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How much is Brunello worth?

The Brunello brand has an estimated value of 700 million Euro according to the Monza Chamber of Commerce, but the productive estimate of Brunello maybe is more than two billion

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini



In 2013 the business regarding the 250 producing wineries, of which 208 also bottle, was valued 165.000.000€ , a third with respect to the brand which is the engine of the local economy. A very high evaluation which finds an explanation in the diffused economy and in the value of real estate which the name Brunello brings with it. Restaurants, hotels, country inns, wine shops, travel agencies….. there are plenty in Montalcino, only thanks to Brunello. And the value of the land and the rural buildings also finds an explanation only in the brand and in the price of the bottles. Read more…

Donatella Cinelli presents her Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2011

4 stars for the hottest, earliest and quickest grape harvest that man can remember. Small clusters with small grapes all sound and equally ripe

Rosso-di-Montalcino-2011-Casato-Prime-Donne-two bottles

Rosso-di-Montalcino-2011-Casato-Prime-Donne-two bottles

The heat in August, when the temperatures were very high, during both the day and night, accelerated the ripening. This also brought forward the harvest date. The Sangiovese clusters at Casato Prime Donne were picked between the 15th and 22th of September with a scorching sun.

In the cellar the grapes were chosen with particular care on the sorting table that was especially lengthened, so as to be able to remove all the dry grapes and the bits of stems. This phase is always very important but, in 2011 it was of the upmost importance to send in the fermentation tanks only the “best” grapes. The fermentation phase also needed special care so as to maintain the typical characteristics of the Sangiovese grapes and give the future Rosso di Montalcino the equilibrium and elegance.

Type: dry red.
Production area: Tuscany, Montalcino, Casato Prime Donne.
Vintage characteristics: very rainy winter and spring. Torrid summer even though interrupted by storms and characterized by very high night temperatures. The colouring of the grapes began at the end of July, but the vines were still in vegetation half way through August when another heat wave dried the crown and accelerated the ripening.

Rosso-Montalcino-2011-bottle with walnuts

Rosso-Montalcino-2011-bottle with walnuts

Grape variety: 100% Sangiovese.
Grape harvest: the earliest and quickest man can remember. From September 15th – 20th. The grapes were and picked and reached the winery in 20 kg crates. After the first selection in the vineyard the sorting table permitted us to choose only the best grapes.
Vinification: pre-fermentation maceration was carried out so as to cool the grapes and soften the skins favouring the extraction of polyphenols. The temperature during the fermentation tended to rise so the cooling system of the vinification vats was used more than usual. The fermentation lasted 10-12 days with the must always in contact with the skins.
Quantity produced: 27.000 bottles.
Colour: intense and bright ruby red.
Aroma: rich, intense, with evident primary aromas and clear notes of ripe wood berries and spices.
Taste: harmonious, full with well balanced tannins with the fruit and alcohol. Pleasantly persistent.
Matching dishes: very versatile, well matched with tasty first courses, meats, and aged and semi aged cheeses.
Way of serving: Room temperature (18-20°C), use tulip shaped crystal wine goblets.
Home storage: reaches its maturity between the 3rd and 6th year after the harvest. Keep the bottles lying down in a cool and dark place.

Chianti and Tuscan wines’ redemption where exportation flies high

Chianti wine: 3.600 grape-growers, 15.000 hectares of vineyards, more than 100 million bottles and after years of being forgotten, finally the rebirth

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

In 24 months the export figure have gone from 40 to 70%, while the requests have picked up so much that the Consorzio del Chianti has considered anticipating the release of the new vintage in January rather than in March a sit was previously. The rebirth of the main Tuscan denomination has certainly benefitted from the positive atmosphere created by the events abroad organized by the Consorzio with Giovanni Busi as president. A true novelty for the Chianti wine, which is now organizing a road show of enormous proportions: China Japan and then the USA, Russia, Switzerland … Important steps along a path that still seems lengthy; in supermarkets in China sales start at 1,70€ per bottle while the cost on tap goes from 70 to 90 € per hectolitre. In the end, even if the bottles produced are more than 100 million, the total business is of only around 300 million Euro.

Read the article below!

Read more…

Montalcino puts out its flags for the Sagra del tordo event

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The last Sunday in October, so this year on the 28th, Montalcino always relives the era of when it was a rich medieval centre with dames, knights and archers

Montalcino-Festival of the Thush-historic-cortège

Montalcino-Festival of the Thush-historic-cortège

The Sagra del tordo (Festival of the Thrush) is for the inhabitants of Montalcino a festivity to be spent with the family. The 4 Quartieri (quarters) into which the village is divided – Borghetto, Pianello, Ruga and Travaglio- are active all year round with dinners, event for the elderly and children, exhibitions, trips and other activities for the members.

With two fixed dates, in October and in August, they recall the grandeur of the past: an historic procession through the village streets the Trescone folk dance with the dress ware of old-time farmers and the archery contest. There will also be food stalls where the housewives will be serving wonderful dishes such as Pinci (large spaghetti made with fresh pasta) which are handmade, Donzelline (fried bread dough) scottiglia di cinghiale (wild boar in a stew), roasted meet on a turnspit, Pan coi Santi and other delicacies. The quality of these dishes prepared at home is so high that it definitely is worth the trip, also because to accompany the food there are bottles of Brunello wine and Rosso di Montalcino.

So do come, you will have a wonderful time!

Events between Crete Senesi and Val d’ Orcia by Donatella Cinelli Colombini


95, 92, 90 the scores for the Brunello wines of Donatella Cinelli Colombini

In addition to the 95 points for the Brunello Riserva 2006 and being on top of the Highly Recommended list, the “Wine Spectator” also highlights and rewards the Brunello wine and the Brunello Prime Donne 2007



When Donatella Cinelli Colombini opened the “Wine Spectator” dated 30th September she found that her Brunello Riserva 2006 is the top of the “Spectator selections”. This is her dream come true. Every manufacturer hopes to see her wine in that magical place at least once in her career and Donatella has now achieved it.

But there was also other good news, a few pages later she found that her Brunello 2007 Prime Donne had been awarded 92 points and that her Brunello 2007 had received 90 points. What a wonderful result! The descriptions of these two wines were written by Bruce Sanderson, director of the “Tasting department” of this prestigious American magazine.

Here is what he wrote:

92 Brunello di Montalcino Prime Donne 2007. A powerful version characterized by flavours of cherries, plums and tobacco with a hint of juniperBruce-Sanderson_Wine-Spectator and mint. Dense tannins are interrupted in the final tastes of this wine by the sweetness of the fruit mixed together with a subtle spicy edge. This wine will be at its best between 2014 and 2027

90 Brunello di Montalcino 2007. Strong and muscular, this harmonious red gives us flavours of cherries, plums, tobacco and spices, with receding tannins and finally finishing with a freshness. This wine will be at its best between 2014 and 2027.

The article continues with more positive evaluations for the Rosso di Montalcino 2009 and 2010 both of which were judged worthy of 89/100 and both are amongst the top seven of their denomination. The description of the 2010, written by Bruce Sanderson, even starts to rival the comments for the Brunello.



Here it is: This big, rich red wine has notes of cherry, plum and hints of the earth. Dense and tannic, well balanced on a large scale. Its taste ends up being dry and satisfying. This wine will be at its best between 2013 and 2018.


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