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Do you like biological wine or not?

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In Italy biological wine enters 2 % of homes but in the US things are better and 34% of wine lovers prefer environmentally friendly bottles

biological wine production

biological or organic wine

In other words the larger market for biological bottles is abroad and most of all in distant nations, while here in Italy it is still a niche product. Not a very favourable circumstance for the small estates which actually constitute the larger slice of Italian biological farms. The photograph of this sector arrives from both WineMonitor and WineNews at the same time, and there are some real surprises. Italy has 57.000 hectares of vineyard for biological cultivations, a surface which has more than doubled with respect to 8 years ago and equivalent to 6,5% of the total national vineyard. With the new European rulings, which we have waited 21 years to get, it is now possible to obtain the biological certification of the wineries and consequently to produce wine as well as grapes that are bio. Finally it will be an end, hopefully, of the imaginative names that are “bio sounding” such as natural pure wine, and other wines without rules regarding production. Read more…

Future trends in wine: bloggers, women, young people and biological cultivation

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The use of printed paper, guide books included, will decrease because of the web. Organic wines will sell well, as will those that are excellent and those that are fun.

Cinelli Colombini Jr in Alberta

Violante, Donatella's daughter with a chef in Alberta, Canada

Never have there been so many changes in such a short time. Let’s expect a massive increase in sales in wines that respect the environment. The forecast by the Wine Institute divulged by WineNews reveals that the USA wine lovers prefer wines that are environmentally friendly in 34% of cases, a percentage which can also increase if the interviewee is a restaurateur or wine shop owner. Gabriele Micozzi, Marketing professor at Luiss and at the Università Politecnica in the Marche (still form WineNews), confirms these trends on markets where there will be a major expansion in the future: China, Russia and Brazil. Evidently there are some distinctions to be made, in China red wines that are very “sweet”, in Russia the more alcoholic and structured whites, while in Brazil the more refined “fun beverages”. However everywhere the biological –organic segment will sell very well. Read more…

These are the “Most Admired Wine Brands” in the world

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On the podium Concha y Toro, Torres and Penfolds which means Chile, Spain and Australia, the first of Italians is Antinori in 32nd position

Concha y Toro - Barrio

Concha y Toro - Barrio

This is the list of top brands in the wine world, as per “Drinks International”, the English magazine that periodically publishes lists of the wineries and the people that count. In reading we can be aided by Wine News’s acute comments.
Here are the winners: first, for the third consecutive year Concha y Toro from Chile with its 20 million cases. Followed by the colossal Spanish wine producer Torres. Bronze medal for Penfolds, those that produce the most famous Shiraz in the world, part of the Australian Treasury Wine Estates.
The French shine, but not too much, with Michel Chapoutier in fourth position and the LVMH group in sixth. This is surprising mostly because of the super power of the multinational luxury corporation belonging to Bernard Arnault, who boasts an income of 23 billion Euros and seems to have the intention of becoming the monopoly of the Champagne labels that count. It is surprising also because in 5th position is Cloudy Bay, a brand with wines which can also be affordable and who has the merit of having spread around the world the distinctive stile of the wine New Zealand wines Evidently it is this that creates admiration rather than luxury, in fact the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti are in 10th position.

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The super wineries in Italy and in the world

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The winery that in Italy sells most is Giv – Cantine Riunite, but it’s Cavit that exports the most and the one that earns most is Sassicaia.

Antinori winery new stairs

The new Antinori winery

Vinitaly is the time for wine ratings and figures, the two most important ones are by Mediobanca and by Anna Di Martino for “Il Mondo”. Many confirmations but also some surprises: we discover that the great Italian wineries increase their sales regardless of the crisis, in the wine sector that is healthier than the rest of the Italian economy, thanks to a decidedly brilliant export plan. Among the 15 wineries with the highest percentage of exportation in the world, four are Italians: Cavit is in the absolute 2nd position, then Antinori, Giv- Cantine Riunite and Caviro.

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Italy overtakes France in the wine production

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Less vineyards, wine and consumption the world over: Federico Castellucci Managing Director of OIV presents the 2012 news

Violante with the Opus One magnum

Violante with the Opus One magnum

Let’s begin from the vineyard: the reduction of surface regards most of all Europe and will continue to do so also in the future although the economic incentive, distributed during the past 3 years for those who abandon vineyards definitively are finished. A decrease in part compensated by the increase in vineyards in the southern hemisphere and in the USA.

The contraction of the world vineyards has had a back-fall on wine production, which has although decreased also because of the effect of climatic changes, and mostly in Europe.
The 2012 word production of wine should settle between 243 and 252 million hectolitres.
Italy goes down to 40 million Hl (-3%), worse still (-19%) is the French decrease, this bring the production of the other side of the Alps under the Italian volume. Read more…

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