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UK, USA, Canada, here is the windows for our Brunello 2009

The feeling is that of being in the emergent part of Montalcino, the coolest one, which has received the biggest benefits from the global warming and which expresses itself with elegant Brunellos.



Brunello wines are greatly appreciated abroad, especially in those countries where wine lovers use to drink bottles coming from the major French Chateau, and prefer those Italian wines with a great harmony and a very long aftertaste.
Casato Prime Donne Brunello belongs to this type of wine: evidence of ripe fruit with soft tannins, roundness and imperceptible but excellent wood.

At the moment our Brunellos from Casato Prime Donne and Orcia DOC wines and Chianti from Fattoria del Colle are at ProWein, the big wine fair in Dusseldorf, where Violante is waiting for importers and experts inside Hall 3, position L51, together with Tuscan wines.

The feedbacks we receive from the market and from experts fill us with satisfaction.
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Gambero rosso conquers the Vikings

The assault of importers on Copenhagen and the super trendy hall in the snow in Oslo. Come with me to see the Gambero Rosso tastings in Scandinavia

Oslo, the Gambero Rosso tasting hall before it all began

Oslo, the Gambero Rosso tasting hall before it all began

by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Denmark is Lego land, and it is well visible, even the houses seem to be made with little bricks. Copenhagen is less monumental than Stockholm but maybe livelier. Everywhere in Scandinavia, few cars, public transport works wonderfully so everyone uses it. The Gambero Rosso tasting with 32 wineries from the Guida vini d’Italia is held in a beautiful 18th century building in the historic centre, once headquarters of the handicraft associations. The hall reserved for us has enormous crystal chandeliers. An amazing amount of importers arrives, here any enterprising wine lover can open their own company, they are called garage importers and they are a solely Danish phenomenon. To distinguish them from the more structured companies is not easy but in the end we collect a pack of business cards which at home we can check on the web and make a selection. Even though we serve the wine sparingly at 5 pm we are left without – we have served more than 300 people- with great disappointment of the wine club members who arrive during the last two hours, all with the same request <<Brunello?>>.
Tattoos are worthy of notice: there is a splendid young women with grape clusters and

Marco Sabellico with Tiina and one of his collaborators with Francesco Azzarone

Marco Sabellico with Tiina and one of his collaborators with Francesco Azzarone

barrels on half her arm and a gentleman who after a stay in our

Fattoria del Colle and having bought 6 bottles of our Brunello 2006 has had “Prime Donne” written on his skin. Fantastic!
The climate is quite mild, compared to Sweden, and the food is exquisite with enormous portions fit for an ox. In this nation where everything works we had a night-time adventure. Our bathroom gets flooded so we get moved to another room. Violante moves her thing whilst in pyjamas.
Up early for the flight to Oslo where we find lots of snow. Norway in a postcard, where you expect the reindeers and sleighs, everyone walks happily in 30 cm of snow. The tasting hall is in an unused factory, its super trendy, where even the bathrooms, with synthetic grass on the floor, are great works of design. We serve Leone Rosso and Cenerentola Orcia Doc and Brunello di Montalcino riserva 2008. The wine arrives freezing cold so the tasting is postponed by an hour so that they can warm it up. At the seminary where

Marco Sabellico explains one wine per estate in fluent English, I meet Francesco Azzarone a

our Moestue importers with the best Italian chef in Oslo

our Moestue importers with the best Italian chef in Oslo

young man from Puglia, rated best Scandinavian sommelier who arrived among the best 10 in the world championship in Tokyo. He tells us of the great feeling it is to explain a wine in a blond tasting in front of 4,000 people and how Paolo Basso well deserved the title thanks to an extraordinary technique and self possession. Both Basso and Azzarone are Italians who reached success abroad, it is sad but once again our talents find room to emerge only once away from home.
Evening walk through the snow as far an old monastery where one finds once of the best Italian restaurants in Oslo. In the park a red hearts remembers the massacre of the young people that took place two years ago on an isle not far away. We eat splendidly, invited by our importer Moestue Grape Selections.
At the end the result of this trip is more than positive, and it has shown us the great international fame of Gambero Rosso and the ability of Tiina , the Swede who organizes the foreign missions and doesn’t get one wrong.


