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Screw cap .Gianluca Morino interviewed for you

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Screw caps in wine bottles: for many in Italy this is still taboo. Gianluca Morino, producer from Nizza Monferrato, has been interviewed and he has a different opinion.

Seen for you by Bonella Ciacci

Gianluca Morino,

Gianluca Morino,

I discover by chance, after following him on Twitter and Facebook, that Gianluca Morino, wine producer from Castel Boglione (AT), 43 years old, with a passion for Barbera and Brachetto, is a convinced sustainers of screw caps or Stelvin, and he uses them. As I come from an area in Tuscany where great wines are made such as Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, where just pronouncing the name of this bottles closure is heresy, I get curious, and from this curiosity comes my interview for the producer from Piemonte, another land of great Italian red wines, who challenges tradition.
Gianluca Morino is president of the Associazione Produttori della Barbera d’Asti superiore Nizza. He is an impassioned innovator, he believes in the importance of all that is digital for the economic development of farming estates; he divulges values and beauty of his territory, with the help of the web he is getting wine lovers, journalists and importers from al lover the world to get to know Barbera and Nizza, In 2011 he created #barbera2; in 2013 he created the round table #digitalbarbera.

Bonella Ciacci – In the world of wine producers you are an innovator, you have changed the way wine and a winery are talked about, and even regarding the subject of corks, you seem



to be in step with times. When did you begin to use screw caps?
Gianluca Morino – I have always believed strongly that wine needs to conquer the position that is its due. And to do this thee is a need for innovation in communication to invert the route. I began using the screw cap 2 years ago for a range of three red wines called Vera, in honour of my daughter Veronica. A Dolcetto, a Merlot and a Barbera vinified in steel to exalt the fruit and drinkability that I wish to prepare for the tables of my consumers. It’s for this reason that I have chosen the screw cap, to be sure to have well safe all the work and all the investments that go into producing a wine.
It is not possible to imagine the rotation of a bottle of wine and for how long the consumer will keep it in his cellar before drinking it. In this aspect I am more than sure, because I am firmly convinced that the screw cap is perfect also for wines that must age in the bottle. Read more…

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