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Violante is the new sales manager for her mum Donatella

Finally Violante can consider her dream come true and she is at last head of sales of the 170.000 bottles produced at Casato Prime Donne and at Fattoria del Colle

Violante Gardini col depliant in cinese

Violante Gardini col depliant in cinese

A small production of prestigious wines which are already today sold in restaurants and wine stores in 31 nations around the world. Violante Gardini, the Cinellicolombini Jr , faces this new challenge full of enthusiasm. She has waited nearly 10 years for this moment, preparing herself with a degree in business economics in Florence, work experience for the Movimento Turismo del vino National office, under the watchful eye of Chiara Lungarotti and most importantly the Master OIV which, for a whole year, has taken her to the universities, to the wine producing regions and to the wine markets that are most important all over the world. Read more…

Super sommeliers from al lover the world at Casato Prime Donne

Brazilian sommeliers together with Roberto Rabachino, and wine lovers from Germany together with the 1998 world champion and Master of Wine Markus Del Monego

Italo-Brazilian women in wine at Casato Prime Donne

Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino Donatella and Brazialian women in wine

Among the Brazilians who visited us there were some super VIP’s who had arrived with their own private jet such as Deunir Luiz Argenta owner of the first winery and the most beautiful cellars in Brazil “Argenta”. Guided by Roberto Rabachino and his wife Gladys Torres, two forces of nature, able to divulge the wine culture and spread enthusiasm. Rabachino teaches, for the Università di Torino, these aspiring Brazilian tasters. He is one of the great thinking minds of FISAR an association of sommeliers that in the Siena region has one of the “Historical leaders “  Nicola Masielllo. FISAR sommeliers served, with their usual elegance, the wines during the tasting and a light faming-style snack served in the Casato Prime Donne hall. A wonderful meeting for the making of new friends and the final promise of a” wine makers Exchange” between Violante Gardini, the Cinellicolombini Jr, and a contemporary Brazilian producer who will each spend some time in the others winery. Read more…

The Montalcino pilgrimage to Riga

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The Brunello wines, myself and all the other producers from Montalcino arrived in Riga on Monday evening at 10.30pm after a day of wine tasting in Vilnius and a 4 hour bus journey.

Riga – the Brunello producers - relaxing

Riga – the Brunello producers - relaxing

We were very tired following a very busy day but we had been invited to a pub to celebrate the birthday of Alessandra Mililotti Ciacci, an important member of the Mocali wine producer family. How could we say no! So we went en mass! The Mocali company was established in 1950 by Dino Ciacci, who was one of the original twenty-five founders of the Consorzio of Brunello di Montalcino. From him the Company has been passed down to his younger relative Tiziano Ciacci who is the current owner and husband of Alessandra.

She is a wonderful vivacious woman, she has a very sunny disposition and is very friendly and she was very keen to celebrate her birthday with all of us in the pub. We all had a lot of fun because we found a strange kind of table football game in the pub – it was like table football, but with hockey players in place of footballers. All of us had a great time playing on this game, both men and women, working up a great sweat and having a lot of fun. With lots of sips of beer as the goals were scored one end and then the other. After that it was the turn of the Pool table and there were even more outrageous performances during that tournament. How we all laughed!

The next day we returned to being serious wine professionals when we presented the seminars during which we explained about the territories in which our wines are produced and the wines themselves. The hall was almost full with lots of delegates and journalists interested in the Brunello wines. The tasting was less crowded than that of Vilnius, the day before, but we did make some good contacts. The facial features of the inhabitants of Riga are not typically Russian but seem to be more similar to those of Scandinavian people.

Riga-Brunello Seminar-Maggio2012

Riga-Brunello Seminar-Maggio2012

After the wine tasting there was another situation which caused a lot of fun, there were only two rooms for us to get changed in: one for the women and one for the men. By 6pm we were back on the bus on our way to Tallin. The ‘school trip’ atmosphere continued with everyone swopping more fun stories, anecdotes and jokes. For those who have enjoyed seeing the images of the people from the Comune of Montalcino which are currently to be found on the internet it is all thanks to Bianca Ferretti, Fabian Schwarz’s wife who was there with us. Congratulations Bianca, good job!
Violante Gardini Export manager for Donatella Cinelli Colombini

Our Brunello wines and Violante fly to Vilnius in Lithuania

I should have arrived in Lithuaniaa day early but due to disorganised and delayed flights I arrived in Vilnius very tired and very late, it was actually after