Rock star success for Brunello in Moscow

Great enthusiasm for Brunello who, in the workshop, was charged by restaurateurs, sommeliers and importers all wishing to taste and buy it

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Wine tasting of Brunello in Moscow

Violante during the Brunello tasting in Moscow

My journey to Russia with Violante began last Sunday with a series of hiccups: an error in the visa with an hours delay in customs. Summer temperatures with winter clothes in our suitcases. A fraud of a taxi driver who tries to make us pay double for the journey from the airport to the hotel. Definitely we started off on the wrong foot!
Luckily the dinner with our distributor, in a refined Italian restaurant, is a real success. The city is spectacular, with respect to 8 years ago when I was last here, it seems another place. Well kept and well lit buildings and elegant restaurants, and many young people, in fact only young people. In fact along the roads no elderly citizens and no dogs.

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Celebration for Shiseido’s 140 years

An experience of aromas, great wines, and traditional food at Fattoria del Colle following Gloria and Violante on a sensorial trail

Shiseido - Féminité du bois - Fattoria del Colle -Gloria and Violante

Saturday May12th. A double birthday: 140 years of Shiseido and 40 years of the Profumeria Nella in Sinalunga, a myth for the women in southern Tuscany. The party, organized by Gloria, owner of the perfume shop and by Violante young export manager for Donatella Cinelli Colombini, is a mixture of transgression, sophistication and tradition.

The guests were taken along a multisensory itinerary which began in the park where they discovered the Féminité du bois, a perfume created by Serge Lutens for Shiseido. This is a first step towards the magic, with witches, fairies and pixies which seem to jump out of the bottles of perfume: violate, orange mixed with cedar, ginger and vanilla finishing with cinnamon and cloves. An experience which emphasizes the beauty of the park at Fattoria del Colle and which is matched with rosato IGT 2011 Rosa di tetto. It too begins with violet aromas which then develop in the mouth with intense and long tasting suggestions

First food tasting and then the sensorial trip continues in the 16th century

 Fattoria del Colle-Billiard room –presentation of the Chergui fragrance – Cenerentola wine

Fattoria del Colle-Billiard room –presentation of the Chergui fragrance – Cenerentola wine

villa at Fattoria del Colle where the second phase begins with another perfume: Chergui. The wine tasting becomes more complex even though the protagonist is Cenerentola Doc Orcia 2007 a sumptuous red which accompanies traditional dishes such as “ sedanini con sugo bugiardo” and “ il timballo di baccalà”.

Last phase of the multisensory itinerary is in the park in front of the old olive mill, where the scenography is ready for the cutting of the birthday cake and the presentation of the new perfume called L’Eau. Here lemon is the protagonist and is called upon to be in prime position on the composition for the table.

At the end, tired but happy, Gloria and Violante say goodbye to the guests and receive great compliments for having organized a great special evening getting all to discover the art of appreciating aromas and experiencing olfactory emotions
Seen for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Snow, wine tourism and wellness centre at Fattoria del Colle

The snowfall blocked Donatella and Antonio Gnassi who per expected at the Wine Tourism Conference but gave Violante great feeling in the wellness centre

Wellness center Fattoria del Colle - snow effects - February 2012

Wellness center Fattoria del Colle - snow effects - February 2012


by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Never seen a such a snow fall. The road for Fattoria del Colle was completely covered with more than a meter of snow..
In one way it was something to be happy about for the good water supply for the soil after a very
We had here as a guest one of the major world experts in web marketing, Professor Antonio Gnassi from the Middlesex University in London consultant for very important companies and very large events . Read more…

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