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“Casato Prime Donne” International Award 2018

20th Edition

Montalcino, April 2018

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Fattoria Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, announce the twentieth edition of the International Award “Casato Prime Donne”.

Judicial committee


DONATELLA CINELLI COLOMBINI: After her degree in History of Medieval Art she worked on the family estate, one of the historic Brunello wineries. In 1998 she founded her own estate that comprises Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda and Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino, the first winery in Italy to be staffed by only women. In 1993 she founded Movimento del Turismo del Vino and invented ' Cantine Aperte',the day that in afew years brought success to wine tourism in Italy. In 2003 she published the Manuale del Turismo del Vino followed in 2007 by Marketing del turismo del vino. From 2001 to 2011 she was the tourism Councillor at Siena Town Hall. Among her achievements is Trekking Urbano a new kind of tourism sport, which was exported from Siena to the rest of Italy. In 2003 she won the Oscar for the best Italian producer awarded by Ais Bibenda. In 2012 she received the International Vinitaly Prize, in 2014 she was nominated Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana, in 2015 she received the Premio Minerva. Since January 2016 she is President of the Associazione Nazionale Donne del Vino. In 2016 she has published Marketing delle CAntine Aperte

ROSY BINDI: She has been researcher for administrate law at the University of Siena, from a very young age she has been member of Azione Cattolica Italiana of which she has also been national Vice President. From 1989 to 1994 she has been a European parliamentary; she has had an essential role in renewing Italian politics contributing to the birth of the Ulivo party first and of the Partito Democratico later. From 1996 to 2000 Minister for Health during the Prodi and D’Alema governments. She was responsible of Welfare for the Margherita party during the XIV legislation. From 2006 to 2008 she was Minister for the Family politics in the Prodi government and she competed for the leadership of the Partito Democratico in the party’s founding leadership on October 14th 2007. From 2008 to 2013 Vice President of he Camera dei Deputati  and from 2009 to 2013 President of the Assemblea Nazionale of the PD. Author of 3 books, “La salute impaziente” published by Jaca Book, “Intervista sulla famiglia” edited by La Scuola, “Quel che è di Cesare” edited by Laterza. She loves the mountains, and is  fond of her Tuscan region, of good food and wine and the company of her friends.

ANSELMA DELL'OLIO: a Californian of Italian and Russian-Jewish descent, she was raised from the age of 18 months by the Missionary Sisters of Mother Cabrini in Los Angeles. Her script on the life of Frances Xavier Cabrini will be produced by Raicinema. In 1968 she founded the New Feminist Theatre in NYC, and has worked in radio (Rai, Wrfm-NYC), TV (Rai, CBS) and cinema (with Federico Fellini, Francesco Rosi, Marco Ferreri, Mario Monicelli and others). Translator, essayist, dialogue writer and coach, journalist, political commentator, historical feminist. She is the film critic for the programme Cinematografo on RAI Uno, and film critic for Moby Dick, daily insert of Liberal, no longer in print. She is married and lives in Rome.

ANNA PESENTI: for nearly twenty years, until 1994, she was director of the Istituto per lo Spumante Italiano Metodo Classico. She then went back to journalism and to public relations, her two first activities. Her first experiences in journalism were for the “Giornale di Bergamo”, after which she collaborated with magazines such as “Gioia”, “Bar Giornale”, “Vini e Liquori”. She conducted television programmes on Tele Montecarlo and Odeon Tv for two years and has written several books on food with Vincenzo Buonassisi. Among the awards she has received is the “Minerva” Prize. She was declared Woman of the Year in the Capitol in Rome, and she received in Friuli the “Calice d’oro”. She is in charge of the press office of the “Donne del Vino” Association and of events and Pr for several wineries. She collaborates with “Il Corriere Vinicolo”, “MENU”, “DEGUSTA” , “Food & Beverage” and "ARTU".

STEFANIA ROSSINI: journalist, since 1980 at the “Espresso” weekly magazine where she becomes editor for Culture, head of Society reports, and special correspondent for topical subjects. Originator of television and radio programmes, she has also written books (for Rizzoli and Frassinelli) dealing with psychoanalytical themes. She has thus embraced the challenge of tackling issues often overlooked by the mainstream market. Since 2002 she has developed an ongoing dialogue with readers through a regular column in the “Espresso” and on the website.

ANNA SCAFURI: She is a correspondent and head of the Economy editorial staff of the TG1. Mainly she creates surveys and reports on agriculture and food products for the news. Since 2004, she has been editor and presenter of the first wine and food feature for TG1, “Terra e sapori” . She is an honorary member of the ASA (Associazione stampa agroalimentare) and of the Associazione “Donne del vino.” Every week she presents and creates for the website and the Web&Food programme.

