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Chianti and Tuscan wines’ redemption where exportation flies high

Chianti wine: 3.600 grape-growers, 15.000 hectares of vineyards, more than 100 million bottles and after years of being forgotten, finally the rebirth

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

Fattoria_del_Colle_vineyards panorama_november 2012

In 24 months the export figure have gone from 40 to 70%, while the requests have picked up so much that the Consorzio del Chianti has considered anticipating the release of the new vintage in January rather than in March a sit was previously. The rebirth of the main Tuscan denomination has certainly benefitted from the positive atmosphere created by the events abroad organized by the Consorzio with Giovanni Busi as president. A true novelty for the Chianti wine, which is now organizing a road show of enormous proportions: China Japan and then the USA, Russia, Switzerland … Important steps along a path that still seems lengthy; in supermarkets in China sales start at 1,70€ per bottle while the cost on tap goes from 70 to 90 € per hectolitre. In the end, even if the bottles produced are more than 100 million, the total business is of only around 300 million Euro.

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