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Image and Imagination in Wine Tourism

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Here is why, how much, where and how wine tourism – virtual and real – influences the perception of the value of wine, its appreciation and its sales

Marsala Florio Cellar

Marsala Florio Cellar

By Donatella Cinelli Colombini for OICCE

Two thirds of the value of wine perceived is not wine. Price, sales position, packaging, history, places, personalities… Each of these elements signifies a perception of value. In this post we will talk about vineyards, winery, the area where a wine is born and the people who help to create it. We will see how the territory of origin can, if well used, increase the appeal and increase customer loyalty towards a wine region or towards a single producer. Wine tourism is the instrument for this process and it is powerful. The first element to be understood is the dimension of this instrument.
Since 2012 the world travellers have become more than 1 billion and they increase at a rhythm of 4% per year. In Italy, in 2013, the arrivals of travellers from abroad were 46 million, finally our tourism has begun once again to grow even though with a modest 1,9%. Wine tourism increases more rapidly (around 3% per year) but not in a uniform manner. The 5-6 million travellers who every year visit wine regions over here generated business esteemed at about 3 billion euro between direct turnover and generated; for every euro paid in a winery, the wine tourist spends another 4 in the same area. Read more…

A national portal for wine tourism in Italy

Here is my contribution towards #campolibero, the 18 actions foreseen by the Ministero delle politiche agricole upon which Maurizio Martina asks us all for ideas and projects




Section: National system for farm consultancy

My name is Donatella Cinelli Colombini, in 1993 I founded the “Movimento turismo del vino” Wine tourism movement and I invented Cantine aperte, Wine day, the event which really pulled along the development of wine tourism in Italy. From 2001 to 2011 I was Tourist advisor for the city of Siena. Now I have a winery in Montalcino, I am president of the Consorzio dell’Orcia Doc and I am National vice-president of the Associazione Donne del vino. I teach wine tourism in post graduate and master courses in universities and I have signed 19 articles and books on the subject.
I think then that I have the credentials (from both a theory and practical point of view) to give the Ministro Maurizio Martina advice regarding wine tourism
This sectors business regards about 3 to 5 billion euro per year – according to how the generated income is considered- it regards about 21.000 wineries with direct sales with only about one thousand really organized for tourist welcoming. It should be organized through a territorial networks called Strade del vino, Wine routes, there are 170 of them and they are the real flop of this sector, as, only about 10 of them work. There is no real National oversight which coordinates the offer according to precise rules and who takes care of divulging and selling it through tourism fairs, the press, the OTA (online travel agencies), transport services ….. but most of all who organizes the web offer so that it be visible, attractive and buyable. To understand the state of things it is sufficient to visit the website for Italian tourism and the French one


http://int.rendezvousenfrance.com/discover/champagne-vineyard Read more…

Violante Gardini is the youngest regional president of the Movimento Turismo Vino

28years old, born in Montalcino, studies regarding business economics and wine marketing, Violante Gardini – Cinellicolombini Jr-  has wine tourism in her  DNA

Violante Gardini at the head of Movimento Turismo del Vino - Toscana

Violante Gardini in the family winecellar

Violante Gardini takes into her own hands the presidency of the Movimento Turismo del Vino for Tuscany, and her first objective is  Calici di stelle. This is a wine festival that takes place on August 10th in the Città del vino and in the wineries members of MTV. Together with Violante on the board of directors of MTV Toscana are Federico Taddei, Alessandro Bindocci, Augusto Monaci, Baldino Terenzi, Emanuela Tamburini, Serena Contini Buonacossi, Alioscia Lombardini.

The Movimento Turismo del Vino was born in 1993 and has about 1000 member wineries all over Italy, the president is Daniela Mastroberardino. The principal event of this association is Cantine aperte- Wine day, a day dedicated to wine tourism which every year takes place in May. In Tuscany there are 60 member wineries, where the welcoming is particularly well-cared-for. This regions has always had leading roles at national and often international levels, in fact it is first in the   Trip Advisor wine region list for 2012.

The first project to be put into act by the newly elected Presidente Toscana di MTV Violante Gardini regards the enhancement of web communication chic is already now the first channel for divulging wine tourism inItaly.

