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Drago e le 8 Colombe IGT Toscana 2013

The story of Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Supertuscan dedicated to a man in the all women winery

Drago e le 8 Colombe IGT Toscana 2013

Drago e le 8 Colombe IGT Toscana 2013

The wine “Il Drago e le 8 Colombe” has a strange name because it has a curious beginning. It is produced in Donatella Cinelli Colombini‘s wineries, where the staff are all women, represented by the 8 doves on the label: Donatella, her daughter Violante who together with Debora takes care of wine sales, Alessia who is in charge of the incoming, Barbara the cellar master with her helpers Antonella and Margherita, and last but not least Valérie Lavigne the wine maker. A formidable team flanked by the men and women grape growers but also by Donatella’s husband Carlo Gardini, who has created a range of sweet wines for this winery. He is the dragon in the label to emphasize a male presence in an all female winery, which is feminine not feminist. Il Drago e le 8 Colombe is a “Supertuscan” a Tuscan wine not covered by a DOC regime. To begin with this type of wine included those of modern style and high quality. It was created in the 1970’s as a reaction to the rules of the appellations that limited the possibility of experimenting. Practically a rebellion against tradition, and this was sustained by the press and by America consumers. Later the Supertuscan became IGT Toscana appellation, and in some cases (such as Sassicaia) they become DOC. Il Drago e le 8 Colombe is an IGT Supertuscan produced at Fattoria del Colle. Read more…

In 2013 again the harvest will be scarce

Fattoria del Colle winery - June 2013

Fattoria del Colle winery - June 2013

The wine maker Valérie Lavigne, that for the past four years advises Donatella Cinelli Colombini, has been in the Brunello and Orcia Doc vineyards and says <<not many grapes>>

This time the Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda (southern Chianti) super consultant’s visit concentrated on the vineyards. After eight months of rain the colour of the leaves, especially the young vines, shows how hungry the plants are.

The attempts to give them nourishment through the leaves have in fact nearly

the agronomist and the enologist of Fattoria del Colle winery in the vineyard

the agronomist and the enologist of Fattoria del Colle winery in the vineyard

all failed because the rain always arrived just after the treatment had been given taking away the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus . <<At the moment there is no reason for alarm, as long as the sunshine arrives>> says Valérie noticing though that the production of grapes is scarce and that the next harvest will be, for the third consecutive year, below the usual amount.

The tastings with the cellar master Barbara Magnani concentrated on the differences between the woods used for the barrels: a definite preference for the light charring and for the Bourgogne techniques, which, created for a mono-varietal wine based on Pinot Noir, seem t adapt magnificently to the elegant austerity of Sangiovese.
Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Prime Donne tasting Brunello 2012 and 2010

Inspiring tasting for the Prime Donne with two 5 star Brunello: the brand new 2012 and the 2010 ready to be prepared for bottling

Daniela Scrobogna and Astrid Schwarztogether with the consultant wine

Women on tasting for Brunello Prime Donne

My daughter and the Prime Donne on tasting

maker Valérie Lavigne and the cellar master Barbara Magnani finished the tasting with a smile, sure to have chosen wines that will have an impact.

With no Brunello 2009 to taste, vintage where the selection Brunello Prime Donne will not be produced, the super tasters concentrated on the vintages 2012 and 2010.
The 2012 inspired them for its power and fullness already well expressed only a few months from vinification. The new 5 and 7 hl barrels in French oak have been chosen for the first phase in ageing of this sumptuous wine.
For the future Brunello 2010 it was in fact the last tasting before bottling. The blend between small and medium barrels chosen by the tasters will permit production of only 6.600 bottles. Less than foreseen by decidedly excellent.

Here’s for you the Brunello Prime Donne 2008

The Brunello dedicated to women, in the direction for Sangiovese and Montalcino tipicity, a new research of personality and finesse with little “oak effect”



The Brunello Prime Donne 2008 expresses its full belonging to the identity of Sangiovese and Montalcino. In other words it exalts those characteristics of the grape variety and of the Brunello territory that right on the Montalcino hill reach their excellence. A choice that puts the wine’s personality in the role as protagonist. The choice of refined style is also evident: a togetherness of harmony, elegance, roundness and lengthiness.

The effect of the barrel ageing, where the wine has rested for more than two years, becomes softer also because of the choice of medium and large barrels after the winemaker Valerie Lavigne asked us to empty our cellar of barriques. Read more…

The French winemaker Valérie Lavigne and Brunello

The French winemaker Valérie Lavigne arrives at Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s estate with the intention of tasting the future Brunello in the winery. Impossible to go into the vineyards.

Fattora del Colle - degustazione Brunello 2007

Fattora del Colle - degustazione Brunello 2007

It was also impossible to taste the future Brunello 2008 with the 4 Prime Donne tasters. Too much snow, real mounds all over the place. However we are able to have a blind tasting of 6 new Brunello 2007 chosen among those in the same price range as ours.

The result is comforting, all excellent wines, Montalcino puts on show some true gems this year even thug they have some very different personalities for each winery. Ours is loved by al and this pleases us greatly.

Valérie Lavigne and the cellar master Barbara Magnani work for hours in the small office on the ground floor where, one hundred years ago the head farmer of Fattoria del Colle kept his writings. Inside this room the perfume of wine is intriguing and there are a dozen bottles around the place.

It’s wonderful to see two young competent and passionate women work

Fattoria del Colle - Valérie Lavigne - Barbara Magnani

Fattoria del Colle - Valérie Lavigne - Barbara Magnani

together. It is a new generation of wine making professionists and they speak English to understand one another and thy know how to dose the wine from different barrels so as to find perfect equilibriums. For Valérie Brunello must express the essence of Sangiovese: elegance, energy, austerity but also softness. Dinner with delicious food prepared by Antonio, chef of the Osteria at Fattoria del Colle.

Not happy with the tastings carried out during the day, we drink a wonderful Barolo 2000 by Beni di Batasiolo and a Primitivo di Manduria well spoken of but not very apt to accompany food. This is what is wonderful about being a wine producer, loving the land and its unique produce and knowing how to enjoy it together with those who understand it.

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