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Our unbeatable Wine Tours

A perfect blend of excellent wines, art and captivating activities: these are the wine tours at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda and Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino


Wine Tour – Brunello 2010 – Donatella Cinelli Colombini

By Alice Bracciali, Fattoria del Colle

Our key words are authenticity and excellence.  Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s ancestors were already owners of Fattoria del Colle and Casato Prime Donne at the end of the 16th century; these are today open to the public for guided tastings and wine tours.

Our proposals give one the possibility of tasting wines that win International awards and the possibility of learning family history and stories together with other small wine making secrets: during the itinerant tastings in fact you will be guided to discover the most hidden corners of these two historical estates. Among the tours, some of which are very suggestive and fascinating, such as “Let’s play winemaker” and the “Wine and Music tasting”, which are absolute novelties and enrich our portfolio of activities in a curious and captivating way. Read more…

The Prime Donne project and femininity among the barrels



The most important project at Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wineries is dedicated to women and is finalized at increasing their dignity and their role in the wine world.

The Prime Donne project is made up of four parts: the Casato Prime Donne winery, the first in Italy with an all female staff, created so as to demonstrate that great wines don’t need big muscles but intelligence, tenacity and passion, things of which women have more than enough of. Read more…

Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne Award 2012 to Maria Carmela Lanzetta

Maria Carmela Lanzetta, the italian mayor who has resisted organized crime, is the Prima Donna 2012

The Casato Prime Donne Award that every years chooses an emblem tic woman, will be awarded on September 15th 2012 in Montalcino, to the Mayor of Monasterace, the woman who is a symbol of civil courage and resistance to organized crime through applying the “Regole per un Paese Normale”



Maria Carmela Lanzetta reached the National headlines last spring when she decide to maintain the role as mayor after her family owned chemist shop was set fire to, and after repeated threats which finished with three rifle shots on her Fiat Panda. She had resigned, but when the citizens and the institutions rallied around her headed by the Ministro dell’Interno Annamaria Cancellieri, she then decided to maintain her position.
It is because of her courage and her civil commitment that the Jury of the “Casato Prime Donne” award – Francesca Cinelli Colombini, Rosy Bindi, Anselma Dell’Olio, Anna Pesenti, Stefania Rossini, Anna Scafuri and Daniela Viglione – chooses her a san example of new femininity.
On the phone Maria Carmela Lanzetta commented <<I really did not expert this award, but I am very happy to receive it, a sit come s from a land which I love and where often I go on holiday>>.

After the stylist Carla Fendi, the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the



Olympic athlete Josefa Idem, the scientist Ilaria Capua the list of past winners of the Casato Prime Donne award is now richer with a personality symbol of resistance to organized crime.
These women who have received the award, in different ways represent the female universe which is expanding, where talent, tenacity and courage are often put to the service of society. An indispensable contribution , that from women, for civil, cultural, and economic growth, but most of all for the virtuous dynamics which comes about and which the “Prime Donne” in Montalcino interpret at the highest level.

The award is organized by Donatella Cinelli Colombini and her Brunello producing winery of which it bears the name, Casato Prime Donne. This is the first winery in Italy with an all female staff born to emphasize women’s potential in the wine world.


Josefa Idem our Prima Donna now at Olympic Games in London

In 2008 Josefa Idem won the Olympic silver medal and the Casato Prime Donne award where she promised that she would take part in the next Olympic Games in London, and she will be there



She is 48 years of age, an age that for agonist sport is quite prohibitive. Yet she is preparing her Olympics with the determination of those who want to get on the podium. Fantastic Josefa! She is an emblem for those women who are scared of the passing of time.

She has two sons and a husband Guglielmo Guerrini with whom she celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary at Fattoria del Colle . << It’s the first holiday we have had without Janek and Jonas, just us two without our sons>> she told us. She is the female athlete who has participated in the most Olympic Games and the Italian athlete with most medals. The amazing thing is that she is not only a canoist. She is councillor for sport for the municipality of Ravenna and with publicity she sustains Emergency and research into multiple sclerosis, she is a phenomenon in sport and in life.

She came to Montalcino in 2008 to receive the Casato Prime Donne award which every year crowns women who stand out a san example or because they have been of help to other women. Her quotation positioned at the beginning of a path that goes through the vineyards is an inn to courage.

Water and wine-Stefano Carlucci

Water and wine-Stefano Carlucci

<< Motivation means knocking down mental barriers, overcoming our own limits, achieving the ability to best express ourselves. Only by putting ourselves on the line can we understand what we are truly capable of doing. Even at the price of failure, trying is still worthwhile. Thanks to this attitude, I find the courage to state that nothing is impossible.  See you in London 2012>>

Josefa Idem

Josefa Idem

At that time it seemed quite a quip. Nobody imagined that she would really have made it to the London Olympic Games at 48 years of age, but she’s going and she is aiming ad the podium. Come on Josefa, all of us here in Brunello are cheering for you!

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini


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