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Wine tours, the winery, and strange questions

Tour after tour, year after year, the questions asked by visitors have been many, and some, sometimes …quite strange!

Wine tours at Casato Prime Donne, Montalcino

Wine tours at Casato Prime Donne, Montalcino

By Sara MazzeschiFattoria del Colle

One of the fun aspects of my job at Fattoria del Colle is the time I spend with guests visiting the estate. Be it here or at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino it is really nice to show experts or wine lovers where we produce and age the Chianti, Doc Orcia and Brunello.

I have always thought that telling people what is “behind”  a bottle of wine, the challenges, the decisions and everything else that brings to a quality wine , to be the most important aspect of my job, that is why I am always happy to see the curious expressions of those following me and to hear their questions. It must be said though that there is no limit to what I have been asked,  every time I think that I have heard the best then a young bright lad or a professor lifts his glasses to look at me all the better… and I remain speechless. Read more…

Orcia, the most tourist attracting wine region in Italy

In the wonderful land of DOC Orcia wine, the most beautiful wine in the world, 65% of the wineries have a restaurant or a country inn


Orcia Doc, Fattoria del Colle

Orcia Doc, Fattoria del Colle

The territory where the Orcia wine is born, south of Siena, is between the Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano wine regions, and is considered the most beautiful wine district in the world. Part of it is a Unesco world heritage site and it contains 13 municipalities, all rich in art and history, as well as thermal spa centres such as Bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo, San Casciano dei Bagni and Chianciano Terme.

So the Orcia DOC wines come from a paradise like landscape that attracts tourists from all over the world. For this reason the Consorzio del vino Orcia has wanted to verify how many of its wineries are open to tourism. The result is extraordinary  65% of the wineries has a country inn or restaurant  <<In other words Orcia is the most touristic wine region in Italy>> said Donatella Cinelli Colombini president of the Consorzio.

Orcia Cenerentola with Roasted duck breast

Orcia Cenerentola with Roasted duck breast

The 13 municipalities of the wine region receive every year more than 1 million tourists and about the same excursionists, those who visit daily.  Also many foreign tourists own a second home in this area. Tourism is a strong source of finance in this area. This economy is intertwined with wine because the wine and food offer is perceived as an important component of the cultural exponent. In other words wine tasting, like a tour to an abbey, enriches the visitors with emotions and knowledge and is enjoyed with the same amount of interest. Read more…

Grappa di Cenerentola and the fairytale has a new flavour

Cenerentola Doc Orcia is Violante Gardini’s favourite wine (Cinellicolombini Jr); she has hence created a grappa in small bottles quite apt for young princesses   


CENERENTOLA GRAPPA and shapper bag

<< I am a great romantic and the Cinderella fairytale always made me dream, also the Cenerentola wine is the one I love most, for this reason I have created a young grappa from one grape variety dressing it like a princess, elegant and trendy>> says Violante when talking about her first marketing project for 600 small but very refined bottles of Grappa di Cenerentola.

First of all the grappa:  one must remember that it comes from the distillation of the grape-skins extracted from the vats and pressed, when the fermentation is finished and the wine is racked into another container. Violante has used the Foglia Tonda skins, a local autochthonous variety o grapes from the Siena region used only for the production of the ’Orcia Doc “Cenerentola”. She has chosen the   “Distillerie Alboni Srl” for the distillation, a small artisanal workshop in Mensanello, near Colle Val d’Elsa, so quite close and where the grape skins reach still warm.   The facility uses the discontinuous system with vapour from two boilers and a still where everything is done manually and the process is very long.




<<I only had 120 litres of grappa but it was precisely for this reason, the exceptional quality  of this brandy distilled product obtained from a rare and old grape variety, Foglia Tonda, of which  Fattoria del Colle is the major producer, that I had the idea of a challenge. A new type of packaging: a very small 20 c bottle, like perfume, pace in a shiny black mini-shopper-bag, Like those we young women use to go to the beach with our friends>> Read more…

The Leone Rosso 2011 by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Few small clusters of Merlot and Sangiovese for an Orcia Doc Leone Rosso wine, in the 2011 vintage, the earliest and quickest one can remember

Leone Rosso 2011 Orcia DOC Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Leone Rosso 2011 Orcia DOC Donatella Cinelli Colombini

On September 26th all of the grapes had been picked and the cellar master Barbara Magnani was involved in a very delicate fermentation process. The grapes had ripened very quickly compressing into less than two month the colouring of the grapes and the harvest. This quickening of the process was induced by the African heat wave that began halfway through August and that had dried the grapes and reduced when more the already scant amount of grapes.

