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Casato Prime Donne Award 2010

From Star City in Russia Samantha Cristoforetti the ESA astronaut charms Montalcino and devolves the Casato Prime Donne award to the Women in Aerospace (WIA) association

Rosy Bindi, vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, offers the tenant a small phial of Brunello di Montalcino to take with her into space.

Samantha Cristoforetti, the ESA astronaut, appeared on the giant screen in the Teatro degli Astrusi in Montalcino, where she was connected live from the Star City (near Moscow) on Saturday September 18th where she received, in a virtual manner, the “Casato Prime Donne” award 2010, as an emblematic example of a modern, positive femminility, which is more than anything else built on merit. During the award giving Rosy Bindi, Vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and member of Jury, offered the Tenant Cristoforetti a small phial containing Brunello di Montalcino and asked her to take it with her on her mission. Samantha Cristoforetti, simply dressed in her uniform, joyful because of the award, satisfied the curiosities of all present by telling how she came to make her dream of becoming an astronaut come true, and what everyday life is like for those preparing to go into space.

So from the Casato Prime Donne award come the proposal of a feminine profile with less appearance and more substance: SAMANTHA CRISTOFORETTI, 33 years old, a degree in electronic engineering taken in Munich and the other in Aeronautical science obtained with top marks at the Accademia Aeronautica in Pozzuoli. Maybe she will be the first woman to go on the moon.

In choosing her the Jury made up of Francesca Colombini Cinelli, Rosy Bindi, Anselma Dell’Olio, Anna Pesenti, Stefania Rossini, Anna Scafuri and Daniela Viglione has wanted to emphasize the values of the winery which promotes the award, the Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, first in Italy with an all female staff, including the winemaker.

It is in its vineyards, where on a travertine monument, one can read Samantha Cristoforetti’s quotation "The authenticity of sweat, dignified composure in the midst of great effort ,the strength of commitment, the power of everyday dedication, the mystery of silence. These make for solid, fertile ground on which to bravely live out your own freedom - honouring your own uniqueness, accepting the risk, daring to make mistakes. Falling down and hurting yourself, only to get back up with a true smile on your face".

It is found along a trail for meditation across the countryside which UNESCO has declared a world heritage site. Next to Tenant Cristoforetti is a statue representing the other aspect of the contemporary feminine world, tradition: the “Vignaiola” (female grape-picker) sculpted by Michael Austin Latka.

In the same ceremony DENIS PANTINI and PAOLO BONO from Nomisma were awarded by Anna Maria Betti, Councillor for agriculture for the Province of Siena, for their book Wine marketing.

The President of the Siena Chamber of Commerce Massimo Guasconi awarded Duccio Nacci author of the best photograph regarding the theme “Brunello and Orcia wines’ people and territories”.

The Comune di Montalcino award regarding “Montalcino and I” was given by the Mayor Maurizio Buffi to FRANCESCO ALBERTI for the article Coppi-Bartali il duello dei figli published in the “Corriere della Sera”.

Ezio Rivella, President of the Consorzio Brunello di Montalcino awarded ROSSANA VESNAVER for the television programme “TG2 Costume e società”. The award for articles written by women went to MARA AMOREVOLI for her articles published in the daily newspaper “La Repubblica” on August 7th and December 15th 2009.