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Medals in competitions, too many and some for counterfeit wines

English wine competition reward up to 70% of wines with medals while the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles carries out tests to catch those who falsify bottles

The Italian jurt at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

The Italian jurt at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Brunello, Casato Prime Donne


A very interesting article by Wine News underlines the excessive number of medals of the English wine contests. According to OIV there should be less than 33% whereas the various contests by  “Decanter” awarded medals to 70% of the participants   and <<“The Drinks Business”, regardless of a jury made up practically of only Masters of Wine, actually awarded in one go medals to 90% of the Champagnes>> state ironically Wine News. A situation that could be connected to the price to be paid for every one of the 16.000 bottles in the first of the competitions mentioned and that was put into evidence by “La Revue du Vin de France”.

Medals from the International wine competitions -International-wine-challenge

Medals from the International wine competitions -International-wine-challenge

The  “Vinalies Internationales” seem to be much more rigorous, they give medals to 29,8% of the 3.500 competitors and the  Concours mondial de Bruxelles gives recognition to  28,2% out of  8.000.

Although the advantages go quite rightly to the sole winners of these competitions every medal, if well used, with commercial actions and with vip clients, can give an increase in wine price between  10-15% and an increase in winery reputation. Read more…

Blonde beers go pink, here come the girls

Beer seems to be a man’s world but, in truth, in Egyptian times it was women who made it and today there are many breweries run by women We can do it 

We can do it FemAle Sweden

We can do it FemAle Sweden

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

It was a German nun who once realized that adding hops made beer last longer and this permitted the beginning of industrial productions of the famous blonde beers. Women have had an important role in the history of beer, including the goddess Nin Kasi who overlooked its production by the Babylonians and today they are beginning to be important even in the very masculine world of breweries.





 The Drinks business has put in a row the top 10 calling them  “brewsister” as was done in the medieval guilds.

They can be found all over the place, Australia, UK, USA, Sweden…. Italy. They are often born from small artisanal breweries, during the last 20 years, and in the majority of cases after the year 2000. All these wineries have had a boom in growth of around 20% per year. Women owned breweries  win prizes, just as  Sara Barton does, brewer of the year 2012  in UK and with the many medals won by the The Waen Brewery belonging to Sue Hayward. Women are begin to appear in the button rooms for great conglomerates , like Emma Gilleland is head brewer, the first woman in 179 years, of the British brewery Marston,  and  Gwen Conley is production manager of the  Port Brewing in California as well as being a very famous beer taster. These stories always tell of courageous women, like the youngest female Brewster in the US , Meg Gill or  Kim Jordan CEO of the third largest artisanal brewery in USA, the New Belgium Brewing Company. Read more…

WineDogs and wineries that are dog firendly, a new trend

Books web sites, Facebook pages, even contests, the winery dogs are very popular and now so important that there is a ranking of the most friendly wineries

Rodney wine dog

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

This story is so incredible that you will not believe me. In  Australia there is a photographer that works full time on  “Wine dogs” and publishes books after books with images of dogs from wineries. He is called Craig McGill and his star is a 9 year old curly coated retriever called Rodney  that lives on Hugh Hamilton Wines. The same author created the website winedog where the presentation begins with “The original wine dog book”  which is a sort of winedog encyclopedia regarding dogs all over the world. There even a “Winedog of the moth” which in January was  Dutchess a labrador from the Dutcher Crossing Winery in California.

Violante Gardini dries Felix Fattoria del Colle

Practically all wineries in UA have a dog and books about them are on sale next to the bottles. Winedogs also have a Facebook page with more than 3000 likes. In Napa valley there is a list of dog friendly wineries and many many reviews in blogs regarding four legged friends. << Good wine, good dogs, great art and good company, what more could you ask for? >>  asks  dogzenergy while talking about a wine tasting where there is an area equipped for dogs to play.

And finally the contests: there is an award for the 5 tasting halls that are most dog friendly, and the Frank Family Vineyards got first prize.

Read more…

After the master of wine and the master sommelier here is the Royal in law

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The attractive Pippa Middleton sister of Kate the future Queen of England and sister-in-law to Prince William has successfully passed the exam at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust



Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Sometimes changes occur also thanks to those symbolic personalities that give them an image and a story. Trends that are born spontaneously reflecting necessities that were already in the air. This is quite the case with Pippa Middleton who has successfully followed an advanced course regarding wine organized by WEST – Wine and Spirit Education Trust << a professional course for those who want to organize events or those who want to become a sommelier >> explained the most famous sister-in-law in the world, who has followed the course for a role in the “The Spectator” magazine where she works and that has an excellent wine club. Pippa has consequent a great interest in wine and has tried to develop it even through some misadventures. In the article by The Drinks Business which tells this story, tells of how she had to enter furtively the wine store below her office because of all the paparazzi that constantly follow her <<it could have been quite embarrassing to be photographed while I was wandering around a wine store many times in the afternoon >>. Tenacious and artful she is! Read more…

The leading wine brand in the world comes from Chile

Concha Y Toro, the Chilean winery has beaten all the USA and Australian brand opponents who dominate the ratings by The Drinks Business

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini




The list of the top 10 brands in the wine world has been laid out by the British magazine The Drinks Business, which, every week pleases us with a variety of lists: from wine makers to women of International fame. Every time the lists regard the whole world, and in this case the brands taken into consideration are the 200 brands with an “authentically” global distribution. With respect to last year there are two brands by Gallo while the USA giant Blossom Hill is out of the list because positioned 11th. The evaluation criteria are basically three: share of the market owned, growth in the last few years and the future tendencies, the positioning/price especially based on the number of markets where the brand has an important presence in the premium segment. Minor importance is given to longevity, coherence of the brand and how it is eradicated among the consumers. Read more…

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