The rampant lion with a sphere in his right paw is the blazon belonging to Claudio Socini who, in 1592 built Fattoria del Colle. The emblem of this Sienese family can be seen on the entrance portal and also in the hall of coat of arms  in the villa, in the Chapel and in the Trequanda parish church above the Ascension painted by Antonio Bazzi called Sodoma.

In truth the Socini family lost Fattoria dl Colle just after having built it because of the “free thinker” ideas of 5 of its members, closer to the protestants rather than to the Pope. It was mostly the writings by Lelio (1525-1562) and Fausto (1539-1604) against the trinity that caused the excommunication and the confiscation of their properties. Fattoria del Colle was then, by chance, bought back by their descendent Livio Socini in 1919.

To these ancestor Donatella Cinelli Colombini has dedicated the wine Leone Rosso which is produced with the grapes from Fattoria del Colle.

Type: dry red.

Production area: Toscana, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle

Vintage characteristics: very rainy winter and spring. From mid August a torrid period with day and night temperatures between 35-40°C. Ripening very accelerated and harvest time anticipated and rapid because of the reduced amount of grapes.

Grape type: Sangiovese 60%, Merlot 40%. Read more…

New year at Fattoria del Colle as a couple or with friends

Relaxation and great wines, massages and guided winery tours, dinners and vinotherapy, cookery lessons to lean the local cuisine, this is what  will be waiting for you at fattoria del Colle

New Year 2012 Fattoria del Colle sala liberty

New Year 2012 Fattoria del Colle sala liberty

Fattoria del Colle is in a corner of Tuscanystill miraculously intact, it is practically a small hamlet surrounding a chapel and  a villa from the 16th century. There are rooms with bathroom and apartments  (from to 2 to 14 guests) where the antique furniture adds a touch of intimacy which reminds one of our grandparents homes. A place apt for relaxation and where one can enjoy the splendid panoramas.
The main protagonist is the wine, with the vineyards around the estate and the cellar under the villa. To the  Chianti and Orcia wines produced at Fattoria del Colle must be added the Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino coming from Casato Prime Donne belonging to the same owner. Great wines to which dinners and tours will be dedicated as well as the couples bathing time in the tub for vinotherapy and the massages with products made from grapes and wine in the newest part of our wellness centre. A harmonious world of good things to be discovered in a fun and stimulating way  through many brief experiences and especially thanks to the guided and itinerant tastings.
For the New Year period enjoy friendship, nature and some gluttony!

3 romantic days as a couple € 248 per person + New Years Eve dinner 90€

Vinotherapy at Fattoria del Colle countryinn

Vinotherapy at Fattoria del Colle countryinn

2 nights in double room with bathroom and breakfast with home baked cakes, local cold cuts and  cheeses

Wellness – vinotherapy and couple massages

1 dinner with wine tasting with 4 courses and 3 wines
Guided tour of the Brunello winery and brief tasting
Itinerant tasting and tour of the historic halls at Fattoria del Colle
Cookery lesson regarding the Sienese Christmas cakes

3 days on the estate for the New year with family, friends and four-legged friends € 176 a persona + New Years Eve dinner 90€
2 nights in an apartment  (2 bedrooms 1 bathroom – 3 bedrooms -2 bathrooms) self catering
1 dinner in the restaurant at Fattoria del Colle with 4 courses and 3 wines
Two hour wellness experience with Turkish bath, sauna, sensorial shower, and mini Jacuzzi with chromotherapy
Guided tour of the Brunello winery and a brief tasting
Itinerant tasting and tour of the historic halls of  Fattoria del Colle
Cookery lesson regarding the Sienese Christmas cakes Read more…

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