This is the nearest village to the estate (2 Km), it was once inhabited by the Etruscans and, from the 3rd century, by the Romans. In the XIII century the castle of Trequanda, with its cylindrical tower became a feud of the Cacciaconti di Scialenga, a powerful Ghibelline family who refused to submit to the jurisdiction of Siena (traditionally Guelph) on its land. In 1289 the Sienese destroyed Trequanda which remained in the Siena orbit until the 16th century when it was one of the first castles attacked by the Medici and Charles V's army. The major works of art are however in the parish church dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Andrew; on the main altar there is a triptych by Giovanni di Paolo (1399-1482) and on the right wall of the nave one can see the Ascension painted by Sodoma (1447-1549).