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Why getting married at Fattoria del Colle is best

We have organized weddings for world champions, film producers, and people from high finance coming from 16 different nations … and they all said that <<getting married at Colle is the best>>

By Sara Mazzeschi, Fattoria del Colle

Wedding at fattoria del Colle

Wedding at fattoria del Colle

This is because at the table there is Brunello with other wines that receive International prizes, because the cutting of the cake takes place in the woods with lighting by the set designer of “4 weddings and a funeral”, because the honeymoon is spent in the bedroom that once belonged to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, because the panoramas are the most beautiful in the world and because Fattoria del Colle is an authentic place, with more than 400 years of noble history and a wedding needs a true frame , true like the love that united the bride and groom.

I have been to many ceremonies all over Italy but I must say that getting married in Tuscany is unbeatable. In fact, with figures in hand, it is the most sought after destination, villas, castles and farmhouses are all possible locations, and they are springing up like mushrooms. Fattoria del Colle, in South of Siena, where I organize weddings, has in the past seen dozens of couples ask for perfection for their Day and never has this magic place disappointed them. Buy why choose it? Why is getting married here best? Read more…

“Copate” typical Sienese torrone

This is one of the least known traditional Sienese Christmas cakes, it is delicious and among the most expensive, best enjoyed with a glass of Vinsanto

Le Copate

Le Copate

By Alice Bracciali, Fattoria del Colle

The origin of this cake is uncertain, as is the origin of its name. The word “copata” should derive from Latin “copatus” which in this case, would take on the meaning coupled, to indicate that the mixture is enclosed among two hosts, but it is also possible that it might come from the Arab “qubbaita”, which means “almond cake”, and this would prove that its story begins very far away. Read more…

Donatella Cinelli Colombini presents herself

How can I describe myself? I am imaginative, hard working and lucky. I am also short, a little plump, sensitive to the cold, and attracted by people, places and activities that I do not know

Donatella and Violante at Casato Prime Donne Montalcino

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

First of all I would like to tell you something that very few people know. I am dyslexic, (please check https://dopasolution.com/what-is-dyslexia  for a brilliant article by Tina Richards for those with dyslexia who rely on web accessibility).I grew up in a period where no one knew what dyslexia was and when children who per slower in learning were considered retarded. Only when my daughter Violante also showed the same disability I understood the pros and cons in having a different concept of space, but we are also determined and we have an exceptional ability in organization, for this reason many architects are dyslexic .

I studied History of medieval art. You might say << whatever for as you are a wine producer?>> Incredibly it is very useful. At the end of the 1970’s there were no computers , not even in the large libraries, and to do research meant that you had to use every little part of your brain, after then I have never again worked so hard and had such  exiting times.

History of art is my great love (after my husband obviously), for years I avoided going to museums, this because I could not stand no longer having the knack in understanding epochs, provenance and creators…just like a musician going deaf. Now I once again enjoy going to museums. I even took the Brunello producers to the Guggenheim in NY, and to the Art Institute in Chicago.

Read more…

Love at first sight for Vernaccia riserva

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Vernaccia di San Gimignano to be framed and rediscovered: finesse, personality and harmony much superior to long ago; in the Riserva version it bowls over the Gourmets

Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Il Mestolo restaurant - dinner with Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Il Mestolo restaurant - dinner with Vernaccia di San Gimignano

For someone from Siena to rediscover Vernaccia di San Gimignano is like for an Eskimo to realize that ice is cold. Something evident hat you have always had under your nose and consequently you do not observe with the necessary attention. This is why the members of the Union Européenne des Gourmets in Siena get bowled over in front of the lavish and elegant character of the Vernaccia Riserva. Obviously the explanations given by Stefano Campatelli and a 15 kg greater amberjack prepared divinely by Nicoletta chef at the Il Mestolo restaurant are accomplices …. the 35 diners have had a collective sense of love at first sight.
The evening was special for me too as I was celebrating my recent nomination as Cavaliere della Repubblica /knighthood) and the Consul Alessandro Bonelli awards me a plaque in the name of the club. Read more…

Siena online beats Florence, with its Palio, wine and Saints

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In the trip section of Google searches for the word Siena beat Firenze. But in e-commerce wine dominates all with tuscany wine and tuscany wine tours

Siena-Duomo-the sky's door

Siena-Duomo-the sky's door

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini
The keywords that are most searched regard hotels and apartments or trip instructions. Information regarding things to be seen also attract the online reader with the Duomo in one of the first positions thanks to its historiated flooring, the largest in the world, and also thanks to the recent opening to the public of its lofts – la porta del cielo – from where it is possible to admire the inside of the cathedral. In the midst of words that are really connected to the city appears the car Fiat Grand Siena that in 2013, thanks to a publicity campaign created an authentic increase in interest regarding this name especially in Brazil and Argentina. Read more…

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