DANIELA VIGLIONE: born in Cuneo and took her degree in Economic history at La Sapienza University, she lives in Rome, and, as soon as she can in Tuscania in the countryside, where she grows aromatic herbs. Manager and economist , member of the Board of directors of  Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei , teacher at the Course in Energie e Informazione nel mondo arabo Master at MISLAM at the university LUISS .She has been President and  managing director of Agi-Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, and president of president of the Agenzie Nazionali Stampa of the FIEG (Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali . She has worked for Montedison, Finmeccanica, and Eni where she was Director of the Studies and Research department, director of public relations Managing Director of EniComunicazione. She has collaborated with research centres and public and government committees regarding the subjects of social development equity, and as member of the first commissions regarding Poverty and Equal Opportunities. She has received the Premio Minerva, the Premio Marisa Bellisario and has been nominated Commendatore della Repubblica.

Jury of honour

FRANCESCA COLOMBINI CINELLI founder President: she was brought up in the countryside and collaborated with her father Giovanni in the management of his estate Fattoria dei Barbi e del Casato; then since 1966 she worked there full time Since 1976 she directed and managed them until 1999 when she handed them over to her children Donatella and Stefano. In 1981 she founded the Barbi Colombini Prize which after 18 years became Casato Prime Donne Award and is continued by her daughter Donatella. From 1990 to 1995 she was President of Vide - Italian Winegrowers of Excellence. In 1985 she received the Cangrande della Scala and in 1990 the Firenze Donna Prize. In 2008 she received the Targa d’oro Giuseppe Morsiani as “Benemerita della cultura vitienologica e del progresso vitivinicolo”. She is a member of the Accademia della Vite e del Vino and correspondent of the Accademia Nazionale di Agricoltura in Bologna. She is the President of the Barbi srl company. In 2005 she published the book “Il vino fa le gambe belle” and in 2006 she was awarded the Capri Prize for the section dedicated to landscapes. Later she published “1899 Elina Colombini, una gentildonna ai fornelli” in 2007 and in 2008 “Non solo vigne a Montalcino”.

MARIO FREGONI Lecturer of Viticulture at the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore
LEONE PICCIONI Writer and journalist
PATRIZIO CENCIONI President of the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino
SERGIO ZAVOLI Writer and journalist


For Italian or foreign writers and journalists who are authors of articles, books, radio or television programmes, or web pages on the theme “Montalcino and I”, personal interpretation even in fantasy or fable key of Montalcino in its historic, cultural, landscape and agricultural aspects.


For Italian or foreign journalists specialised in wine production, who are authors of books or articles published in newspapers or cultural and information magazines, or radio or television programmes, or web pages about “Brunello and other wines of Montalcino”.


For articles, books, radio or television programmes, or web pages, by women preferably referring to subjects regarding the protection of the environment.


This award will be given to a photograph published in books, newspapers web sites or magazines between June 1st, 2017 and June 1st, 2018, regarding Brunello and Orcia wines’ territory in their artistic, landscape, human productive resource aspects. Among the photographs submitted the Award's jury will choose 5 finalists which shall be judged by a popular jury. Photographers wishing to participate must send 1 print  to the Awards secretariat within July 1st 2018. The authors of the five finalist photographs must give their permission for the divulging via internet, the publishing and the displaying of their work in reviews dedicated to the award.

Each winner will be awarded a number of bottles of Brunello and other wines from Donatella Cinelli Colombini for a total value of € 1.000,00 and € 1.500,00, plus the availability of a country apartment at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda during 2019 for one week.


A prize will be awarded, as decided by the Jury, to an Italian or foreign woman who has shown outstanding courage and ethical behaviour and with her commitment has enhanced the feminine role in society and work. The winner will be chosen on alternate years for her contribution in any of the following subjects: general culture,communications, journalism, political and social writings.

The winner will be awarded a number of bottles of Brunello and other wines from Donatella Cinelli Colombini for a total value of € 1.000,00 plus € 2.000,00. Besides, she shall have at her disposal a country apartment at Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda during 2019 for one week.

The journalists' articles and television or radio spots which are submitted to the contest must be published, transmitted or appear on the web between June 1st, 2017 and June 1st, 2018, and should reach the Awards’ secretary by June 1st, 2018. An acknowledgement in wines will be sent to all those who have participated in the contest.

The Awarding will take place on  September 16th, 2018 in Montalcino (Siena).

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