We advise a tour of the historic centre of Montalcino, made of stone houses along narrow and windy roads. One must visit the Palazzo Pubblico, the old town hall dating back to 1292, with its coat of arms belonging to the old podestà, and the Caffè Fiaschetteria 1888, one of the oldest cafés in Italy. The biscuits called "ossi di morto" (dead mans bones) are typical of this region, made with egg whites and almonds, as are the ceramics with green and brown decorations on a white background, reproducing the local medieval vases. Montalcino is also an important centre for the production of honey, particularly good is the woodland type whichhas a bitter taste. The "fortress (9-13/14,30-18), is a large pentagonal bastion built in 1361 on the highest point of Montalcino. It is entirely open to the public, and from the turrets and the communication trench along the walls one can admire the panorama of the "Crete Senesi", of the Val d'Orcia, and of the Maremma area. Inside the fortress there is a wine shop where one can taste more than 100 types of Brunello. Snacks of cheese and cold meats from the area are served.