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November 4-8, Merano Wein Festival

In the most exclusive wine tasting in Italy we too will be present with 5 awarded wines among which the two Brunello 2012 previews, each with a gold medal

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini 



Merano Wine Festival for the last 25 years has been the appointment not to be missed for those who work with or love high quality wines, because those invited to participate are only the best wineries and the best wines. The organizer Helmuth Köcher was born in Merano, he has a degree in Political Sciences taken in  Innsbruck, he often wears black and has a strong personality; he is practically a myth for his unlimited competence regarding wine and food excellencies from all over the world.IT is he together with two friends who have created in 1992 the GourmetClub Alto Adige and the

Brunello di Montalcino 2012 DonatellaCinelliColombini

Brunello di Montalcino 2012 DonatellaCinelliColombini

Merano WineFestival, first Italian event to accept only producers of high quality wines. Today next to the wines are served also oil, grappa and other foods, also from abroad and from 100 Italian high end gastronomy. Read more…

The cities where they drink more wine

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Paris uncorks 697 millions of bottles per year, in second place there is Buenos Aires followed by Ruhr metropolitan area in Germany

By Donatella Cinelli ColombiniMontalcinoCasato Prime Donne

Paris is the city where they drink more wine

Paris is the city where they drink more wine

Among the cities where they drink more wine in the world 3 are Italians: Milan, Naples and Rome. Milan is in 4th position overall with 301 million bottles. Naples surprisingly beats Rome with 188 million bottles and places 8th in the world, while the Eternal City stops at 177 million bottles. The real surprise comes by comparing these numbers with the inhabitants and tourists for each city. In fact Rome is definitely the most densely populated among them, with over 8,5 million people, while Milan doesn’t reach 1,5 million and Naples is under 1 million.

To that we need to add the tourists, notoriously big fans of Italian cuisine, that gladly indulge in wine tastings and shopping, to the point where one out of two usually goes home with an Italian bottle in their luggage.

In the ranking of the most visited Italian cities, Rome (with 8.780 million arrivals)

Naples is the city that "drinks" more wine in Italy

Naples is the city that “drinks” more wine in Italy

dominates over Milan (6.050.000) that gets second place and we find Naples only in 9th place. So, overall, the study carried out by the Isneec Wine & Spirit Insitute business school on the data collected by OIV leaves us a little perplexed.

It reminds us of the study carried out a few years ago on the “Nations with the highest wine consumption per person”, that saw on the first place of the ranking the Vatican City, unleashing the most blasphemous comments on the usage of wine during Mass. Actually, at least in that case, the ratio between the 800 residents and the tourists’ wine consumption easily explained the statistics. Read more…

Onions soup (zuppa di cipolle) from Isabella

Isabella Monguzzi has a wine store in Milano called Vincanto but her real passion is coking. She gifts us with her secret onion soup recipe

Onion soup and Rosa di Tetto IGT

Onion soup and Rosa di Tetto IGT

Cooking in your home kitchen, if done cleverly, can reach excellent levels with poor ingredients and a little time at your disposal.

This soup is a perfect example; it is a dish fit for a king but it takes less than one hour to prepare. It must be matched with an important white or rosé wine such as the IGT Sanchimento and Rosa di Tetto 2012 from Fattoria del Colle, which are intense, and rich in aroma.

Two words regarding Isabella Monguzzi, she is a young woman full of courage who has succeeded in reinventing herself starting from her passion for wine. She hates things that are commonplace and she is constantly dedicated to finding labels still undiscovered, in fact quite a wine talent scout with great nose and imaginativeness. Go to Vincanto, she will surprise you.

Read more…

2012 Tourism with spendthrift foreigners especially Russians

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Lost 11 million touristic presences in Italy, fewer rooms filled in hotel but there is an increase in spending by non European tourists.

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini



There are few certainties for Italian tourism were the non registered nights seem to be, according to ISTAT, 56%ofte total and in  Puglia they would even multiply by 6 the official number. A situation which make any evaluation doubtful and especially makes a credible projection for the future impossible, but Trademark, the major Italian institute for surveys, tries all the same concluding with a situation full of light and shadows.

The first negative element is the amount spent on promotion: summing up all the expenses of all the regions we obtain an amount that is double that invested in Spain, three times as much as what is spent in France and 10 times the USA budget. But if only it were of some use! In fact though it results as being a  << conceited exhibition that goes on since 1970 … waist, double expenses, false buyers, false educational trips, mess ups ….>> as they are descried by Aureliano Bonini from Trademark who brings attention to the large number of politic delegations who go abroad. Read more…

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