Violante inherits from her mother Donatella Cinelli Colombini – creator of Cantine aperte – a real passion for wine tourism. She has dedicated her two degree thesis in Business Economy and in the Master OIV –International Organization of Vine and Wine- as well as a period of work experience for the National secretariat of the Movimento turismo del vino, under Chiara Lungarotti’s watchful eye.

Other than wine tourism there is another common thread which is personal and familiar and that is associationism. Since she was very young she has had important roles which have taught her spirit of service and leadership: in 2008 – 2009 she was president of the Leo Toscana (younger Lions members) at present she is on the national board of directors of Agivi Giovani Imprenditori Vitivinicoli Italiani.

So wine is consequently the central subject of her professional life and in fact Violante is Sales Manager for her mother’s wineries, Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in southern Chianti.


Toscana tourism and wine tourism are superstars

Tuscany is the region most sold by USA tour operators and the second most sold region by European, Canadian, Japanese and Australian tour operators



In other words Tuscany, Dante and Michelangelo’s land, once again confirms that it is rich in appeal for foreign visitors coming to Italy and that most of all it is able to satisfy their interests which, looking at the statistics, are in order of importance, art cities, itineraries and wine and food. Three sectors where Tuscany is well ahead.

If we concentrate our attention on the attractiveness of wines, and food we notice that the most interested are the Americans with 34% of preferences, followed straight away by the Australians (33%) and then by the Japanese (12%) the same nationalities of the most numerous tour operators active in commercializing Tuscany. The fame and rich offer of the wine districts in Tuscany – Chianti and Brunello above all – plays a decisive role in this game and creates a “ shop window effect” which also helps the exporting of wines.

It’s worth remembering that Tuscany is the first among wine and food tourist destinations Tripadvisor 2012. To prove the enormous power of this region on the foodies touristic destinations both Censis (44% of preferences) and the web survey by WineNews del 2012 put Tuscany at the top of the main wine tourism destinations.

Read more…

Sound Tourism in the cities or in the vineyards?

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After Central Park in NY in  Padova too they use sound for transforming a tour into an enlightening experience. Why not do it in wine producing areas



For the moment the application of Sound Tourism regards only cities (Siena, New York, Toronto, San Paolo, Padova) but it can also be successful in the countryside, in fact it might enrich the visits to high quality wine regions, with experts and producers living explanations, music, sounds of the harvest and even different animal sounds from different times of day and different months of the year. The tour full of emotions and information so as to become an unrepeatable moment.

Sight, taste, smell are the basis of wine tourism, but why not use sound also? Technology is useful for tourism. In 2014 internet communication on mobile devices will beat that on regular computers. Already now 4 billion people own a mobile phone and the increase in use of the phone to access internet is amazing. During the first three months of 2011 In Italy it had increate by 34% compare to the same period f the previous year and there is an evident connection between the use of smart phones (20 million appliances) and access to internet.

So this is the new tourism. A sector which need to communicate with its clients so as to get them to know every destination in terms of what is on offer (attractions and services), prices and “dreams” such as landscapes, personalities, situations….… which all are part of the myth of a place like Fellini for Rimini and Biondi Santi, Ferragamo, the Beatle Paul Mc Cartney for Montalcino. Yes because our tourist is out hunting for new experiences and not for places to see. The web is the instrument he uses to find travel solutions, events and appointments which are to transform his trip into something unique. And technology can change his wishes into reality!

This is Sound Tourism I-Padova where the “i” stands for I – pod, mp3 player, smart phones, etc. The project is illustrated

vineyards-Fattoria del Colle

vineyards-Fattoria del Colle

in a periodical regarding tourism studies, directed by Francesco di Cesare, who supplies in each edition, reflections which are extremely innovative. The project was born in Padova in 2006 and in the following years it has been extended to other places in the same province. The confirmation about its validity comes from the amount of downloads, so the amount of times the audio file has been downloaded from the Turismo di Padova web site. Few until 2008 and then always more with peaks of up to 4000 per month. This is the future, technology, territory and storytelling ….

Those who think that the Basilica di Sant’Antonio in Padova or the Gattamelata statue by Donatello are fine but not Brunello or Barolo, are wrong! It is exactly the contrary, the excellent wine regions are those that are more apt for a tourism based on sound, evoking, are less chaotic, and multisensory.

CasatoPrimeDonne-Vignaiola - M-Austin Latka

CasatoPrimeDonne-Vignaiola - M-Austin Latka

Let’s try!

Read for you by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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