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Sausages and turnip greens

Here is a traditional winter recipe from the Tuscan countryside. Sausages with “pulezze” or rather the tender turnip leaves,greens,  these are delicious and easy to prepare

sausages and turnip greens

sausages and turnip greens

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Regarding turnips my family has a nice anecdote. One of my ancestors from Montalcino had a particularly religious wife who enjoyed turnips, while the husband was not at all religious and didn’t love these vegetables at all. During the winter when the killing of the pig meant that often sausages and ribs were served, the turnips were the habitual side dish, and my ancestor was always irate, so he invented a smart way to stop his wife serving the turnips. He invented a rhyme which he sang loudly every time the poor woman tried to come out of the kitchen with the “pulezze”

<< disse Cristo ai discepoli suoi, non mangiate rapi che è cibo da buoi e San Pietro aggiunse a gran voce – accidenti ai rapi e a chi li coce>> << Christ said to his disciples, don’t eat turnips, they are for the ox,  and San Pietro replied in a rather loud voice, damn turnips and those who cook them>>

In truth the matching of pork with turnips is a delicacy and below you find a typical recipe from Trequanda


8 fresh sausages, 500 g of tender turnipgreens (pulezze), garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

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