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A Rosa di Tetto rosé for Donatella Cinelli Colombini

2016 is a 5 star harvest  where the vines had a vegetative cycle that was extremely long. A slow and perfect ripening of the grapes produced  masterpiece grapes for this Rosa di Tetto.



By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Rosato IGT, Toscana

Rosa di Tetto is produced at Fattoria del Colle from a Sangiovese vineyard planted in 1999 and cultivated according to the organic regime at 400m above sea level. It has a more French style rather than Italian, evident in its faded out pink colour but most of all in the taste and rich aroma that recalls green apple and flowers.

It is strange to say but sometimes the best Sangiovese is not beautiful to the eye. In fact the grapes of this variety have a much more delicate skin than the Cabernet or Merlot varieties, and for this reason, when they are perfectly ripe, as in 2016, they are very fragile and break with just touching them. In our winery we pick by hand, choosing the clusters one by one in the vineyard. Then they are rapidly brought to the cellar to avoid that they lose liquid and begin the fermentation inside the crates.



The result is like a dance, among the rows of vines, the pickers bend and stand up, the crates are first on the ground then brought up into the air to empty rapidly the clusters into the bins that bring them into the cellar. In less than 20 minutes the grapes reach the sorting table, that chooses the best grapes and then into the fermentation tanks.

The 2016 harvest had an extraordinary quality potential, and for this reason the group of pickers was made up of more than 15 people. This allowed us to pick each small plot of vineyard on the exact day of perfect ripening and so produce high quality wines for the whole range of the two wineries Fattoria del Colle and Casato Prime Donne. Read more…

Sanchimento 2016 only 2000 bottles IGT

The 2016 5 star vintage. Limited edition of only 2000 bottles for the I.G.T. Toscana Sanchimento from Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Fattoria del Colle



The small Sanchimento vineyard was planted in 1990 with Traminer grapes on the north side of the hill that goes up behind the chapel at Fattoria del Colle 404 m above sea level. The soil is deep with mostly clay and quaternion deposits.

The choice of the Traminer variety is quite unusual in Tuscany and depends on Fausto Cinelli’s preference; he was Donatella’s father, for this variety which wants cool climates and especially cold nights like those at Fattoria del Colle.

From this vineyard Donatella Cinelli Colombini produces only 2000 bottle a year of I.G.T. Toscana bianco. A small and cosseted selection that bears the name of the



chapel next to the vineyard: San Clemente I Pope in 97 a.D. in Sebastopoli. San Chimento is in fact the medieval name of the same saint.

The 2016 vintage is one of the best of the last few years thanks to its very long vegetative cycle was very long, the vines did sprout early and arrived at complete ripening in the usual dates, in   a gradual and slow manner. From this happy instance and from the cold nights in September, depends the particular richness in aroma of the Sanchimento 2016. Read more…

Passito 2014 a sweet masterpiece

In Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s all female staffed wineries, the only man around is Carlo, lover of sweet wines and of this Passito

Carlo with the TRaminer grapes for passito

Carlo with the TRaminer grapes for passito

Producing passito is an annual ritual that captivates Donatella Cinelli Colombini and most of all her husband Carlo Gardini. A maniacal attention that is possible only because very few bottles are made and because Carlo Gardini and the cellar master Barbara Magnani  have unlimited passion for sweet wines. Their efforts have been rewarded with 93/100 for the 2013 production by Wine Advocate.

2014 was in fact the “organic” year, for those, like us at Fattoria del Colle, grow vines without the use of chemical products brought grapes home healthy and ripe. The At the beginning of September the pink clusters of Traminer grapes from the Sanchimento vineyard, surrounding the Chapel at Fattoria del Colle , were picked by hand, and chosen one by one. The cluster were then put into baskets to dry naturally.



This is the most laborious phase in the production because the cellar master Barbara Magnani  must move the grapes continuously according to the weather, if it rains for example. In 2014 the summer was rainy and cool, but at the beginning of September the sun came out and there were only three showers during the whole month. The good weather lasted all of October  while the baskets with the Traminer grapes continued being moved around to find every single ray of sunshine. Read more…

Sanchimento, the white wine from the lady of reds

Donatella Cinelli Colombini presents her Sanchimento 2015 , her white wine from Traminer grapes that this year is better than ever

Sanchiemnto IGT Toscana 2015

Sanchiemnto IGT Toscana 2015

San Chimento and San Clemente were the same person: Pope Clemente 1st who died in Sebastopoli, maybe a martyr, at the end of the 1st century. In medieval documents the two names are often swapped and in the Sienese territory, crib of the Italian language, where still today there is a local vernacular surviving that is quite a conjunction between Latin and Italian, the names Chimento and Clemente continue to live together. So the chapel at Fattoria del Colle built by the owners ancestors, in 1592 is dedicated to San Clemente is surrounded by a farmhouse Sanchimento pronounced and written all in one word. Sanchimento is also the name of a wine obtained with Traminer grapes that are grown near the chapel in the Sanchimento property.

The 2015 harvest was particularly favourable for the vineyards thanks to a very rainy

Sanchimento 2015 with Traminer grapes

Sanchimento 2015 with Traminer grapes

winter and spring that caused a natural reduction in clusters and a reserve of water in the soil. In August the great differences between day and night temperatures favoured the synthesis or perfumes and the production of wines particularly rich in aroma.

Type: dry white.

Production area: Tuscany, Trequanda, Fattoria del Colle.

Vintage characteristics: mild and rainy winter, spring with frequent rainfalls that  interfered with the blooming and caused a natural decrease in production. The vine vegetative cycle began very quickly and was roughly held back by a very hot July that brought the cycle back to normal. The colouring of the grapes began at the end of July and lasted two weeks. The moderate temperatures in August consented a slow and regular ripening of the grapes. Read more…

Leone Rosso by the Lioness Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Leone Rosso Orcia Doc in a roaring new version. Harmonic, full, extremely pleasant and elegant is the perfect example of the 2013 harvest here in the DOC Orcia

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Leone Rosso harvest 2013 - grapes selection

Leone Rosso harvest 2013 – grapes selection

This wine Leone Rosso owes its name to the blazon which belonged to Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s ancestors, the Socinis, and old family ,who in 1592 built Fattoria del Colle which is where this wine comes from. Among the Socinis there were 5 heretics. Two of which –Lelio and Fausto – were particularly important opponents of the Catholic church and for this reason were excommunicated. Fattoria del Colle was confiscated and only in 1919 it was bought back by a Socini, great-grandfather to the present owner Donatella Cinelli Colombini.

Today the estate covers 336 hectares of which 17 of vineyard for the production of Chianti DOCG and Orcia DOC. This last denomination was created in the year 2000 in the beautiful and intact territory in southern Tuscany between the more famous Brunello and Vino Nobile territories.

The 2013 harvest has been described by Prof Attilio Scienza as “old style” with lower temperatures than in the previous years, soil plentiful of humidity and a traditionally long vegetative cycle that makes longer lasting more complex wines. The harvest was not very plentiful but excellent for those like Donatella Cinelli Colombini picked before the arrival of the rainfalls. Read more…

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