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The Italians are first on Facebook

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Italians and Brazilians are the major users of social media in the world. They beat the Americans (86% Italy 79% USA) because  probably they are more used to communicating, in other words they are looking, in the virtual world , for a village atmosphere with friends and meetings .

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini for Studies and opinions

This test is by Nielsen “State of the Media: The Social Media Report“ and underlines how the Italians spend on blogs and social networks nearly a third of the entire time spent online. Here we have 21 million Facebook users, who has a lion’s share, 70% of the total of surfers.

This could underline a use of internet connected to the need of social meetings, in a moment when the accelerated work rhythm levels less and less time for relationships. In fact the average age us the social media users is all but teenage, it is mostly people of working age  with   43% of users over  35years of age and more usually  male ( 46% are women and 53 % men).
The use of  Smartphones for converting to social media is rapidly increasing ,they are the third application after games  and maps. The influence of  social media on business is also increasing, regarding sales and in terms of consumer orientation.
In other words the real word is full of worries and bad news, the virtual word seems to resemble more and more a warm corner.

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