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Barolo’s Vietti winery sold: the importance of wine myths

The sale of the Vietti winery has surprised experts and wine lovers all over the world. What would happen if en even more famous winery changed owner?



By Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Brunello, Casato Prime Donne

Everything began in March 2015 when the winery Gigi Rosso sold a 9 hectare property with woodland for truffles and 5 hectares of Vineyard among which the Airone Vineyard one of the most beautiful in Serralunga d’Alba. The declared amount of 7 million Euros seems sufficient to put off every neighbour; instead one comes forward and buys. It is Roberto Conterno owner of the cantina Giacomo Conterno.

This price makes the cost of vineyards all over the Langhe increase and it seems to block the market because those selling ask for astronomical amounts. A worrying subject that often I have been asked about during meetings with Piedmont producers <<these prices are absurd, much superior to the revenue of the vineyards, how can we grow in this situation? >>

Vietti- sold- new-and-old-owners

Vietti- sold- new-and-old-owners

in July 2016 the Poderi Luigi Einaudi, estate founded in 1897 in Dogliani announces the acquisition of 9 hectares of vineyards among which 4 of Barolo. The amount has not been divulged but rumours say around 6 million Euro.

Practically at the same time another bomb, that shakes wine lovers and experts all over the world and increases again quotations: the Vietti winery for 60 or maybe 70 million Euro. Read more…

The Prime Donne at the NY Wine Experience: a dream come true

Donatella Cinelli Colombini’s Brunello flies to the NY Wine Experience, the famous tasting of the 250 top wines selected by Wine Spectator for their prestige and quality



It’s 18 years old, the young company of Donatella Cinelli Colombini (it was born in 1998) is of age now and it has received the most desired invitation of all, the debutantes’ ball of wine cellars.

The invitation to the Wine Experience, the tasting organized in New York by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator. A selection of the 278 best wines in the world selected for thier prestige and quality.

A tasting so exclusive that attracts winelovers from all over because here they are certain to find the best of the best and a lot of new products. The ticket costs 2.495$ and it has a limited number, and the tickets are purchased online until the fully booked. For Donatella Cinelli Colombini there has been another gift: hers is one of the 4



Brunello chosen to be part of the seminar. She will be speaking in front of 1.000 people, telling the story of a country house in ruins that becomes the first Italian winery with a staff of all women; and the story of the Ardita vineyard, a small piece of land about 2 hectars, that produces extraordinary grapes with an extraordinary qualitative continuity in the different vintages. A magical place for the cultivation of Sangiovese. Read more…

2015 Donatella’s wonderful year

With my very best wishes for a Happy 2016, where everyone should have their dreams fulfilled. Here below a summary of the last exceptional 12 months.



2016 is the year of MERCIFULNESS, for all, even those who do not believe, should lie in a special way to become constructors of e better world.

2015 is to be framed. A year lived on the run, always-, 12 trips abroad for Donatella and even more for Violante. A book, 2 new wines, a new grappa, many successes, events and awards


Meeting with James Suckling king of the Brunello lovers. Toscana previews: 60 buyers for the Doc Orcia and an-out-of-this-world Benvenuto Brunello with the exceptional 2010 vintage


Lady Day at the Quirinal in Rome for Donatella and in Colle Val d’Elsa Violante Organizes Cantine aperte di cristallo. Fisar in rosa at Casato prime Donne and at Fattoria del Colle with the female sommeliers of the association. Vienna, imperial capital seen from up close. A grape grower goes RAITV and Donatella goes to visit Anna Scafuri. New web site for the estate and the blog is always among the top 15 in Italy.




Donatella is a candidate for the Board of directors of Monte dei Paschi but she knows more about wine than bonds!!!! Women’s Vinitaly. In Canada Donatella and Carlo become knights. Dona falls at the Niagara Falls and then Italia a Tavola awards her a prize in Florence, in front of the Ministro Martina. Then the convention in Chieti regarding wine communication: to win there must be less Montepulciano and more Abruzzo. 96/100 from Wine Spectator to our Brunello Prime Donne 2010. In Puglia out to discover the Nero di Troia. Orcia Wine Festival with a great success. Read more…

The US wine lovers, buy a lot but don’t share on social networks

The Wine Spectator online survey judges the importance of social media for those who buy and rink high quality wines

expensive wine

expensive wine

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

34% of consumers of luxury wines do not use a social media network to get information about wine,  33% use  Facebook, only 13% Twitter and still less (11%) prefer Instagram images. This is the result of the Wine Spectator online survey, the major wine magazine in the world.

The powerful American magazine, who conveys to top consumers from the world’s elite of wine lovers, uses internet without refrain and does not disdain using social media, quite the contrary. The Wine Spectator Twitter account has 168.000 followers and it very well organized.

The survey reveals a consumer who is very knowledgeable about wines: 53% happily buy a wine when they know the winery of province, so they do not base their choice on the appellation, the price or the grape variety, but they choose a brand. Read more…

Wine Spectator gives my Brunello Prime Donne 2010 96/100

It is called Insider and it is an email that reports the best ratings on Wine Spectator. Every winery in the world wants to see its wines rated there. My Brunello has been

Brunello PrimeDonne 2010 Wine Spectator

Brunello PrimeDonne 2010 Wine Spectator

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini

How exciting! Only 20 Brunello in the Insider and only 4 in the “hot wines”. Mine is in second position with a splendid rating of 96/100

The ratings by the most read and most authoritative American wine magazine start their journey towards the podium starting from a minimum of  50-74 for the not recommendable wines, then there are the mediocre ones (75-79), the good ones (80-84) the very good ones (85-89). And finally the champions (90-94) and the summit or rather, the classical wines rated between 95 and 100 points.

So, our Brunello Prime Donne 2010 is a vino CLASSICO that would mean an icon such as the works by Raffaello, Mozart, Petrarca … Maybe I’m being a bit presumptuous with these comparisons? It must be aid though that the search for harmony does countersign all my wines but especially the Brunello and this does make the word “Classic” quite apt. Read more…

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