Casato Prime Donne today

Casato Prime Donne lies on the hill of Montalcino, 225 metres above sea level.

Surrounded by 16 hectares of Sangiovese vineyards for the production of Brunello.

The ground floor of the stone building houses the ageing cellars with their oak casks and barrels. This is where the Brunello ages; first in small containers and then in larger and larger ones until it reaches the 40-hectolitre barrels.  The vinification area is divided into two parts, the traditional one with a wooden beamed roof while the more technological one housed under an iron roof and open on all sides is called “Tinaia del Vento” and was conceived so that nature plays a role in the quality of the wine.

The clean air of the Val d’Orcia is an essential element in the quality of the future Brunello that is made with selected autochthonous yeasts and without the use of pumps.