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Get married at Fattoria del Colle

wedding at fattoria del Colle Tuscany Agriturismo

wedding at fattoria del Colle Tuscany Agriturismo

To get married in the romantic park, in front of a vineyard, in front of a panorama that seems to come out from a medieval painting; at Fattoria del Colle this is all possible. The Trequanda municipality has in fact authorized us to celebrate civil weddings in 4 special locations, and Donatella Cinelli Colombini is ready to perform thanks to the mandate she has received so that she can sign the wedding act in an official manner.

The ceremony is the most important moment and new fittings have been created to make it more intimate and more spectacular. The couples who wish a Tuscan style wedding will find in Fattoria del Colle a traditional and authentic location that will create emotions for both the wedding couple and their guests; a story about noble families and farmers, an informal style mixed with luxury and simplicity, while all around is the countryside from where the great red wines are made and farming landscapes among the most beautiful in the world.

During the past few months gardeners have worked hard in the parks and gardens, while upholsterers and renovators took care of things indoors. All so as to transform the wedding couple’s dream into reality for the best day of their lives.

wedding at fattoria del colle

wedding at fattoria del colle-aperitif

The Grand Duke’s bedroom, where the wedding couple can spend their honeymoon now has a canopy bed, a 17th century chest, and air conditioning. At the end of the 18th century this was a refuge for Pietro Leopoldo Grand Duke of Tuscany, together with Isabella, his lover. This room, still today, maintains a romantic and aristocratic character because of its entirely antique furnishings and the ceiling with frescoes regarding all the breeds of Tuscan birds.

In the billiard room right next door, the room has been enriched with book shelves and new upholsteries. There is now an elegant corner where the wedding couple and their guests can meet, in case or rain. Whereas if the weather is good at Fattoria del Colle there are 4 parks and three swimming pools where you can relax in the midst of nature. Read more…

Birthday parties, and not only those, in an agriturismo in Tuscany

How and why your birthday parties in an historic estate, such as Fattoria del Colle, in Southern Chianti, become memorable



There are birthdays for children full of games and cakes; there are important ones such as those for 18 years, 21 years or even the “round figure one” to celebrate 30 or 50, which becomes parties with many guests. There are hen nights, degree parties and even parties for divorces. Casual parties with a DJ and many surprises or even elegant parties in dinner jacket with refined buffet, chandeliers and live music …. Each with its own character and small rituals. Each birthday boy or girl with a different dream for their special party but each looking for something new that can surprise friends and remain memorable.



Fattoria del Colle can create these memorable moments, at a convenient price or even in a fairytale way.


First of all the location: the places where it is possible stay have an advantage of excluding the drink and drive problem, and timing as well. After the dance those who like living the night can continue the party next to the open bar, with music slight less loud. The dimension of the location is important too …and not only so that all guests sleep close by (Fattoria del Colle has 100 beds in rooms, apartments and villas). The larger areas allow, through the magic bound to their history, for parties that can surprise and fascinate. Modern structures are in fact all very similar, and also unfortunately more predictable. Read more…

Easter in Tuscany with children, grandparents and dogs

Easter in Tuscany with kids, grandparents and dogs so as to rediscover the sacredness and the food traditions of this celebration with the addition of great wines and wellness

Easter with children, grandparents and dogs in Fattoria del Colle

Easter with children, grandparents and dogs in Fattoria del Colle

Fattoria del Colle is 12 km from the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore and 40 km from the abbey of Sant’Antimo in Montalcino, and 100 km from Assisi. Those wishing to experience a spiritual Easter holiday will have close by the right places.

For those wishing to have a holiday with the family and is thinking about spending time with the kids, grandparents and pets, we propose a program with daily fun activities.

This includes a tour of the Brunello winery called Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, with an itinerant wine tasting; an absolute novelty crated by Igor Vazzaz a musician sommelier. At Fattoria del Colle the adventure continues with the guided tour of the historical halls of the estate where the owner Donatella Cinelli Colombini lives and, a visit to the winery where the Chianti and Orcia wines are made. A tour full of curiosities that will bring back memories for grandparents and will teach children lots of things about Tuscan history. There will be then two wine tastings not –to-be-missed: a vertical tasting of Brunello and a game at playing wine maker for a day creating your own dream wine. Read more…

Vinotherapy trend or true wellness?

The fashionable name and the success of great wines bring us to a question. So let’s go and see what happens to our body and mind with wine treatments

vinotherapy Fattoria del Colle

vinotherapy Fattoria del Colle

In the Chianti, Barolo, and Sagrantino regions …. More and more resorts are springing up with wellness areas where the body can regenerate thanks to grape virtues. Obviously the wine’s fame is the driving force, especially when it is known for its ability to better in time as is for Brunello. Fattoria del Colle offers a Risveglio di-vino” that includes, hammam, gommage with grape dust, wine bath, personalized massage and face mask (130€ per person). A sensorial experience for couples which uses our wines from Montalcino produced in Casato Prime Donne.

Food and wine tourism

Food and wine tourism


Let’s see what it is and for what vinotherapy is useful, discovering that it is very good for our skin and on the whole for our entire body. As wine does, it has a calming an relaxing effect, grapes help in purifying the body, but also it helps losing weight and moreover to shape the body. Read more…

Wine wedding at Fattoria del Colle

The novelty for 2015 is the bachelorette with an artistic perfumery and erotic cusine. For the wedding couple the bedroom that once belonged to the Grand Duke and vinotherapy for a dream of a honeymoon

Wedding at Fattorisa del Colle - aperitif

Wedding at Fattorisa del Colle – aperitif

Weddings at Fattoria del Colle, in Tuscany, start earlier and finish later: to begin with the bride together with her friends in the magical world of artistic perfumery and with some aphrodisiacal recipes in the kitchen. After, with a honeymoon in the bedroom that was built for the Grand Duke of Tuscany and his lover Isabella and then a relaxing time in the wellness centre with vinotherapy, and couple’s massages.

Wedding in Tuscany fattoria del Colle - lunch

Wedding in Tuscany fattoria del Colle – lunch

Obviously the “centrepiece” of the party is the ceremony and the wedding banquet (aperitif, lunch and cutting of the cake) with dancing to finish with. A fairytale day that every couple dreams about, and decides upon so that it can be different from all others. Fattoria del Colle is a small authentic hamlet surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. There are large spaces which allow the wedding couple to choose amongst many locations for each moment of the party. Beginning this year the estate is also equipped with two new gazebos to deal with any inconvenience due to bad weather (to be paid for and agreed upon separately).

At the centre of all this the great wines produced at Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda: Brunello, Chianti superiore and Orcia Doc. The 16th century villa, the parks with the swimming pools, the restaurant and its panoramic terrace, the apartments furnished with antiques (101 beds) …. These are the authentic frame that gives the wedding a solemn an intimate, refined and simple touch.

In the San Clemente chapel the panoramic points and near the tabernacle in the woods it is possible to set up a suggestive wedding ceremony with altar, music and chairs (to be arranged). Read more…

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