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Casato Prime Donne Award 2015

The Casato Prime Donne award given to the “Mayor of migrants”

The 2015 winners are Giusi Nicolini Mayor of Lampedusa, Costanza Calabrese from the TG5, Walter Speller from, and Gaia Pianigiani from the New York Times and Francesco Caso.

On September 13th in Montalcino the 17th edition of the Casato Prime Donne Award celebrated its winners proposing, as usual, a woman who emerges from the rest and is able to be of example: Giuseppina Maria Nicolini mayor of the most southern municipality in Italy – Lampedusa e Linosa – where immigrants searching for refuge first reach our shores.

Giusi Nicolini is from Lampedusa, dedicated environment protector she has proven courage and civil commitment in running the rescue service for those escaping from the African coast. To her we assign the Casato Prime Donne award that comes from the world of agriculture, a sector which has proven to be particularly apt for integration and has given work to 322,000 migrants.

As well as the mayor another 4 awards given to those who divulge Montalcino and its Brunello around the world. Costanza Calabrese became chief editor of the TG5 when only 30 years old and is today one of the main journalists of the Mediaset news. Gaia Pianigiani,  New York Times journalist and pioneer of a “responsive” journalism who dialogues with the readers, she comes the Chianti region. Walter Speller went t from being a sommelier in an Italian restaurant in Berlin to famous wine writer for has become now practically an Italian wine ambassador in the UK. Finally a photograph that best represents the Brunello and Orcia territories chosen by a popular jury that voted online Francesco Caso with Vitaleta Chapel 

<< The Jury made up of Francesca Colombini Cinelli (President), Rosy Bindi, Anselma Dell’Olio, Anna Pesenti, Stefania Rossini, Anna Scafuri and Daniela Viglione has again  found an extraordinary woman>>said Donatella Cinelli Colombini owner of the first Italian winery with an all female staff, which organizes the award <<the three journalists and the photographer who will also be awarded have been able to pick up new traits from our territory and its people, once again attracting the public. For these winners we have prepared a farmer’s feast at Casato Prime Donne with 7 excellencies from the Tuscan gastronomy and of course some Brunello >>.