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Cenerentola’s gown of light

A wine story that resembles a fairy tale: Doc Orcia Cenerentola wears a gown of light, goes to the ball and becomes a princess. At Vinitaly (HALL 6 STAND D4)



Vinitaly 2018 sees the launching of a special edition of 50 pieces, Magnums “dressed” with a spectacular lamp in Tuscan style. 


Once upon a time there was a nice young girl called Cenerentola (Cinderella). The prince invites her sisters to the party, but she stays at home until a fairy visits her bringing her a wonderful gown….Once upon a time there was a wine appellation called DOC Orcia. She had two sisters, older and more famous than her, Brunello and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano that are on the left and the right. She too would like to go to balls, where her sisters’ bottles go, and so the fairy, represented by Donatella Cinelli Colombini, dresses our DOC Orcia Cenerentola with a gown made of light and sends her to the party. This really does seem like a fairy tale with a happy ending. The special edition of 50 pieces, Magnums dressed with a spectacular lamp in Tuscan style will be protagonist at Vinitaly 2018 at Hall 6 Stand D4 under Donatella Cinelli Colombini




The young and feisty Doc Orcia was born on February 14th 2000. In the area of Trequanda (SI) where the Fattoria del Colle was  built in 1592 by the ancestors of Donatella Cinelli Colombini, the present owner.

Donatella believes in this appellation, so much so that she is the president of this Consortium. She also believes in autochthonous varieties with the features of their old identity that give a unique stamp to wines from a specific territory. This is why she recovered the old Sienese variety Foglia Tonda with its distinctive features, abandoned  for almost a century, and experimented on the best ways of cultivating it, containing  its natural tendency to produce too many clusters.  A long study, with a few setbacks and many trials with the help of Professor Cesare Intrieri of the University of Bologna and with the fervent support of Valérie Lavigne at of the University of Bordeaux. Read more…

Vinitaly IOsonoDONATELLA come and take a selfie in my place

Donatella Cinelli Colombini is hunting for a lookalike to photograph and propose on Instagram with the #iosonodonatella hashtag

vinitaly 2016 iosonodonatellaDonatella Cinelli Colombini’s Vinitaly stand (Hall 6 stand D4) becomes a photographic studio with a silhouette that playfully resembles her. The invitation is for friends, wine lover and buyers, to come and take a selfie or a photo in her place << #iosonodonatella and so are you!>> and to immediately post the image on Instagram, this is what the Signora del Brunello proposes.

Valerio Marini Donatella a Vinitaly 2016

Valerio Marini Donatella at Vinitaly 2016

In this occasion we open the Vinitaly doors also to those who stay at home, as anyone can join us in this game with the Donatella name and the prestigious Brunello 2010 IOsonoDONATELLA <<the best wine I ever made>>.

#iosonodonatella come and take a selfie instead of me

#iosonodonatella come and take a selfie instead of me

For the first time it is actually at Vinitaly <<we have made only 600 bottles and it sold out in 15 days that is why there was no time to organize tastings and presentations>> explains Cinelli Colombini proud of this rare and precious wine: on the bottle stands here crest in gold leaf, inside a shiny ring hat recalls her student studies on medieval jewellery. So at Vinitaly there will be a unique opportunity to taste Brunello IOsonoDONATELLA and even to take her place, at least for a moment.

Read more…

Vinitaly 2015: report of a super wine fair

Vinitaly wins the competition with Prowein with a full house for this edition with Italian buyers and foreign operators


Vinitaly 2015 Brunello stand

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

You have to queue for 45 minutes to get in, the entrances are clogged up, the  traffic jams are much worse than in previous years. This great success does create a few inconveniencies but the wineries that are here to exhibit are full of enthusiasm, and I would be surprised if the Vinitaly 2015 does not beat all records in attendance.

This seems to be the year for Puglia that has a great number of new stands, all beautiful and very large. <<In the last 21 months it has gone from being the last region in Italy for use of European funds to the first>> says the Assessore all’Agricoltura Fabrizio Nardoni.

Pietro di Lazzaro TG3 Toscana Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Pietro di Lazzaro TG3 Toscana Donatella Cinelli Colombini

And these results are well visible. Autochthonous grape varieties Negroamaro, Primitivo, Nero di Troia and the tourism tow the wineries that from Vinitaly seem to expect important results. The Movimento turismo del vino is very active under the direction of Sebastiano de Corato and Vittoria Cisonno . Read more…

93/100 – Wine Spectator rating for our Brunello Riserva 2008

First in Wine Spectator’s list of Brunello Riserva 2008, it is appreciated for its balanced character and long finish

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini



This is Bruce Sanderson’s description <<This ripe juicy Brunello offers plenty of sweet cherry and licorice flavors. The tannins are assertive but overall this is balance. All the elements come together on long finish of briar and tobacco. Best drinking time between 2017 and 2023>>
93/100 is the maximum rating given to a Riserva 2008 Brunello di Montalcino, and we share this wonderful result with La Gerla, Mastrojanni – Vigna Loreto and Poggio Antico.
Bruce Sanderson, the wine critic who, for the last four years has tasted all the Brunellos, spent his first working years in the wine trade, and has been working for 21 years for Wine Spectator where he is one of the “Senior Editors” and he manages the entire “tasting department”. Read more…

Image and Imagination in Wine Tourism

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Here is why, how much, where and how wine tourism – virtual and real – influences the perception of the value of wine, its appreciation and its sales

Marsala Florio Cellar

Marsala Florio Cellar

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini for OICCE

Two thirds of the value of wine perceived is not wine. Price, sales position, packaging, history, places, personalities… Each of these elements signifies a perception of value. In this post we will talk about vineyards, winery, the area where a wine is born and the people who help to create it. We will see how the territory of origin can, if well used, increase the appeal and increase customer loyalty towards a wine region or towards a single producer. Wine tourism is the instrument for this process and it is powerful. The first element to be understood is the dimension of this instrument.
Since 2012 the world travellers have become more than 1 billion and they increase at a rhythm of 4% per year. In Italy, in 2013, the arrivals of travellers from abroad were 46 million, finally our tourism has begun once again to grow even though with a modest 1,9%. Wine tourism increases more rapidly (around 3% per year) but not in a uniform manner. The 5-6 million travellers who every year visit wine regions over here generated business esteemed at about 3 billion euro between direct turnover and generated; for every euro paid in a winery, the wine tourist spends another 4 in the same area. Read more…

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