is the mouth of truth with a lion ready to

The Mouth of Truth – the Tree of Vanity

eat the fingers of those who lie.

Would you like to try?

The Enchanted Forest is a place where a natural playground and traditional culture have been intertwined and reproduced , sending strong messages to all who venture there. In short, it is not only a place for kids to play. In fact the Kissing Tree has a seat under the mistletoe and lots of rings where lovers can attach padlocks indicating the strength of their love. This romantic location is perhaps one of the reasons why Fattoria del Colle hosts many weddings and wedding banquets.

Mouth of Truth-Tree of vanity

Mouth of Truth-Tree of vanity

In this working Farm and hotel there are individual villas, apartments and rooms to rent, 3 swimming pools, a restaurant and wonderful grounds. There is even a special Honeymoon room for the newly married couple. It was originally created for the Granduke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo of Habsburg and his lover Isabella, and it has

Mouth-of-truth –Tree of Envy

wonderful views of the stunning landscape which surrounds the farm.

Seen to you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini


Wedding in Tuscany, today it is in the wine cellar

The new trend for weddings in the wine cellar has convinced Donatella Cinelli Colombini to take on the role of  “Wedding planner”,  she has thus created two proposal made to measure for couples who adore great red wines and the countryside.

Wine wedding, Casato Prime Donne, Montalcino

Wine wedding, Casato Prime Donne, Montalcino

Getting married among the barrels is now fashionable all over the world. There are travel agencies specialized in this type of events, especially in the States but also in New Zealand and obviously in France. Here in Italy it expresses the couple’s desire for a ceremony which is not mass-produced, more in contact with nature but still very refined, in a way a means to feeling a noble wine producer for a day. What Donatella Cinelli Colombini proposes in her Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino is a real wine feast: a “divine” wine wedding where the whole structure is available for the wedding couple. Vineyards as a photographic set, aperitif among the barrels where the Brunello di Montalcino ages, lunch with wine tasting with 6 red wines from great vintages and silver chandeliers, cutting of the wedding cake with dancing in the fermentation area where the stainless steel is softened with the tulle nettings with a definitely trendy effect. Refined and unusual, most of all exclusive and intimate with less than fifty guests who are decidedly demanding.

Country Wedding, Fattoria del Colle, Trequanda

Country Wedding, Fattoria del Colle, Trequanda

The “Country wedding” for the nature lovers is programmed at Fattoria del Colle in southern Chianti. Here the number of guests grows and the atmosphere is more informal and the cost is decidedly inferior. Chequered tablecloths with lace trimmings, folk music, and traditional food such as hand made pappardelle and tagliata di bue chianino. At the table we serve Chianti Superiore and Doc Orcia Cenerentola. The 16th century villa, the chapel, the parks, the lawns, and especially the panoramic veranda and the wine cellar with its oak barrels all create a perfect frame for an unforgettable celebration.

Matrimonio nel bosco dei giochi antichi

Matrimonio nel bosco dei giochi antichi

For the more demanding there is even the possibility of having a Brunello with the wedding couples names to give as a favor for the guests.
The bedroom built as a lovers nest by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo for his lover Isabella, awaits the wedding couple for their honeymoon. Its ceiling has frescoes and all the furniture is antique. Here the couple can have a toast at the end of a fairytale day.
In Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s estates we have had several important people getting married, sports champions, film-makers, TV journalists, architects whose studios are at the top of the world ratings, and chef from very well know restaurants. We have had orthodox and protestant weddings, even some “solemn promises”, promises of love with no legal significance. The wedding couple and the guests arrive from all over the world – in one occasion there were guest of 27 different nationalities – and they use the Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda to get both families to meet. Many guests come back and all, upon leaving, write in the quotation book the same thing “Thank you, the wedding was better than we had ever dreamt”.

Casato Prime Donne – Montalcino,
Fattoria del Colle – Trequanda
Alessia Bianchi
0577 662108


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