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Spumante Metodo Classico DCC

“Amici di vigna” 4 grape growers from Trentino and Toscana unite to produce a Spumante blanc de blanc that stays 42 months with the yeasts

The project is called “Amici di vigna” – Vineyard Friends. Because it is from the friendship between 4 grape growers, who manage their family activities and with a passion for great wines, that the idea of producing together series of exclusive Spumante comes from.
This Spumante is obtained with Chardonnay grapes grown in Trentino, and has kept with the yeasts in the Gaierhof cellar belonging to Togn Luigi. For the disgorgement Fausto Peratoner took over, he too is a grape grower and wine maker with great experience in Spumante, and, a few years ago was President of the Istituto Trento DOC.
The two Tuscan members of “Amici di vigna” are the estates Donatella Cinelli Colombini and I Balzini in Barberino Val d’Elsa belonging to Antonella and Vincenzo D’Isanto. Because of the high quality, the accurate and artisanal execution this Spumante fits in well with the ranges of products of the two Tuscan both run with passion and competence by those who really believe in the Vineyard and in small prestigious productions.
Donatella Cinelli Colombini has united in the project her three “Amici di vigna” Luigi Togn, Fausto Peratoner and Antonella D’Isanto and now she is pleased to present this small selection of a great Spumante.

  • Type: Spumante Metodo Classico Brut
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay
  • Vineyards: hilly and mountain vineyards in Pressano and in Valle di Cembra at 450-600 meters above sea level.
  • Production: Soft pressing of the grapes, vinification in temperature controller stainless steel vats. The wine then stayed at rest until spring when the tirage takes place.
  • The refining with yeasts lasted 42 months. During disgorging a small amount of liqueur d’expedition was added, so as to maintain the maximum in identity and fragrance of the vintage.
  • Quantity produced: 900 bottles.
  • Colour: straw coloured with green hues.
  • Perlage: fine and persistent
  • Aroma: complex with fruity notes, evident minerality and a pleasant fragrance of yeast.
  • Taste: dry, well balance between freshness and intensity. Flavourful.
  • Analysis: alcohol 12, 68 % Vol, Tot. ac. 5,9 g/l, Sugars 7,73 g/l, Total SO2 100 mg/l, PH 3,15
  • Match with: apt as an aperitif and for the whole meal. Preferably it is to accompany fish or delicate tasting meats and savoury patisserie.
  • Way of serving: serve at 8°C in crystal tulip shaped wine goblets

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