At the Casato Prime Donne

Auteur trekking though Brunello vineyards

The hills of Montalcino registered as Unesco World Heritage since 2004, are a privileged place for meditation and a worthy frame for works of art.

This gave rise to the idea of an itinerary among the Brunello vines with the installation of contemporary works of art and dedications to the wines of the “Premio Casato Prime Donne”: Carla Fracci, Kerry Kennedy, Frances Mayes, Josefa Idem, Ilaria Capua, Samantha Cristoforetti, Carla Fendi, Sandra Savaglio…women who promote the role of women in society and in the working world.

Among the creators of the works of art are Marco Pignattai, Rossana Mulinari, Bruno Bruchi, Giovanni Senatore, Alessandro Grazi, Orlando Orlandini, Jeff Shapiro, Stefano Carlucci, Mike Austin Latka, Liberatori & Romualdi Architetti Associati, Anna Tesio, Annibale, Carlotta and Giuditta Parisi, Piero Sbarluzzi.
Next to the art installations seats and explanatory panels allow visitors to admire and understand the surrounding countryside.

For information and bookings
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