Die Weine von Fattoria del Colle

Grappa di Cenerentola

... and the fairytale has a new flavour.
Cenerentola Doc Orcia is Violante Gardini’s favourite wine (Cinellicolombini Jr); she has hence created a grappa in small bottles quite apt for young princesses

<<I am a great romantic and the Cinderella fairytale always made me dream, also the Cenerentola wine is the one I love most, for this reason I have created a young grappa from one grape variety dressing it like a princess, elegant and trendy>> says Violante when talking about her first marketing project for 600 small but very refined bottles of Grappa di Cenerentola.  
First of all the grappa: one must remember that it comes from the distillation of the grape-skins extracted from the vats and pressed, when the fermentation is finished and the wine is racked into another container. Violante has used the Foglia Tonda skins, a local autochthonous variety o grapes from the Siena region used only for the production of the ’Orcia Doc “Cenerentola”. She has chosen the “Distillerie Alboni Srl” for the distillation, a small artisanal workshop in Mensanello, near Colle Val d’Elsa, so quite close and where the grape skins reach still warm. The facility uses the discontinuous system with vapour from two boilers and a still where everything is done manually and the process is very long.
<<I only had 120 litres of grappa but it was precisely for this reason, the exceptional quality of this brandy distilled product obtained from a rare and old grape variety ,Foglia Tonda, of which Fattoria del Colle is the major producer, that I had the idea of a challenge. A new type of packaging: a very small 20 c bottle, like perfume, pace in a shiny black mini-shopper-bag, Like those we young women use to go to the beach with our friends>>. In other words this packaging g is revolutionary, very modern, and in young people’s day to day life. Violante had the label made by Simone Nannipieri from the agency Winetrade who prepared a negative relief of the Cenerentola Doc Orcia label on a silver rimmed hammered paper. In the end the resemblance with perfume packaging is great and the message of exclusivity and prestige are evident. The shopping bag also has a silver logo, as is the word Cenerentola written on the silk bow that ties the blue tissue paper in which the bottle is wrapped, and that pokes out of the bag, just like in a boutique.
<<In other words when I finally saw the bottle with the label I nearly cried>> Violante said, proud of her creation and to have proposed a traditional distilled product such as grappa to a younger and a feminine market using a trendy attire appreciated by the younger generations.  

  • Type: young grappa from Foglia Tonda grape marc
  • Master Distiller: Distilleria Alboni, Mensanello Colle Val d’Elsa
  • Raw material: fermented Foglia Tonda grape marc
  • Distillation method: discontinuous vapour water bath
  • Quantity produced: 600 0,20 L bottles
  • Organoleptic Analysis. Colour: colourless, crystalline
  • Aroma: under wood, floral and fruity with hints of the original grapes
  • Taste: round delicately harmonious, retro aroma sensations last at length and are pleasantly fruity.
  • Analysis: alcohol 42% Vol

Grappa e shopper