Vilnius-Brunello Tasting - May 2012

Vilnius-Brunello Tasting - May 2012

midnight. The taxi driver joked about the fact that at least now that we are all European there is ‘No Russian Mafia’ to keep me awake. Of course I have very strong memories of all the Lithuanian invasions, mass killings and bloody battlefields which this country has endured during its history, some of which were quite recent! We hope that the future will be much more peaceful for them. My hotel, the ‘Stikiai Hotel’ was right in the centre of the historic city and is a piece of local history itself. It is decorated with dark wood with a central courtyard and all the bedrooms leading off of it. The city has a very large and well-preserved Baroque quarter which is recognised as a UNESCO Heritage site just like Montalcino.
The Wine Event Monday on May 14th went very well.
At noon all the wineries presented their Brunello seminars, it was a wine tasting which was preceded by

an explanation about the territory where the wine was produced and the names of the wines. From 1pm until to 5pm there were workshops where each winery had its own table where they presented their wines to the delegates. A lot of interesting people attended the event, many importers and many restaurants from the area. It almost seems that, in order to decide to include a wine in their wine list, the restaurants sent their most beautiful employees to taste the wine; they were all very tall, very blonde and very beautiful! Maybe

 Violante Gardini - Vilnius - May 2012

Violante Gardini - Vilnius - May 2012

the Lithuanians thought that they would get the best prices from the Italian producers if they sent the local beauties to do the negotiating?
six o’clock all the producers from Montalcino, together with the head of the Consortium of Brunello Wines, Stefano Campatelli, jumped on a bus which took them to Riga. It was a 4 hour trip with one stop because the driver was not allowed to drive for longer than two hours straight without stopping for thirty minutes. But the journey was great fun, giving us an opportunity to swop amusing stories, to have a good gossip and even to sample a few delicious bottles along the way.

Brought to you by Violante Gardini

Chinese Haute Cuisine for Drago wine

On Saturday March 31st, at the Green T Chinese restaurant in the heart of Rome, Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s “Il Drago e le 8 Colombe” 2007 was served

Roma-Green T restaurant- Toasting with Il Drago e le 8 Colombe

Roma-Green T restaurant- Toasting with Il Drago e le 8 Colombe

This was a family party reserved to a few friends of Donatella and her husband Carlo Gardini. Friends with a refined palate such as Giacomo and Yan Rech owners the “Green T” restaurant. They prepared 24 spectacular Chinese dishes chosen to be matched with rosato 2011 “Rosa di Tetto” and most of all with “Il Drago e le 8 Colombe” the wine that was to be celebrated. The result was wonderful, a real love marriage! Wines and food that married in an impeccable way.

An all Chinese lunch, during the year of the water dragon, for a wine that happily s looks towards the Orient. A small party that wants to bring good luck to a wine that has been completely revisited: new blend of grapes, new packaging new name, and even a new dragon.
Let’s start from the name. The doves represent women and her refer to the all

Rome- Green T- The antipasti for the IGT 2011 Rosa di Tetto

Rome- Green T- The antipasti for the IGT 2011 Rosa di Tetto

female staff in Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wineries, a unique situation in Italy. With the arrival of the consultant wine maker Valérie Lavigne the number of women in the cellar have increased so the name of the wine changed from “Il Drago e le 7 Colombe” to “Il Drago e le 8 Colombe”. The dragon represents the male presence on the estate in the person of Carlo Gardini, Donatella’s husband, and a great wine lover.

Then there is the grape blend with Sagrantino – a typical variety in central Italy – which is a small step towards wines with more local identity. Regarding taste, the wine results elegant and harmonious. A change in quality which is looking towards China and benefits from a wonderful harvest, the 2007, which is considered a 5 star one. The numerous changes are underlined by a restyling of the label created by Alessandro Grazi, Sienese painter, who actually adores the colour red, dominating colour in the new label and loved by the Asian continent.

After having presented the protagonist wine at the party here are the guests at the table: Monica Larner

The young and clever taster from “Wine Enthusiast”, Alfredo Tesio in charge of the Gruppo del Gusto in the Stampa Estera di Roma and his wife, the Danish gastronomist Helle, and finally Shi Kedong correspondent for “Quotidiano del Popolo” (People’s daily) the most important Chinese newspaper with more

Rome Green T restaurant- Giacomo Rech and Violante with  Il Drago e le 8 Colombe

Rome Green T restaurant- Giacomo Rech and Violante with Il Drago e le 8 Colombe

than 20million readers. Then Massimo Arcioni owner of one of the oldest and better known wine stores in Rome and Luca Mittica who with Violante Gardini is in charge of the sales of Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s wines

Even though they were all great food and wine experts they were all at “Green T” for the first time. This is a Chinese restaurant like no other, it is one of the few places in Europe where it is possible, to eat Chinese haute cuisine. There is a great chef form Hong Kong and the owner Giacomo Rech knows how to explain the Chinese culture of food and the specificity of each dish. So in other words other than offering the highest quality food “Green T” is also somewhere to g to learn things about the Asian civilization. For this reason Donatella Cinelli Colombini has chosen it and has wanted to demonstrate the different wine and food cultures, when of excellent level, can find meeting points and can reciprocally emphasize each other still maintaining their own identity.

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