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Women’s wine according to Jancis Robinson

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The most famous Master of Wine Jancis Robinson asks <<Do women and men have a different relationship with wine? >> and her answers leave you speachless

Jancis Robinson MW

Jancis Robinson MW

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini. 

You might be thinking about a woman’s magazine? No, the article appeared in the “Financial Times” the newspaper for bankers, the finance that matters and great entrepreneurs! And it is a milestone. I invite everyone to read it, especially the boys. <<when a man chooses a bottle to serve at home he asks himself – is it expensive enough for my boss/client/friend? A woman instead asks herself – will we enjoy drinking it together?>> It’s so true. It is a truth that is before everyone’s eyes, women are pragmatic. But it is the next part that really surprises <<women have superior tasting abilities to men, performing more precisely and consistently in experiments>> literally women are more capable than men in tasting, they are more careful/accurate and more experimenters. Read more…

After the master of wine and the master sommelier here is the Royal in law

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The attractive Pippa Middleton sister of Kate the future Queen of England and sister-in-law to Prince William has successfully passed the exam at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust



Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Sometimes changes occur also thanks to those symbolic personalities that give them an image and a story. Trends that are born spontaneously reflecting necessities that were already in the air. This is quite the case with Pippa Middleton who has successfully followed an advanced course regarding wine organized by WEST – Wine and Spirit Education Trust << a professional course for those who want to organize events or those who want to become a sommelier >> explained the most famous sister-in-law in the world, who has followed the course for a role in the “The Spectator” magazine where she works and that has an excellent wine club. Pippa has consequent a great interest in wine and has tried to develop it even through some misadventures. In the article by The Drinks Business which tells this story, tells of how she had to enter furtively the wine store below her office because of all the paparazzi that constantly follow her <<it could have been quite embarrassing to be photographed while I was wandering around a wine store many times in the afternoon >>. Tenacious and artful she is! Read more…

UK, USA, Canada, here is the windows for our Brunello 2009

The feeling is that of being in the emergent part of Montalcino, the coolest one, which has received the biggest benefits from the global warming and which expresses itself with elegant Brunellos.



Brunello wines are greatly appreciated abroad, especially in those countries where wine lovers use to drink bottles coming from the major French Chateau, and prefer those Italian wines with a great harmony and a very long aftertaste.
Casato Prime Donne Brunello belongs to this type of wine: evidence of ripe fruit with soft tannins, roundness and imperceptible but excellent wood.

At the moment our Brunellos from Casato Prime Donne and Orcia DOC wines and Chianti from Fattoria del Colle are at ProWein, the big wine fair in Dusseldorf, where Violante is waiting for importers and experts inside Hall 3, position L51, together with Tuscan wines.

The feedbacks we receive from the market and from experts fill us with satisfaction.
Read more…

Jancis Robinson magazine gives recognition to the Brunello 2008

Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Brunello 2008 among the three preferred by Jancis Robinson super taster and obtains 17,5 points out of 20

Jancis Robinson for her magazine

Jancis Robinson

The European ratings are expressed out of 20 and not out of 100 as is done in the US, plus they are much more rigid so to achieve 16 or 17 is a first rate outcome. So a vast amount of the 230 Brunello tasted by the super taster Walter Speller – a sort of 007 at the service of Her Majesty Jancis Robinson, queen of the wine experts – have reached this excellent result.
Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Brunello 2008 rates higher with its 17,5 points, third in his podium. This is his description <<Lacklustre mid ruby with orange rim. Sweet and concentrated and quite closed at the same time. Hint of leather. Chewy tannin framing fresh cherry fruit. Muscular and yet not heavy. (WS)>>.
The rating for the Brunello 2008 Prime Donne is wonderful too 16,5/20 and good for the Brunello Riserva 2007 which obtains 16/20. Read more…

Rating of the most powerful women in wine in the world

No Italians among the top 10 chosen by the magazine “The Drinks Business”. On the podium Gina Gallo, Jancis Robinson and Annette Alvarez Peters

 Gina Gallo with her husband Boisset

Gina Gallo with her husband Boisset

Gina Gallo, the heir and technical director of the Gallo winery, is the most powerful woman in wine in the world. If the influence that comes from the billion bottles produced per year, then there is the husband, great French wine Jean-Charles Boisset. Together they make up one of the most formidable wine couples ever seen.
In second position of “The Drinks Business” list is Jancis Robinson the English Master of Wine. Tireless and with unquestioned authoritativeness Jancis has a column in the “Financial Times” and an intense activity on the web. Only on twitter she has 160.000 followers. Next step down on the podium we find Annette Alvarez Peters head buyer for Costco the major French quality wine importer in USA and fifth American retailer with a billion in purchases per year.
Following are Philippine de Rothschild from Chateaux Mouton, Lalou Bize-Leroy the great dame from Bourgogne, Danièle Ricard President of Pernod Ricard, the second company in the world for beverages. Read more…

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